Magus Fire PvP Guide

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Are you looking for a fun experience in the PvP arena? A school and level combination that will allow you to end matches quickly while not being as luck-based as storm? Magus fire may be the choice for you. Fires in general have many powerful spells that allow them to crush their enemies, such as Burning Rampage and Efreet. These spells can be picked up for any level fire, but magus has a special aspect that is extremely beneficial in PvP: the gear unlocked at the magus level, such as the Mount Olympus drops. These gear choices will allow magus fires to match their gear with their offensive strategy. I recently started up my magus fire and recently ranked up to commander. This is a guide of how I did it.


Even when only a private expect to face-off against maguses that, regardless of their rank, have commander gear (from my experience this did occur frequently). The only other types of wizards I faced were either completely lacking gear that was effective at all or wizards with completely offensive set-ups with minimal resist. The gear


When you’re starting out in the arena, you’re going to need the best gear you can get. I used the Zeus hat, the Zeus robe, and the fire Professor’s Hoard pack boots, with the duelist ring & athame, as well as a Balance Mastery amulet. Additionally, I equipped a Crystal Unicorn mount (accuracy) and a Deck of the Lotus. The wand I used was the Aquilan Charioteer Lance.

As far as jewels and socketing goes, I socketed a dual fireblade ruby to the deck of the lotus, and a power pip jewel to the duelist athame (you can switch this socket for fire accuracy if you prefer). The rest of the unfilled jewel spots don’t really matter, but fill them with health, flat resist, and flat damage if you can.


I didn’t exactly have the best pet, but it certainly wasn’t the worst either. Any pet that by default (at baby) gives a fireblade card is an ideal pet to have, but putting the right talents on it matters as well too. If you can, I’d recommend trying to acquire a max stat pet with Fire-Giver, Fire-Dealer, Pain-Giver, Spell-Proof, and Spell-Defying, socketing a Mighty Opal. If you can’t get that try for anything with a blade and fire damage, perhaps even maycast infallible. My pet is not an ideal choice, but I’m too lazy to farm for gold for hatches so I worked with the best of what I had.


Deck Setup

The main thing that stands out about this deck is how small it is – it doesn’t have a lot of cards, and there’s a reason for that. With this strategy you need to be aggressive, find what you need to use easily and use it, no wasting time. If you choose to attempt to fill this deck, more useless cards would have to be added, and finding the right cards would be harder to do, leading to rounds passing or playing inefficient cards due to not finding the right card at the right time.  Be relentless and keep your offense up – don’t let your enemies catch you off guard, catch them off guard!

Here’s a quick training point breakdown: Up to Tower Shield (5TP), Stun Block (1TP), Cloak (1TP), Life Dispel (1TP), Reshuffle (1TP), Infection (1TP), Elemental Blade (1TP) = Used 11 training points.


Generally: Blade once or twice, infallible, then rampage and follow up with a brimstone, firezilla, fire elf, or fire beetle depending on the situation. You have to set up this killing strategy quickly or else your opponent will have time to take advantage of you not having any resist. If you notice your opponent spamming set shields for fire, put up the fire elemental minion to have him elf the shields off. If your opponent is blading, try to set up your rampage or efreet (if from first) quicker than they can blade up and hit you. This can mean even using rampage with no blades and only an infallible on, just make sure you have enough pips to follow up.

Against Ice: Ices, from my experience in the arena, tend to play slower than other schools usually. Keep your bubbles in hand and win the bubble war as most ices love to use balefrost and try to get a cloaked life dispel on them, as most have life masteries. I did encounter a few ices with myth masteries trying to shift rampages back onto me, so beware of those. Try to stun block ASAP, a winter moon combo is usually fatal. If you’re in a good position and an ice spends a majority of their pips on their minion, just ignore the minion if you’re bladed up. The most the ice minion can do is take off your towers, and if the actual ice has no pips, their minion alone can’t take you out.

Against Fire: There are a lot of magus fires in the arena, a majority of my matches were against magus fires. Prepare for an Efreet as soon as they have eight pips and save a wand or a fire beetle to take the negative debuff from it off. Don’t put up your bubble, wait for them to do it. Since the deck setup for this strategy doesn’t include triage, try to set up your rampage quickly so you don’t die from someone else’s rampage.

Against Storm: Almost all storms you face will rely on luck and be non-stop aggresive. For the first few rounds, shield up and prepare for a storm lord as soon as they have seven or more pips. If they relentlessly attack and you’re first, try to build pips for an efreet right before their six pip triton. If they bubble, replace it with yours immediately, you don’t want all of their bolts to deal extra damage.

Against Balance: Most balances will have loremaster, or go for a judgement or chimera strategy. A balance with loremaster is very hard to defeat with this strategy, but do put up infallible to attempt to counter loremaster’s accuracy mantle. If they spirit trap or spirit blade it’s probably the chimera strategy, so hit before they chimera.

Against Life: I didn’t face too many life wizards as I was ranking up, but around this level they will have triange trained. Try to go for the rampage into the firezilla, and cloak your infection, they might mistake it for a weakness. If they’re blading up it’s likely the spinysaur strategy, so kill them before they get the chance to kill you.

Against Death: Death wizards are simply deadly at this level. If they’re somewhat ranked up they most likely have the headless horseman spell, which deals a massive amount of damage, don’t let them get an open shot on you. Blade when you can, and use availing hands after their poisons if they have no pips to follow up. If they put even a single infection on you, discard availing hands and prepare to go all-in for infallible and blading into an attack ASAP.

Against Myth: Myths at this level like to use Ninja Pigs and their minions frequently. Save your wands for their 0 pip minions and try to pull stun blocks before they can medusa, basilisk, or myth banshee. Because this deck doesn’t have weakness in it, an orthurus is likely a fatality, so stick with the usual after stun blocking: blade and infallible into the rampage or efreet as soon as you can.

Good luck in the arena! Feel free to ask questions in the comments.



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  1. Yeah the balance mastery is only for availing. If I had lore I’d switch up the strategy and add it; but I don’t

    You’re right about the reshuffle, but I included every spell I trained, which did include reshuffle though it wasn’t used in this strategy.

  2. Nice! You make it sound fun 🙂

  3. Fire with Balance Mastery and without lore? :O it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one of those.

    How is the one TP for reshuffle nescessary if you don’t pack any?

    It would be nice if your post included a screenshot of your rank/ratio, but it’s still a good and unique guide. The only part I disagree with is the pet; which is based off one’s preferance, so that really just goes to say I prefer damage pets with Infallible as opposed to only damage pets, or damage and selfish ones.

  4. Nice guide.

    Always nice to see players stressing out sinergy between gear and playstyle! Really important thing that is often overlooked.

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