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Pets, pets, pets! We’re all crazy about pets. Or maybe that’s just me? I love them and I hate them. You get quite a few pets for free in the Spiral, just while questing. Care to guess how many you get? Hmmmm? Also, at what level do you get your school pets? Which pets does Storm get for example? I will be shedding a light on these things :)


1. Pets you get from a quest


I think you’ll be surprised with this category! I knew I was! We get more pets from quests than I remembered. Are they GOOD pets? Well… Not necessarily. I’ll let you decide for yourself.




Blue Cyclops

This beauty is a reward for doing the side quest “A Penny Saved”, where you save Penny Dreadful in the Dark Cave, when she has forgotten all her spells. What a misthead! Fun fact: Penny is allergic to Cyclopes! So don’t go rub this pet under her nose.



Stray Piggle

This bright red piggle can’t be dyed any other color. You get it as a side quest reward in the Pet Pavillion when you’re about level 7. The Headmaster made you send it to Milo Barker, but the were apparently overstocked, so it’s all yours! This side quest is called “Pet Sounds”.



If you don’t have it already, you’ll have to wait until Halloween to get it. It’s a reward during the Halloween quest “Something Rotten in Nightside”. You get it after you save Wizard City from yucky vegetables. It gives THREE Healing Current Item Cards at Mega, woot! This pet is pretty good for being a free pet.



Golden Piggle

It’s golden and pretty! It’s not very uncommon, but it does look more expensive than the “regular” Piggles. You get this one from Headmistress Belladonna Crisp, after you reveal who’s been using fake gold at the Wysteria shops. The side quest’s name is “Crime Does Not Pay” .



Completing the quest “Lunarium Tunes” give you this cutiepie. It’s a Death pet has the slots for Spritely and Death-Giver, which aren’t too bad talents for a first generation pet! Nobody leaves Celestia without this pet, because it’s a storyline quest reward, woohoo!


Black_SpiderBlack Spider

My all-time favorite pet is a drop in Azteca! I was giddy with happiness when I found out about this! :D It’s a reward for the storyline quest “The Smell of Prickly Pear” in Cloudburst Forest. The pet gives a Black Widow Item Card when it turns Ancient.



The Scorpion gives one Scorpion Item Card at Baby. It always gets Expert Empowerer at Teen, and Clock Spider at Adult. The storyline quest is called “Scorpion in Winter” and you get it in Tyrion Gorge, after being told you smell like Scorpion venom.



2. School specific pets


Then there’s the School pets everyone gets! On my first wizard, I remember being really happy with my Judgement pet and not caring at all about my Hydra or Chimera. How were your feelings towards your school pets? You get a School pet at level 48, 58 and 78. I’ve added a picture of the Item Card the pet gets next to it.



Stormzilla school pets Card Stormzilla

Stormzilla pet at level 48

Krakenimage Berzerk_Kraken

Kraken pet at level 58

Port_Triton Royal_Triton

Triton pet at level 78

Leviathan pet at level 98



Helephant Card_Helephant

Helephant pet at level 48

Phoenix Card_Grand_Phoenix

Phoenix pet at level 58

Port_Efreet school pets Card_Vengeful_Efreet

Efreet pet at level 78

Sun Serpent pet at level 98



Ice_Colossus Card_Colossus

Ice Colossus pet at level 48

Ice_Wyvern Card_Ancient_Wyvern

Ice Wyvern pet at level 58

mammoth stats Stampeding_Mammoth

Mammoth pet at level 78

Lord of Winter pet at level 98



Hydra.png Hydra

Hydra pet at level 48

Judgement Mighty_Judgement

Judgement pet at level 58

Chimera Rampaging_Chimera

Chimera pet at level 78


Sabertooth pet at level 98



Orthrus pet Card_Orthrus

Orthrus pet at level 48

Humongofrog Noble_Humongofrog

Humongofrog pet at level 58

Mythical_Basilisk Virulent_Basilisk

Mythical Basilisk pet at level 78

Li’l Medusa pet at level 98



Wraith pet Card_Wraith

Wraith pet at level 48

Scarecrow Ominous_Scarecrow

Scarecrow pet at level 58

Bone_Dragon Card_Bone_Dragon

Bone Dragon pet at level 78

Avenging Fossil pet at level 98




satyr Card_Satyr

Satyr pet at level 48

forest lord stats Enraged_Forest_Lord

Forest Lord pet at level 58

gnome stats Card_Irate_Gnomes!

Gnome pet at level 78


Dryad pet at level 98


Did you get your school pets yet? Do you use them? Do you think we’ll get another free pet soon, with the release of part 2 of Khrysalis? Let me know in the comments!


  1. my helephant was pretty good: fire damage, fire accuracy, pips, health and a nice card of course. i trained it without mega snacks, i didn’t even know about them. it was my best pet for a very long time, i remember using it farming waterworks.

  2. I’m very curious to know if we will receive level 98 Pets in Khrysalis. If we do, I cant even imagine what spells they would have. Maybe crafted spell pets? I wouldn’t mind a Savage Paw or Lord of Night pet. :D

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