Spell Ideas for Death School

May 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

While I’m finishing my ideas about more items that could change, I would like to share some ideas for new Death spells (before I forget them :P).

1st idea: “Mystery Box”

The effect: for 80% accuracy and 2 pips, “200, 450, 700 drain damage, swap half back to health”.

The animation: it’s a mystery spooky box with a clown face inside, and each value of spell is cast by a different face, getting more scary depending of the value of the drain.

Comment: the spell is basically a wild bolt/healing current type spell, but for drains. The effect could change to 255, 540 or 825 drain damage, swap 1/3 back to health, according to my “Drain Revamp” article.

2nd idea: “Immobilization”

The effect: for 100% accuracy and 5 pips, “Enemy takes 80 damage per spell & can’t discard for 1 round” (“spell”: spell at his hand; “damage”: death damage; enchanted spells/preenchanted tcs counts 2x, any other type of spell counts 1x).

The animation: initially similar to reshuffle, an amount of cards appearing, and they separating. But then, the separate cards are petrified, and then they are thrown at the wizard.

The situation: Imagine that the target has 5 spells in hand before selecting one of them. If the spell is cast from first, the spell damage will be calculated counting this 5 spells. If it’s casted being second, the spell damage only will be calculated with the 5 spells if the spell selected for the first target fizzles. If not, it will be calculated only with the 4 spells left. Then, in the following round, the target’s new hand gets immobilizated: the current cards can be used, passing is allowed, but all discarding attempts are negated for that round.

Comment: This spell is basically a version of Mana Burn but for spells instead of pips. While Mana Burn is intended to keep players from building pips, Immobilization intends to keep players from holding enchanted spells, and from pulling enchanted tcs from side deck. The only way you could draw treasure cards is if you have both a spell and an enchant in hand: enchant it and draw the treasure card.

3rd Idea: “Night Thieves”

The effect: for 80% accuracy and 6 pips, “50 Death Damage and 600 Death Drain, swap half back”.

The animation: I don’t really know how it could be, but It could be something Marleybone related. I guess we don’t have a spell with the theme of that world.

The situation: similar to minotaur and ortrhus, first hit is something small, but the second is bigger, with a bonus of stealing some health back.

Comment: The damage can be adjusted to “60 Death Damage and 720 Death Drain, swap 1/3 back” (see “Drain Revamp” article).

That’s all for now!

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