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A group formed for those who enjoy mid-level team PvP.
Adept ( L20+), Magus (L30+), Master (L40+), 2nd age Grand Master (L50-59)

** If you support the Knights, wear the “Giant Hunter” badge! **
********* It’s only 50 giants killed in Cyclops Lane *********


The Knights Who Say NI (also known as Knights of NI, or the Knights) officially banded together on January 2, 2012 and are probably the most well-known PvP-oriented organization on Wizard101. While the Knights are known for dueling “puppet teams” (a term they coined to describe teams who use exploitative rank and/or level manipulation to target mid-level teams), they are also active in bringing awareness to PvP issues, such as excessive downranking, and proposing solutions to those problems. As such, the Knights not only consist of duelists, but also pet hatchers, crafters, archivists, mathemagicians, cheerleaders, and many others who support and keep the Knights organization running.



Historical Milestones and Accomplishments:




  • Jan – Knights at the 2nd year anniversary grow to 350+ members, solidly on the 1st page of All Central Groups, sorted by Members. Long ways away from Wizened Wizards and PvP Noobs Anonymous, but easily the largest and oldest PvP group.
  • Apr – Knights now at 370+ members.  Added Countering Dispel Spam and Defeating Puppets with Shadow Magic threads to help new Knights with L80-90-100 threats.
  • Sep – Knights now at 390+ members. 


knights who say ni

If you are interested in joining the Knights, please let us know!

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