Guess That Boss #1

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What boss do you think it is?

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  1. misthead – 1
    Talon Legendstaff – 1

  2. Was, not is. My bad. Ignore the message spam. 😐

  3. The problem that I ran into to is that the lists that I have been using seemed to have been outdated. :/

  4. I decided to take another try at this boss. I did some digging and I did find one boss that fits the description. The boss is Boa Fett. 😀

  5. I looked it up again and that was the exact health listed on Wizard101 Central, so I think I got the health correct. Btw, Fire/Ice means both Fire and Ice if you didn’t get that.

  6. I searched several lists of all of the Mirage bosses as a boss having 10,500 seems rather low for a Mirage boss and I didn’t come find a single boss that was fire/ice that was even close to 10,500 (some are thousands off). Are you sure you got the health correct?

  7. I switched Arc to World

  8. I can narrow down the Arc hint into the world it’s in if that makes it better

  9. That’s all the info we get? :O I’m out, that tells me nothing lol :p

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