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Chapter One: The Decidedly Unpleasant Morning

New to the series? Don’t forget to read the prologue, “The Knife in the Dark,” here!

Autumn Lionflower rolled out of her bed and hit the floor with a resounding thud. At least it was slightly rotted and as such softer than strong, healthy wood. She groaned and pulled herself up, noting in her cracked mirror that she have been floating in her sleep because yet again her hair was standing straight up and a bat hung sleepily from her ear. The banshees had been howling last night and as much as she normally enjoyed their melodious screetchings, she suspected that their yearly howl was taking place this week. An entire pack of banshees was just a bit much, even for her.

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Prologue: The Knife in the Dark

*Note: I know, I know, this isn’t housing related at all! And what with House-a-Palooza starting today this is just totally out of place. However, I’m going to be having some lovely new housing related content coming right at you really soon! But, trust me when I say that this has to come first (it’s a sequencing thing…it’ll all make sense in the end..yadda yadda). May I present the official debut of the fan-fiction I’ve been writing for some time now! If you simply must have housing right at this very moment you can also head over to Adventures of the Spiral and read my massive article on kitchen design! Here!


The darkness was so thick it was almost palpable, yet a sliver of a moon shone an eerie light over Wizard City. Standing in stark contrast amid the gloom the door of a small, green house tentatively opened.

“Be careful out there Bella,” Lillith called out, “You never know what kind of creeps are out at this time!”

“You’re so paranoid!” the young, redheaded witch responded with a laugh in her voice. “It’s just Wizard City!”

Everything was calm and quiet, a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the day. Most witches and wizards slept soundly or at least were shut up in their homes, pouring over their spellbooks. They all knew that it was on nights like these dark magic could be spun with ease. However, in all the darkness this witch was a spot of light.

“Come on! Please just be careful,” Lillith’s eye’s shifted around the small square in front of her home and down the dark alley that Bella so confidently headed towards. “I’ve heard rumors about people disappearing you know…I mean… I know, I know I hear a lot of rumors…but this one sounded pretty legit! You can totally stay here tonight.”

Bella simply laughed and it sounded like birdsong. “Yeah just like the banshee that shows up in your room if you don’t pass some story on. You know those are just ghost stories! I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said and, with a last wink to her friend, she turned towards home.

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Howdy Kids II (aka. yearly checkup)

I promise I’ll write an actual post if the game ever fully loads why is there not any internet here in addition to this mushy unrelated content (haha)

So it seems that yearly checkups are becoming par for the course from me! [insert awkward laughter here] However, I think it’s a testament to the quality of the duelist 101 community that I’ve had this account since 2013, but I really do keep wanting to come back to it and write about my adventures with this game that I’ve been playing since (almost) its inception. Despite my absence from my lovely blog here I’ve never stopped reading Duelist101 because I just can’t quit you I’ve never stopped loving you guys! even though i know for sure now that no one knows who i am anymore And I’ve certainly never stopped mucking around with my sister Catherine Lionflower! (She plays daily somehow)

Anyway, so much has happened since my last post and I want to share!

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Howdy Kids! (Also: Some Words from the Heart)

Hey everyone! It’s certainly been a while! I figure that by this time everyone’s like ‘who in the heck hound are you’ probably decided I was gone and wasn’t coming back- it’s ok if you have XD Back at the beginning of the summer I thought I’d have time to blog and play again, but I was mistaken. The explanation is simple: you just have to understand a few things about me…

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Exalted/Yo, it’s been a while…

Howdy folks! what’s shakin’? Hey everyone! It’s certainly been a while & I am very very sorry for that! O.o Unfortunately I had to focus on school since in the second semester things really started to be really incredibly horrible and stink really really badly became really hard to manage. However! I am now on summer break so let’s all party because summer tho right and ready to get back to Wizard101 and, subsequently, the Duelist community 😀

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Test Realm Opens!

Update: Wanna see how I’m doing in Khrysalis? Check out my latest post Voltage: Julia L. in Krysalis

Ah! I just happened to be on facebook and what do I see?? Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 6.48.30 PM

Ahhhhhh! It’s hheeerrreeee! Am i too excited about this? Maybe just because we’re inching closer to the huge one-oh-oh and that’s an even number…

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Hello world!

Hi guys! So this is my new blog here! I’m probably gonna customize it more when i get the chance, but for now we’ll just have to go with the basic layout 😛 I kinda wanted to use this post to tell you a little bit about me…. soo… here it goes:

  • some of you may know me from Wizard101 Central, I’m thefirstLionflower there and I mostly hang out in the Art & Graphics section.
  • I’ve been playing since 2010.
  • My “classroom” is full with characters, but I usually only use one: Julia Lionflower, my promethean storm.
  • I’m also currently working on a death, Autumn Lionflower, because the school looks much more interesting than it has in past years.
  • I absolutely love graphic design. In reality that’s what I want to do as a career.
  • Besides posting my art on Central, I may include some of it here.
  • I also love to pvp (which shouldn’t be surprising).
  • I love it so much that I check Duelist for new articles almost every day.
  • Unfortunately, since storm school is my one true love, I have never reached warlord.
  • I have, however, reached it on my nooby myth, my second nooby myth, and possibly another one of my characters… but still. Reaching warlord on my storm has been a lifelong mission.
  • Besides pvp and graphic design, I love to decorate homes. I have a Pyramid of the Last Horizon (lost horizon?? I don’t even know which is pretty sad…), a Massive Fantasy Palace, a Watchtower Hall (which i actually won, rather than crafted, even though i do own the recipe. I just lack motivation.), and a dorm.
  • Only one of those houses is actually decorated and that is my Pyramid which is my storm’s main home.
  • I have a sister and her main character’s name is Catherine Lionflower, a promethean balance.
  • Most people who know her just call her “Cat”
  • She loves to pvp more than most things in the world and has done tons of matches…and when i say tons i really mean it. I think her first age total was at least over a thousand.
  • Yes, she has a problem. I am not that bad, thankfully.
  • I have wanted to start a blog for Wizard101 for a long time, but never got around to it.
  • I love Duelist so much that when i realized they had a community of blogs, I finally decided to take the plunge and start one…. because… why not.