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Extra Life!

Hello everyone! This year I’ve decided to participate in Extra Life on KI’s team! This year it’s being lead by Dworgyn! This is going to be my first year doing this and I’m totally clueless, but it’s such a great cause!
Oddly enough, though, for me it’s more about the hospital than the disease. I’ve been blessed in my life to never have had a family member pass away from cancer, so my personal connection to Extra Life doesn’t stem from that. However, while I was making my hospital selection for the fundraiser- I contemplated supporting the in LA where I live now -I noticed Salinas Valley Memorial. This was the hospital where I was born and they cared for me during one of the most difficult times in my life. Letting a very scared, sick 16 year old keep the pair of hospital pants she was wearing (they’re super comfortable), even though they weren’t supposed to, is a moment that still sticks with me today.

So! Please donate to this lovely hospital and support Children’s Miracle Network! Click the link below to donate!

Make a Donation!

If you’d like to join the Extra Life effort for yourself & want more information about KI’s Extra Life team, see the October newsletter here!

Panther Pet has Arrived!

The new panther pet was released today! It’s price currently stands at 9500 crowns – the same as the previously released leopard. In the first generation it boasts a pedigree of 70 in addition to other high stats!

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.42.27 AM

I’m assured that this pet when mixed with the traditional panther will produce hybrids- according to one player: a tiger, a white tiger, and a lion -but, since this pet is still so new, that can’t quite be confirmed yet and data on its other first gen abilities is scarce (though I’m sure someone at Wizard101 Central or the Petnome Project is compiling all of that at this very moment). Looking to gain insight into all of the panther excitement I interviewed some new owners, prospective owners, and one lucky owner of a new hybrid!

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The Yultide Pack is Back! (also, hey XD)

Hey everyone! It’s certainly been a while and I have so much to blog about! I really didn’t have the time to sit down and write as of late because I was lazy and busy and I just wanted to play Wizard101 to decorate my house I was studying for my finals which really stink, let me tell you and in the time I did have I just went on to work on my elaborate Watchtower Hall, which, I assure you, is going to be really cool. Anyway, the reason for this post is a bit of a rant and an announcement! even though no one really relies on me to make announcement posts because I live on the West Coast and we’re always the last to know about anything, except for Hawaii, but no one really cares about that…

So! The Yuletide pack is back! Complete with all new holiday-y items of goodness! Including this gear that makes you look like a frosty deer and an adorable new St. Bernhard pet!


So this is the rant part: Yesterday, I bought like six Raven’s Hoard packs looking for wintery items to put in my Watchtower Hall. Those puppies are more expensive than the Yultide Packs! I mean I knew, I just knew this was going to happen and now look. x facepalm x

Anyway! Yay for Holiday Break! Yay for new posts coming soon!