Lore Speak Episode #1 – Legacy/Retired Items

October 28, 2016 in Lore Speak

Lore Speak Episode #1 – Legacy/Retired Items

Pictured: Legacy Mount: Pioneer Dragon and Retired Gear: Astral Gear

Malvin: Hello Duelist community! We are back to talk about something really cool, and something really strange that hasn’t really been properly documented.
Justin: Well, there aren’t very many people around that both want to talk about it, or just plain know about it.
Malvin: Just by a basic Wizard101Central search on retired gear, we are presented with a VERY incomplete list.
Justin: There isn’t any documentation on how to acquire these pieces of gear. Many people don’t even know these items even exist.
Malvin: So we’re here to talk about the presence of this gear, where it came from, why it’s gone, and what is to come in the future.

Retired Gear

Malvin: I want to start this article by talking about my experience with these items. Back when I was doing my 3am wizard research on a school night, I wanted to know where I could get certain Itemcards for PvP use. I was just starting to do level 18 PvP on my balance. Looking for the Judgement Item card, the “Master’s robe of Judgement” popped up. I wondered “Huh, never heard of this item.” When I learned that it was retired I was bummed but was immediately interested in the subject. A lot of older items can’t be bought anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them.

Malvin: So where exactly did people get these pieces of gear?
Justin: We should probably start by talking about the time period. Most of this gear came from the time before Celestia, the good ol’ grandmaster days. The different schools only had gear that resisted their own school, except for ice. Now if you wanted any kind of universal resist as a fire wizard, you needed to buy this special gear. It was actually sold at the wizard city gear shops. Nowadays the stores lay vacant in the shopping district which is rather upsetting.

Malvin: So what makes this gear so special, other than the resistance?
Justin: Well, you have to remember, this is also a period of time before pets so the talents and stats that they have now, was not present then. If you compare the Crowns gear we have today, it seems like a major power creep. For example, I still own a “Coat of Stomping.” It’s a level 15 robe, 125 health, 2% Accuracy, 3% Damage, 4% Resistance, and a Stormzilla Itemcard. Seems like a pretty normal item except you might notice the Itemcard is VERY powerful for a level 15 wizard to wield.
Malvin: Combine with treasure cards seems like a very power strategy in the arena…
Justin: Aha! We need to remember. This is ALSO a time before treasure cards. Other than your school cards how else are we suppose to take down Rattlebones? This is why we don’t see a robe like this sold anymore.

Malvin: I know quite a few people who played this game in it’s early days, how come they don’t have this gear too?
Justin: There are a few factors here. The Crown Shop didn’t work the way it does today. What I mean by this is that there was a list of (now retired) items that were available all the time, but everyday there was a “Sale!” This mean’t that the item would only be sold that day and if you missed it, you would have to wait until it comes back. This was mostly to encourage us to log on once a day to check out what was in the shop. I know I logged on very frequently to check out was there until I bought my robe.

Malvin: Is there anything else about this gear you’d like to add?
Justin: This is only a peeve of mine, but I’m sure many people out there feel a similar way; The gear that is now retired, especially from the shopping district, contained special designs outside of school designs. For a lack of a better term for them three different names: Astral, Knotwork, and Spiral designs.

astral-design-tnThe Astral designs contained a purely yellow design with stars and moons. This pattern is actually still present on a lot of Crown Shop gear, such as the Splendid and Sidhe attire. It’s placed on the “Astral” category of gear with Pre-Celestia stats and uses the Wizard City styles of gear plus the Marleybone gear.
knotwork-design-tnThe Knotwork is a less popular design that focuses on a mostly white pattern with a few loops that resemble an olden knotwork style. This design is still present on a few things in the Crowns Shop replacing the life designs of gear. It’s featured mostly on the “Master’s” category of gear and has all of the Wizard City styles of gear plus the pirate Marleybone gear.
spiral-design-tn Finally we have the spiral designs, If you knew about the other two, you might not know about this one. It’s a mostly purple design that is accented by grey and very wavy. The spiral logo is featured on most of the gear. The only gear we can acquire today with it is the Elven attire, the girl version only. It’s featured on the “Royal” category of gear and has saturated stats like the other retired pieces. It’s also on Wizard City styles of gear and pirate gear.

Malvin: Wow, okay so I can’t get these designs anymore, but there are still plenty of alternatives.
Justin: Right, and next time you see someone with a retired design, you probably won’t need to guess how long they’ve been playing the game. It shows a sense of pride to uses these items as an older player. And when you brush by someone who also has old gear, it doesn’t hurt to stop and talk about our early Wizard101 memories, haha.

Legacy Items

Malvin: Okay so back when I had first started playing, one of the first big celebrations that occurred was wizard101’s 5th birthday. This was a landmark event that rewarded players who have been playing for such a long period of time. Of course, being new to the game, I received an “Agate Dragon Statue.” This was the smallest of a long list of rewards. If you want to look at the page for it the qualifications, look here. There are several other events like this that reward players with something new each year, most famously the veteran’s day celebration, but that have been other’s like the “50 Million Player Monolith.”
Justin: There are a few other items that reward players from outside the Wizard101 website. There was at one point codes in the Beckett gaming magazine for “Exclusive Wand Codes!” and other sites such as MMORPG.com would give free items away to generate traffic.

Malvin: Okay so what is your experience with these items?
Justin: Oh man, I have almost all the Veteran’s day items. I have it marked on my calendar every year to log in and redeem my code for it. I’m only missing “Valor” which was the first item of the celebration and required a Veteran in your immediate family to receive. It required filling out a form so it was only available to everyone. The years after we had everything from a statue, sword and shield wall hanging, poppy wreathes, and even a little fountain with a friendly bird on it. As far as the 5th birthday celebration, I qualified for everything on the list up to the “Frontier Dragon Mount” which looks absolutely ridiculous I might add. It captures feeling of the good ol’ days though.

Malvin: Do you feel like people are missing out on anything by not owning these items?
Justin: Well it’s difficult to say because they don’t really change the way you play the game, other than feeling intense nostalgia whenever you enter your dorm room. I don’t think this is something people should be worked up about, it’s a very neat little tribute to the first year or so of Wizard101. As someone who loves to stitch, I do feel a little envious of anyone with the “Valor” sword, but it also shows that someone gave their service for that commodity and I am very thankful to them when I see one. As a side note, the Beckett exclusive wands such as the infamous “Fog Staff” and “Umbra Blade” are actually still available in game. They are in fishing chests in the Elephant Graveyard if anyone was wondering.

Malvin: Do you think Wizard101 will continue with these yearly traditions?
Justin: Of course! I’m always curious to see what the new Veteran’s Day item will be. It is a very cool way to honor service and show pride in our national protectors. The other items such as the code wands were also a really cool way to connect the fanbase of Wizard101 to game. If you wanted a really cool wand, you’d have to go check out this fansite full of really cool information or community tools that was all connected. It was really cool to see other people with an Umbra Blade because it mean’t we both appreciated the Wizard101Central website and participated in a contest.

A Final Word

Malvin: I knew of quite a few of these events, but there were little things that I just never quite put together. One thing that always confused me was when you went to a vendor in game and it asked if you wanted to buy crowns. For what reason? They only ever sold items for gold. Knowing that the “Retired Gear” use to be sold by the vendors really cleared that up.
Justin: Yeah, it is a shame that when you run a game for so long, your fanbase starts to spread, um, out like butter. Not everyone will get to experience the entire thing. There are always lose ends and bugs in the game, but that simply reminds us of the urban legends or yore where only Ice had universal resist and there wasn’t a pet to be found. This game has evolved into a very mature and diverse experience full of mini-games and experiences that all tie together.
Malvin: It’s been super cool to talk to you about all these strange items you never see anymore. We can only wonder what is to come next.
Justin: Alright let’s wrap this article up, I need some sleep…

Thank you all for reading this! Hope this helped clear up any questions you had about this stuff that nobody really talks about anymore…

Don’t forget to smile,
and Happy Dueling!

Malvin Silverfountain
Justin Legendstrider

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