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The Lionflowers Do Luau Pt. 2 Review

It has officially been almost a week since the conclusion of the Luau and I certainly hope that Hunter Flame our champion is enjoying his massive winnings (congrats to him!) because he definitely earned it. This tournament was so unique in its format and I was incredibly intrigued right from the start. I’m always looking for alternatives to traditional pvp because, as a storm it can be really hard to get anywhere. So, Cat and I both signed up and hoped for the best.

You can read how I got ready for this unique Tournament in Part 1 of this post! Just click the button!

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Panther Pet has Arrived!

The new panther pet was released today! It’s price currently stands at 9500 crowns – the same as the previously released leopard. In the first generation it boasts a pedigree of 70 in addition to other high stats!

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.42.27 AM

I’m assured that this pet when mixed with the traditional panther will produce hybrids- according to one player: a tiger, a white tiger, and a lion -but, since this pet is still so new, that can’t quite be confirmed yet and data on its other first gen abilities is scarce (though I’m sure someone at Wizard101 Central or the Petnome Project is compiling all of that at this very moment). Looking to gain insight into all of the panther excitement I interviewed some new owners, prospective owners, and one lucky owner of a new hybrid!

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(#late) Duel a Duelist Event: Experience/Review

Alright let’s talk about Duel a Duelist! even though this is super, super late First off, I had an awesome time, though I didn’t spend a long time there (unlike Duelist’s awesome previous event). Second off, there may be excessive fangirling in this post because I met so many awesome people at this thing which is why I go to these events in the first place there were so many awesome guests there, including the Mini Bolt noob whom Autumn had the honor of pvping against!

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The Yultide Pack is Back! (also, hey XD)

Hey everyone! It’s certainly been a while and I have so much to blog about! I really didn’t have the time to sit down and write as of late because I was lazy and busy and I just wanted to play Wizard101 to decorate my house I was studying for my finals which really stink, let me tell you and in the time I did have I just went on to work on my elaborate Watchtower Hall, which, I assure you, is going to be really cool. Anyway, the reason for this post is a bit of a rant and an announcement! even though no one really relies on me to make announcement posts because I live on the West Coast and we’re always the last to know about anything, except for Hawaii, but no one really cares about that…

So! The Yuletide pack is back! Complete with all new holiday-y items of goodness! Including this gear that makes you look like a frosty deer and an adorable new St. Bernhard pet!


So this is the rant part: Yesterday, I bought like six Raven’s Hoard packs looking for wintery items to put in my Watchtower Hall. Those puppies are more expensive than the Yultide Packs! I mean I knew, I just knew this was going to happen and now look. x facepalm x

Anyway! Yay for Holiday Break! Yay for new posts coming soon!

Duelist101’s Monster Brawl: My Story & (mini) Review

As I’m sure everyone knows, yesterday was the Duelist101 Monster Brawl! I was extremely excited about participating in it and it really was quite a lot of fun! Naturally, I took a few (ok more than a few) pictures of my experience!

*If you really don’t care about my story you can just scroll to the bottom and I’ve included a few pros and cons.. seriously though, my story is cute… you should read it… just do it…

The part of this event I was most looking forward to was, by far, the costume contest. I had decided on a costume that used one of the new-ish flamenco flamingos, so of course, because I like to make things more difficult for myself I chose to use the Flamenco del Muerto.

The flamenco is actually a really awesome looking pet. While the mixture of colors in the Flamenco Tocador is really very pretty (and that would’ve been my second choice, if I had not found a Del Muerto)The red tipped wings on the FDM are gorgeous.

The Flamenco del Muerto in all its glory.

The Flamenco del Muerto in all its glory.

Naturally I wanted to match the color scheme of the pet so I immediately started working with kill me, these are the most expensive colors in the game gahhh red & black. I also had begun this costume project with a yankering (is that even a word??) to use the new duelist hat. There were two reasons for this: “duelist” (tell me I’m clever, common, tell me) and it seems to have a Spanish vibe to it (great description there >o<).

Duelist Hat & Elegant Outfit

Duelist Hat & Elegant Outfit

One of the colors in the del Muerto is white, so I grabbed first for the elegant outfit with its white poofy sleeves.

Picture 2013-10-12 13-34-49

While I liked the elegant outfit, a few tweaks later I ended up going with a more armored look.

A closer look at: The Conquistador

A closer look at: The Conquistador

Finally the party began! The first stop (for me at least) was Julia Stormflame’s Sun palace and at first it was ultra crowded.



It was so crowded I seriously needed to get away and find a spot where the lag wasn’t too bad. Luckily I did find this pretty spot and stayed there for a bit until moving on to the Promethean Pvp house.

Ended up choosing this armor-y robe.... Making my costume officially, The Conquistador & Her Flamenco of Death

My costume: The Conquistador & Her Flamenco of Death. This photo was taken at the first stop during the Brawl, the Sun Palace.

My computer eventually adjusted to the lag and I ended up spend the majority of my time at the Promethean pvp house, Julia’s Pyramid of the Lost Horizon. I started off with no gear pvp and had tons and tons of fun. Thankfully I was on a team completely comprised of storms (+1 balance)! Needless to say, we dominated! XD

Picture 2013-10-12 15-13-53 Picture 2013-10-12 15-12-53

Unfortunately, as time went on people discovered the tag game machine…. they discovered it over and over and over and over and over and seriously. enough eventually became quite enough. I had come to this party looking forward to the costume contest and I was beginning to think I’d never get over to the Acropolis house in time (it was nearly perpetually full the entire party).

Invasion of the elves

Invasion of the elves

After finally leaving the pyramid, Cat and I went back to the Sun Palace to find Julia S. and find out what was going on at the Acropolis house. Of course it was still full, but Julia (who proved to be a super problem solver! Many many thanks to her for being so patient!) just suggested that the small group who was stranded at the palace simply do a little pvp.

After a few matches, Cat and I slipped away to take a picture with the swarm of Mooses! It took a while, but we managed to get a few perfect shots!

Picture 2013-10-12 18-00-21


Picture 2013-10-12 18-00-39

Trying to take a picture here! >.<


Picture 2013-10-12 18-00-35 Picture 2013-10-12 18-01-03 Picture 2013-10-12 18-01-06

Eventually we did manage to get over to the Acropolis and when we did we were just in time for the costume contest!

Picture 2013-10-12 18-08-19 Picture 2013-10-12 18-12-42 Picture 2013-10-12 18-37-10

All the contestants were told to stand in a line as Mackenzie Rain & Roslyn judged…


Picture 2013-10-12 18-35-35

Roslyn & Mackenzie stood in front of Cat and I for a long while… I had a feeling someone was going to win something…

Then they announced the finalists! Cat was one of them!

Picture 2013-10-12 18-42-34

Cat’s pretty far over there in the green and orange…

She ended up winning first place! However, I was kinda bummed out… I had liked my costume quite a lot! I’d worked hard on it! I’m clever…. right? meanwhile I’m thinking to myself: stop whining you silly… 

I was resigned to my fate.

And then suddenly…

They had to pick a new third place! The previous winner had had to leave before the final three were called. So, none other than Julia Stormflame steps up as a new judge to pick out her favorite as the new third place…. which just happened to be me! 😀

Picture 2013-10-12 19-06-18

It was kinda awk since Cat won too and we’re sisters… conspiracy anyone?? XD

Picture 2013-10-12 19-06-25


  • All in all, I did have a fantastic time and even if I hadn’t won in the costume contest I would have said the same thing.
  • Pvping was really, really fun. It was even better because most of the people there loved it just as much as you.
  • The staff was extremely patient and courteous the whole time. This was totally amazing and I have no idea how they managed it.
  • One free pack (of choice) for all attendees!?
  • Dragonclaw Blades for people who play a pvp match!?


  • I feel like the event definitely could have benefitted from a little more hosting-help, though I don’t think that the creators realized the sheer size of the attendee list.
  • Next time, hopefully there will be more houses and more contests for people to participate in, this may have helped dissipate the large number of people stuck at certain houses since the others were totally full.
  • I distinctly remember a ton of down time that I had at some point where my whole self ached from being stuck at a laggy pyramid and from being turned into an elf over and over and over… while the tag game was great, maybe next time the host can pick up the kiosk after the actual tag contest ends or have a house devoted to just tag? I know that’s not the most ideal thing to do, but seriously it got really old really fast for us people waiting to pvp or just chilling out.
  • … giving out free packs to everyone may have been a mistake too…. people get crazy at the mention of free packs…very crazy

A huge thanks again to the Duelist staff for hosting this! Really looking forward to next year ;D