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How to Win in Pvp (Without Hurting Yourself or Others)

As you may know, the annual Wizard101 friendship festival has just passed us by. Recently I posted a throwback link to “How to Vent in PvP (Without Hurthing Yourself or Others)” on my Twitter and I was surprised at how many people were both liking the post and responding about how helpful it was back when I wrote it. So, I decided that in the spirit of kindness and friendship I’d attempt to assist once again, and finally complete its other half.

This post has been a little while coming and by “a little while” I mean two years. If you’ve spent much time in the pvp arena you’ve probably seen your fair share of rudeness, temper tantrums, and even swear-fests a bit of swearing, which- as we all should know -is against Wizard101’s rules. I get it though. Trust me. It’s really difficult to have courage and be kind keep quiet and/or be kind when someone is disrespecting you (or worse). This kind of behavior happens on both sides, coming from both winners and losers. However, it’s undeniable that it’s generally the losing side that has strong feelings about the match’s outcome or the winner’s play style.

You may be asking yourself, “But, Lion you already did a whole article on venting your frustration in pvp. Why are you starting off like this?” Well dear reader, it’s because of this that it is important to know how to win with grace so that people may not necessarily have to turn to my other article.

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How to Wait for Turn Based Tourneys

With the new pvp update “Turn Based” pvp tournaments have arrived in the spiral! This is a long awaited feature and I, for one, am loving them! (Today I tried doing a regular 4v4 and I spent the entire time hating myself wishing it was turn based) However, a big issue that I’ve discovered is that there actually aren’t that many of them on the Tournament schedule! it’s a travesty…I mean…I could be a little addicted because they were just released, but still I just can’t handle waiting for them to come around and I just know that you guys have to feel the same way. Somehow every time I log on to see if one is coming up it’s an hour away! So what is an impatient player to do? Well,  that is what I am here to tell you!

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How to Wait for the Test Realm to Load

So! The Summer Update has officially hit the Test Realm! What an exciting and joyous occaision! You jump onto your computer, type in your passcode, and ready your mouse….and wait. At last you’re into the game! You hit your house button, ready to see the new Arcanum spells…and wait…and wait some more. It’s a familiar story. Maybe your computer is a little slow or your internet connectivity a little shaky, or worse: maybe you just got a new computer, or downloaded the test realm, or simply haven’t been online in a long time, it’s ok! I’m here for you! This is “How to Wait for the Test Realm to Load!” (you can add “without hurting yourself or others” if it means that much to you. It’s ok, there’s no judgement here I mean there technically is but Cat is the balance, not me…buh dum chiissh…cheap Wizard101 jokes are cheap…)

Amusing intros aside, I’m literally sitting here and waiting for the test realm to let me into Bartleby so I can then wait for the arcanum to load…so…my first thought was, “Let’s write a blog post!”

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How to Vent After PvP (Without Hurting Yourself or Others)

Now, if you’ve ever done pvp before I’m sure that you can understand that it can be extremely frustrating sometimes. Be it a string of losses in succession, never being able to go first, or the pet that you’ve lovingly and painstakingly built decides not to heal…at all…we’ve all been there. And while for some people, this is not a big deal in the least- they just shrug it off and go on their way -for others this frustration can manifest itself as red-faced, righteous fury fueled by the power of a thousand suns. (If you’re one of those people, don’t feel ashamed. You can harness the power of a thousand suns! How cool is that!) Now, the main problem with that- or of course if you simply get angry, not necessarily start tapping into suns -is that it can make you get pretty mean or worse, get you into trouble in-game. So, today, I’m gonna share some tricks for how to effectively vent all that frustration without hurting yourself or anyone else.

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