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Deathly Decorating

For any housing aficionado the introduction of the new furniture packs was an incredibly exciting thing and given my love for the previous sets, I knew I was going to have a field day. I know this article may seem like it’s coming a little late, but I was moving…so…:p I just recently began decorating a death house, “The Incredibly Haunted House,” for reasons that will soon become clear and of course this set is the perfect fit for it.

I just wanted to talk briefly¬†as briefly as I can which probably isn’t going to be that brief about how I’ve utilized the new death furniture in my new house, thoughts that I had whilst decorating, some suggestions, and hopefully provide some inspiration for my fellow decorator!

Note: This post isn’t intended to be a housing showcase for my death house. This is very much still a work in progress and the screenshots will attest to that. Rooms will be jumbled and in various stages of completion…so…don’t judge me

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