Christmas Clash 2017

Hey, everyone! One step into winter and with a certain holiday right around the corner, we believe it’s time for Yuletide festivities, fashion contests, and some amazing PVP events hosted by everyone here at Duelist101 ~even though we’re a bit ahead of our friends at Kingsisle~.

Ever since the Wizard101 9th Birthday Bash, we’ve been looking forward to bringing you all something to enjoy. And now, you know, it’s the season of giving, so without further ado…

This December, we’ve built on everything you all enjoyed so much in previous events, so we’re pleased to announce the 2017 Christmas Bash is coming to the Spiral! You can look forward to the chance to bust out all of your favorite gear and wow the judges at this year’s Christmas fashion contest! Impress everyone this holiday season with your good looks. After that, gear up for some casual PvP, then mingle with the community as we joke, laugh, and duel our way into the new year!


Our event will take place on Saturday, December 16th from 3-5 pm Eastern Time. (You can stay and hang around after that time though!)

  • Pacific time12 noon-2pm
  • Mountain time1pm-3pm
  • Central time 2pm-4pm
  • Eastern time 3pm-5pm


We’ll be meeting on December 16th at 3pm EST in the Shopping District, by Elik’s Edge on realm KELVIN. When area one is full, we will have additional port buses in the other areas to move you to the houses. We’ll be using the Empyrean Castaway’s Bungalow and Cody’s Polarian Shipwreck from our last event.


Our very own Alex Thunderstaff will be LIVE streaming the festivities on his Twitch account. So visit Alex Thunderstaff’s channel for the live stream at 3 pm EST! Alex, alongside other Duelist101 staff members will supervise the live stream chat AND hand out codes for anyone to redeem! What you’ll get is a little secret. Stay tuned and watch the event unfold from the comfort of your phone if you can’t physically get on wiz.

Disclaimer: Content on personal social media accounts and/or streams do not represent the views of Duelist101.


We’re still cooking up the contests and prizes we will be giving away, so hang in there for a little while! We will add them here once we have confirmed everything.

Remember, you don’t have to do any PvP to be involved with the prizes or anything else that we have going on! There is something for everyone to enjoy – from the casual player to the Grumpy Warlord. All you have to do is show up and have fun!

Our email is

Fashion Contest

One thing we know for sure already is that we definitely want to do a fashion contest again. It’s wonderful to see all of your dressed up uniquely. There will be two winners for this contest: one boy and one girl. Please dress up in something that fits the holiday season! However, avoid the Santa suit and beard as well as the commander robe. We want to see something original!

The two winners will get:

  • A permanent Reindeer Sleigh mount,
  • A snowglobe housing item + 1.5k Crowns and
  • 3 Winter Wonder packs


Hide and Seek

We will hide three wartles in each of Cody’s houses for you to find. That’s 6 wartle pets in total. You have to find either three from the same house or all to win! Send us an email with all the screenshots of you with the items in Cody’s house. Make sure we can see your wizard’s name so we can announce the winners later.

Hint: They’re divided evenly in both houses (inside and outside as well) and they’re split in elemental and spirit schools.


Wildfire Tag

We will be hosting 5 games of Wildfire Tag in the Empyrean Castaway’s Bungalow, and every winner from each game will get something extra other than the satisfaction of being the winner. For those of you who are not yet familiar with the game, you just have to avoid every player who has been transformed into a wildfire elf, till there is only one player left standing. May the odds be ever in your favor!

We will be announcing when the games will be starting through the house chat AND through the live stream.


We will also give plenty of codes in the live stream! There will be both Winter Wonder packs and snowglobes with crowns codes up for grabs to those people who come and watch the live stream. Additionally, we’ll be giving a few random people who happen to be hanging around in Cody’s houses some mystery rewards, so make sure to stick around and party with us!

Our email is



Please remember this is a family-friendly environment. We expect that everyone abides by a certain set of rules when attending the Christmas Clash. We won’t tolerate foul language. Breaking this rule will result in the removal of the participant and disqualification from all events we have scheduled for the day. For those doing PvP, we trust that you will all display sportsmanship and respect in both victory and defeat, so that nothing sour comes from something this sweet.


We cant wait to see you all there!



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