Duelist101 6th Birthday Bash

 Duelist101’s 6th Birthday Bash

Hey, everyone! With the weather turning around and bringing us toasty temperatures, we’ve decided to bring you a spicy-hot event.

Judging by the title, I assume you all know what kind of event it’ll be… Yep! A tournament. Unlike most tournaments, this will NOT be the conventional “100-125 max level tournament”. Instead, we’re going for a new approach the Magus (30-40) organized tournament, but not without previous favorites; a Fashion Contest and a Hide & Seek!

The party will take place over several houses, one where the duels will take place and be streamed, and the others open to the public for a party, Hide&Seek, friendly PvP fights – the good stuff!


When and where? 

Our event will take place on Saturday, June 23rd from 2-4 pm Eastern Time. You can stay and hang around after that if you so desire. 

  • Pacific time: 11am – 1pm
  • Mountain time: 12pm – 2pm
  • Central time:  1pm – 3pm
  • Eastern time:  2pm – 4pm

Meet in Unicorn Way, in front of the Arena in realm Scarecrow. If Area 1 fills up, we will have additional port buses in all the areas of the same realm.



  • No more than 55% resist.
  • No more than 2 of the same spell may be played consecutively (to reduce spam).
  • Participants are given 5 minutes to show for their match; if they are not at the appropriate place within the allotted time, they automatically forfeit the match.
  • Matches will have a 20-minute time limit. If for some reason the match exceeds this time, the winner will be chosen by our expert team 🙂 
  • No guardian spirit/bad juju!
  • Absolutely no foul language will be tolerated. No warnings will be provided.
  • Additionally, please refrain from rude or unsportsmanlike behavior. You will be warned, and if you continue, you will then be removed from the brawl.



The Tournament will be streamed by our very own Alex Thunderstaff! The announcement will be edited prior to the event to include the stream link, so check back on tournament day. We will also be randomly giving out some random prizes to people who will be joining the festivities so make sure not to miss out!

Stream Link


Hide and Seek

Several knight pets will be hidden in Cody RavenTamer’s castles. They may or may not be shrunk with castle magic, so they’re bound to be a tough find, but -trust me- it’s worth your while. Whoever finds them all first will win the grand prize, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t find them all. Send in your findings at duelist101.pvp@gmail.com and you might also be rewarded.


Fashion Contest

Another classic, we’re out on the search for unique outfits! The Duelist101 team will be judging based on new, fresh looks; we don’t want to see any of that overused PvP or elegant gear! Dress for success, don’t be afraid of uniqueness and head to the giant chess board in the Polarian Shipwreck castle.



We will be rewarding the first 3 tournament contestants, the winner of the hide and seek and the fashion contest.

Tournament Prizes:
First Place in the tournament: 60k crowns
Second Place in the tournament: 10k crowns + permanent Cephalopod Racer Mount
Third Place in the tournament: 10k crowns

Hide and Seek winner: 5k crowns + permanent Camel Mount

Fashion contest winner: 5k crowns + permanent Swift Shark Mount

In addition, we will be giving smaller prizes all through the event as long as we have some left! There are housing items and packs to be won. However, more importantly is that you come hang out with us and have fun!


Sign up

To register, email duelist101.pvp@gmail.com right away and preferably not on tournament day. Make sure to include your wizard’s name, level and school.


Make sure to join Duelist101’s 6th birthday celebrations and
best of luck to all contestants!

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