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Weekend Update!

Hey everyone! It’s almost the weekend and once again I’m posting a weekend update! Here’s what’s coming up this weekend:


  • My featured image thingy is broken and it irritates me. It was doing little preview strips before and now it is not. If someone knows how to fix this, please let me know >.<

Most Likely:

  • A post about Julia


  • A post about Autumn
  • A post about Graphic Design

And now, some art 😀

Into the Sun

Into the Sun

Weekend Update (+ some art)!

Since I only have time to play (and blog!) on the weekend, here’s what’s coming up!


  • I’ve changed the look of my blog! Do let me know what you think- it’s an on-going project as of now


  • An update on Autumn’s progress! Level 20 here we come!


  • A graphic design tutorial or article?

Quotes I am just thinking of right now:

“It’s better when it’s blue” [or something like that (SNL; Breaking Bad)]

“You know I read somewhere that plants have feelings….. say something nice to it.” (Puss & Boots)

And nowwww some art!

Title: Beautiful Disguise the idea that no matter how beautiful one may be on the outside, eventually the rotten core will eventually show through and the once beautiful disguise will crumble.

Title: Beautiful Disguise
no matter how beautiful one may be on the outside, one day the beautiful disguise will crumble.

Sorry this isn’t full size- I’ll figure out how to do that now one day soon.