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Deathly Decorating

For any housing aficionado the introduction of the new furniture packs was an incredibly exciting thing and given my love for the previous sets, I knew I was going to have a field day. I know this article may seem like it’s coming a little late, but I was moving…so…:p I just recently began decorating a death house, “The Incredibly Haunted House,” for reasons that will soon become clear and of course this set is the perfect fit for it.

I just wanted to talk briefly as briefly as I can which probably isn’t going to be that brief about how I’ve utilized the new death furniture in my new house, thoughts that I had whilst decorating, some suggestions, and hopefully provide some inspiration for my fellow decorator!

Note: This post isn’t intended to be a housing showcase for my death house. This is very much still a work in progress and the screenshots will attest to that. Rooms will be jumbled and in various stages of completion…so…don’t judge me

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Best Little Dorm Contest/The Musushi Kitchen

UPDATE! “The Musushi Kitchen” won third place in the Best Little Dorm in Wizard City Contest! Big thanks to Paige Moonshade for hosting it once again and for the amazing prizes!

Every year during the summer famed Wizard101 blogger Paige Moonshade hosts the “Best Little Dorm in Wizard City” contest! Every year the contest changes in theme and in requirements and this year I decided that since I really have nothing else to do I would join in the fun and report back about my experiences!

Now, I came into this really quite late which is typical, ya know so I only had two and a half days to fully decorate my dorm! Talk about a stress! This isn’t a simple decorating contest either. There are special “twists” and “turns” to consider.

“The Twist”

This year’s theme was “cold” and we had to use five semi-random items:

5 items

source: Paige’s Page

  • Balloons
  • A clothesline
  • Dog biscuits
  • A gas can
  • Some kind of flame
“The Turn”

We also had to write two paragraphs about our design: How it related to the theme “cold and how we had used the five special items.

After decorating we could only include three screenshots of our room in our entry. It’s a tall order to be sure! Now, here is how I tackled the challenge…

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The Watchtower Hall Project

Hello all! So, yesterday was actually my birthday (yay) and I decided that it was the perfect time to follow through on something that I’ve been promising for ages (literally years): My Watchtower Hall Project! This wasn’t my first house, but it is home to a lot of firsts for me: first glitches, first crafted housing items, and my first kitchen. I can’t wait to finally share this with all of you! I’ll talk a little bit about what went into each area of the home and include some links to any special items used! Brace yourself for one very long post…

The story of this Watchtower Hall began way back in 2013 when I won a housing concept contest-  you can read all about that here -where first prize was a code for the Hall. I had been attempting to craft it around that time but had stalled (It’s because I’m lazy) and this contest just fell into my lap. After the immense joy of redeeming my prize I set about decorating it. The result: Julia Lionflower’s Estate/B&B hosts the Four Season’s fair.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.15.21 AM

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The Elements of Decorating

When I began this post I had initially wanted to make it a part of the “Crafting the Treetop Getaway” series. However, when it started to really take shape it seemed much more like a standalone piece. I wanted to take you through my decorating process- somewhat -in a broader context than just the Getaway. As I mentioned in the previous edition of “Crafting the Treetop Getaway” (here) when I had finished crafting the house I had attempted to decorate it, but had stalled. It’s certainly a difficult house to decorate- mainly due to its extremely complicated map. It seems that the creators made it with the intention of it being a house for parties and tag games, but that’s not my thing. Thus, the problem I was left to solve was what to do with a house where even I couldn’t remember how to get from point A to point B. Upon revisiting the house just recently, I realized that I had finally settled on a solution: a literal treetop getaway, a spa/luxury retreat.

So, while I’m in the process of decorating this new house and writing the next edition of the series, here are just a few tips and tidbits “just a few” is deceptive, this is actually a really long post about my decorating style (note: all of these can apply to dorm rooms too!):

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