Dear Diego: Debut

Dear Diego





I have been pretty shy about stepping into the PvP ring. I heard it’s a lot of fun, and you’ve been really encouraging! But I am still nervous.

But I have done a lot of preparation! First, I finished leveling to 16. This gave me enough training points to train Ice School to Tower and  Death to Ghoul. I am not going to level past 16. I hope this will help me avoid a problem my sister Rowan had when she used to PvP. As her rank increased, she started getting matched against people many levels above her. The difference in available spells and maximum health made it really hard for her to win. I have no idea if my strategy will work, but I promise to let you know!

Also, I decided to level through the ranks only with 1v1 matches. It’s not that I don’t like team PvP. It’s just that there are a lot of problems with something called “puppet teams” in the game for the past several months, and there’s no way to know when it will be fixed. I am usually pretty cheerful, but I know that I will get cranky if I lose points off my rank because I was matched with a puppet team.




My Stats

Christina 2


I’m posting a picture to show the gear I will be using. My hats, robe, and boots are crafted. I bought the recipes from a vendor in the Chamber of Fire who caters to Conjurers. At first I felt really special, but then my friend Angel Bane told me there are recipe vendors in each world who sell gear recipes for each school. Anyway, I chose this gear because it not only had stats to improve Myth spells, but Death spells as well.


 So far, I’ve had two practice matches. I won both of them. The first practice match my opponent was a level five Diviner. I could tell that he was nearly out of cards, because he kept passing, and I just whittled his health away. The second match was over really fast. It ended when the player, a level nine Sorcerer, ran out of cards. I could tell she ran out of cards because the pop-up screen at the end of the match said so. I was pretty relieved. She kept hitting me with wand strikes and I was worried that she was saving up to cast Judgement!

I hope that the next time I write in this diary, I will have been brave enough to step into the ring! Wish me luck!





  1. After you get a few practice matches done, and get comfortable with your set up, You will do fine.
    Don’t sweat the losses, just learn from them. If you do not lose some you will not get any better.

    Good luck, and most of all Have fun.

  2. Welcome to duelist, Icy! Can’t wait to see your path to warlord. 🙂

  3. so fun to read about you stepping back into the pvp ring. i’ve also been trying 1v1 for the first time in a very long time, and it’s been an enjoyable challenge, the arena scene is so different now. really looking forward to reading about your upcoming matches, thx so much for sharing this chornicle!

  4. Go Icy go! 😀

  5. Welcome to our team Christina. Excellent first post! I can’t wait to read more about your adventure. You have such a bright light around you, here is to hoping at level 16 nothing bad will happen. You’ll be warlord in no time despite the TC spammers. Cheers!

  6. Good luck with your strategy! I have plenty of thoughts on low level Myth PvP (my conjurer is Level 28, though, not 16… which means that at Commander or low Warlord ranks I generally get matched with Master level) but for now, enjoy the Arena!

  7. Aaron spellstone says:

    lol 25+ you will mostly get matched with judgment spammers if your a knight+

  8. PvP Fire WARLORD says:

    Okay so please meet me in the comments realm Wu sat day 2:00 PM California time and I really want to meet you and add you, Plus my name is Willam 28 fire wizard and I do have open chat.