Wizard101 Summer Update 2016!

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Wizard101’s annual summer update is here – and it’s MASSIVE. We’ll have articles for some of these changes going in a bit further, but let’s dive straight in! As always – for the full list of changes, go here – LINK


Level 50 Elixir

First up is a new elixir.. but not like any we’ve encountered before! A Level 50 Elixir! This elixir will automatically level you to 50, give you a gear set appropiate to the level, a mount, and a pet – as well as all the spells obtained through quests/your teacher. It’ll also give you training points and an access pass to the first three areas of Celestia. This costs 30,000 crowns. NOTE: You have to already have a level 50+ character on your account and the character you are using this on must be below level 50 (obviously)

In coordination with the elixir, there have been some modifications made to the defeat and collect quests in both Celestia and Zafaria (I’m looking at you Greyhorn Mercenaries.)


PvP Changes

Next, we have some PvP changes. Tournaments are now for gold IF you are a member. There is now a “Roll Again” function where you can roll your rewards again for an amount of crowns, and there is also new sets of lower leveled PvP gear for stitching. You can now turn off spectator chat, and the Talos spell from the Crabling pet and Guardian Spirit card from the Cherub are both No PvP. The biggest change, however, is that now in PvP, if you get a critical strike, it will now only deal 1.25x the damage as opposed to 2x the damage (so a wand spell will do 125 now instead of 200.)

Astral Spells


The Arcanum has a new quest for you – and it’s for astral magic! Get your hands on all these new shiny spells – for level 110 and above!

Friends List/GUI Updates

Friend List GUI has a massive update this patch. It’s now bigger and easier to use. It’ll show you what level and school your friends are – and a notification will appear when they log on! It also shows when they were last on, and how many friends you have at the moment. There also is a long requested update in now too – that is you can finally see the buffs a person has on! Just simply roll the cursor over your friend (or yourself) and you can see what you have on! Also, there is a text chat size option in the option panel as well.

Fishing Updates

There are two new fishing quests in Mooshu! Ryoshi has some new winnow spells for you as well – to isolate rank specific fishes so you can snag your prize easier! Also, there are new school-themed fishes in the school-themed houses – catch them all!

Make-A-Wish with Brandon

The new Make-A-Wish quest is here. You’ll go to Polaris and meet Brandon, and get a cool minion spell of himself! You can even get a cool helmet from the boss fight! Watch out, though – the boss battle is balanced in tune with a full team, so bring your buddies along!

Picture 2016-07-20 14-05-08

Various Updates

Daily Assignments have some various updates, there are some sound tweaks, and Bartelby will now moan less when you get the quest to go into Polaris.

Keeper Lore’s Pack and the Sprial Cup/Mystic Fishing/Polarian Bundles have all been updated for Level 110! Get that new gear!

Finally, shadow spells now have less backlash – and some other functional changes.

Also a bunch of misc. changes you can check out on the official site!

This summer update is a BIG patch, with lots of cool stuff included. 

What are you most excited about? Leave your comments down below!


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  • flash33

    It’s important to note that one must have at least one lv.50+ wizard first in order to use the level 50 elixir in the crowns shop.

  • MatthewLegendCaster

    basically block and critical are much less valuable now to have because if you critical its not really that good anymore and if you dont block a critical its not that bad anymore. I believe this might bring back a new era of masteries and various gear changes as having block and critical isn’t as necessary as it used to be. This should bring forward new strategies for each school! THIS IS SO GOOD!

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      I can see myself carrying that balance mastery amulet omen gave me, so tempting being able to cast balance dispels… although an ice mastery for tower shields does sound VERY nice :DD

      • MatthewLegendCaster

        im working on a setup right now on my ice that incorporates loremaster, balance dispels and availing hands through my darkmoor balance mastery 😉

        • Guy

          I don’t think the update warrants a gear change at max even though critical/block is less important, you would still lose quite a bit of stats without the rat amulet. The damage 110 wizards can put out usually exceeds heals unless you have a ton of heal boost, which is difficult to find at max level. You couldn’t use off school damage either, unless you sacrifice darkmoor gear, which would also lead to a dramatic loss in stats. The dispels… Eh I wouldn’t equip a mastery just so I could dispel spam an opponent. It’s pretty cheap and pathetic anyway, lol.

          • MatthewLegendCaster

            at the very least, the block athame isn’t a requirement anymore to pvp

          • Alex Thunderstaff

            I currently stand at 90% block as a storm, I am pretty sure I can sacrifice some lousy stats and go for the morganthe amulet or the good old fashion mastery amulets. 🙂

  • Brand Ghostspear

    Good, new enchants put in. Now to be more overpowered.:P

    As for the elixir, I wonder if you can still do the first arc story quest if you used the elixir? Other than that, at least the price is costly and that one wizard must reach lvl 50+, otherwise too many people would jump levels if they buy crowns.

    For the member tourney, Angel and I wish they have done that long ago.

    Pvp, that is actually perfect. No more painful storm damage. It may be less for the others, at least it gives the other teams the fighting chance. Yet, they should still fix the accuracy of critical and block and increase it a little bit more.

    Friend lists, good that they made the friend list bigger, at least i don’t have to get confused on which Angel I have to talk to. XD

    So far, it looks like a good update.

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      All of arc1 would be complete..no questing at all! By drinking this magical potion, you instantly become a grandmaster and receive some cool stuff. All questing would be complete ( including spell quest ) and all you have to do is get the quest from ambrose to start celestia

      • MatthewLegendCaster

        i just think that celestia is the hardest world overall for its level lol. The bosses can critical and you can’t block basically. So starting off there might discourage you

        • seethe42

          But using the elixir requires already having made it to level 50 without it on a wizard, so it’s not really starting off there. It’s starting off again there but skipping stuff you already have done.

        • Morpyoto (Nyan)

          I found it fairly easy since I had Wintertusk crafted. I could one-shot most minions without blades and only needed 1 or 2 blades at most. But yeah the critical was kinda annoying.

        • pass it with my myth wizard when use elixir when he level 49 “still in dragonspyre” and want to move on to celestia “pushing limit to get my medusa” and yes do play as a myth wizard others then my ice wizard because don’t hate myth wizard

      • Brand Ghostspear

        Interesting. Thx for sharing that.

    • balance mage

      side quests are still there and zeke’s and the gear from the elixir is not great the wand only gives a pip
      deck, ring and dagger are nice and i think you still need gh quest but idk

      • balance mage

        gh spell*

    • Morpyoto (Nyan)

      No you cannot still do the first arc, it automatically starts you on the Celestia quest and completes all storyline quests before that.

  • Seth

    Added some headings as it’s a lengthy article – we’re working on in-depth ones as we speak!

  • Fred Mythslinger

    Can I ask what defines “less backlash?” Are we like bosses now who have 15%? I never really thought our current backlash was terrible.

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      We can now reduce backlash to 0%

    • Morpyoto (Nyan)

      You now start with +20 backlash so you can get down to 0 if you do everything the creature likes. Shrike, Sentinel, and Seraph still start with +30, however.

  • Christina Hawkflame

    Here’s a few pics of some of the helms I’ve found so far that drop from Brandon’s Make-A-Wish boss fight. I’ll keep looking for more.

    Only TC and helms have been dropped so far, as I’ve heard.

    • MatthewLegendCaster

      there are only hats as far as gear goes

    • That One Girl

      i also received jewels with brandon minions

      • Christina Hawkflame

        Same here!

    • Christina Hawkflame

      Just found these two.

  • Guy

    Wow, lots of great improvements this time around. Might come back to wizard101 now, hopefully they don’t change anything in live realm. Kinda upset about the leveling potion, I made 2 grands and 3 legendary characters, which took months. Now you’re telling me I could have just bought a potion? Automatic level 50 for 30k crowns is actually a very fair price if you ask me. Bruh :/ great update nonetheless 😛

    I heard about tournaments costing gold now as well O: Even more upset about that, as I could have saved probably over 70k crowns had it been implemented before :/

  • Hannahredriver

    I wish they had done something about chain dispels, just like you can protect yourself from chain stuns

  • Hannahredriver

    Reducing critical only makes sense, if you limit max resist, otherwise storm will have no chance anymore and Angels and Bad Juju Jades will rule the arena for ranked PVP (which they do already)

    • Anonymous User

      Agree completely. Critical heals still do 2x plus a little boost apparently too

  • flash33

    Balance Brandon TC dropped from Neberyx.

  • Therealf11

    When KI decide to troll and make the ice hat give ice wyvern while the life and death ones give spiny and bone dragon LOLZ

    • nobody

      i agree. ancient wyvern would be a better choice for ice (its rank 6 and deals dot damage kinda like bone dragon, only its ice school rather then death)

    • Efreet

      I know right, my thoughts to, ice needs a better card.

  • Mr spoke

    cool updates. Tournaments for gold sweet.

  • gracewinterstone

    wanted to add that they added fishing to the school theme houses. each house has that schools fish in its waters, including a new doodle fish in each – one for each professor

  • m0m0k7000

    new jade set stat? resist added?

    • Morpyoto (Nyan)

      I really wish they had done at least a 1% resist boost. Honestly there’s no point in adding them in if it’s just a 60 health increase.

  • wolf

    So storm is officially dead now that the criti is 1.25x

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Not exactly. This is last year’s update. In the current update that will soon be released to the live realm, critical is 1.3x. It’s not a huge difference but it’s a change.

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