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Wizard101 FansitesMercs 4 Hire

Mercenaries 4 Hire

The Mercs4Hire are a group of wizards devoted to helping players get through hard content. Have a dungeon you can’t beat? A boss giving you trouble? The Mercs are here to help.


Wizard101Central Forum and Fansite Wizard101 Central

Central is Wizard101’s largest fansite, with over 130,000 users. It is packed full of information about everything wizard101. Guides, PvP Competition, Stories & Poetry, Contests, and much more.



The Petnome Project


The Petnome Project

The most in-depth source of Wizard101 Pet System information on the web. First generation Petnome info for nearly all available pets, helpful tools, and more



Ravenwood Radio

Ravenwood Radio

Ravenwood Radio is Wizard101’s premiere podcast. With a host of talented personalities, they are well known for providing early, accurate information about Wizard101 in a format that is fun for anyone. If you enjoy Wizard101, you’ll enjoy Ravenwood Radio.



DittoMonster.comDitto Wizard

Ditto runs a video blog of his journey through the spiral, from a “Fabricated American” perspective. He also emphasizes online safety for kids and parents.



Legends of the Spiral

Legends of the Spiral

Legends of the spiral is a multi-featured fan site with a ton of fun gadgets related to Wizard101. Make your own spell cards or Abracadoodle comics, communicate with other wizards, join contests, get wizard101 news, and much more!



The Friendly NecromancerThe Friendly Necromancer

The Friendly Necro is a blog with lots of fun insight into Wizard101. One of the longest running and most successful W101 blogs, you can read about his adventures in game, thoughts on W101 activities, and more.



Paige's PagePaige’s Page

Paige has lots of housing info for decorating your Wizard’s home, W101 and P101 inside scoops, and tons of fun contests!


Sorcerer of the SpiralSorcerer of the Spiral

Sorcer of the Spiral is run by Malorn WillowSmith. His finger is on the pulse of the Wizard101 fansite community, with blog links and regular updates regarding W101 community news.




On The Horizon

Our friends at On The Horizon have a new site dedicated to their epic W101 story, and to sharing other great fan fictions they come across. Check it out here!




Wizards Unite

WU is a fan-run site who is very active in the community. They have contests, game information, and even information about other fansite contests! They’re also on twitter at @WUOfficial.



Frost Caller

Frost caller runs one of the most impressive looking Tumblr blogs we’ve ever seen. It is regularly updated with beautiful pictures and important updates from Wizard101 and Pirate101. Check out Frost Caller for microblogging at its finest!


My Wizard101 World

Wizard101 World is a blog dedicated to Wizard101, Pirate101, and specifically the Wizard101 UK server. With regular updates about all aspects of KingsIsle games. If you’re wondering what’s going on in Wizard101UK, check here.



Spiral Creations

Spiral creations is a Community Productions Group. They specialize in creating fun, high quality videos of Wizard101 content. For an idea of what they do, you can check out their excellent coverage of the Knightly Horizon Winter Ball here!



Logo with Tag_03The Spiral Libraries

The Spiral Libraries is a collection of Fan-Work (art, stories, etc) from all over the spiral! You may recognize the staff running them from the amazing On The Horizon W101 Fanfic!


Pirate101 Home Page

Play Pirate101 Online!

The Official Pirate101 Website!

Pirate101 Home Page


KingsIsle’s awesome Pirate adventure game, set in the same universe as Wizard101!








Pirate101 Fan Sites

Pirate101Central Forum and FansitePirate101 Central

Central continues their tradition of full-featured forum/fansites with a site for the Pirate101 community. Tons of guides and activities.

Pieces of Eight RadioPieces of Eight Radio

The good folks from Ravnwood Radio also have a Pirate101 Podcast offering: Pieces of Eight Radio! You can expect the same entertainment and information quality that you look for from Ravenwood Radio, now meeting all of your Pirate101 needs.


Pirates of the SpiralPirates of the Spiral

Johnny, of Wizard101Central, brings this new Pirate101 blog with news, updates, and artwork.


Stormgate PiratesStormgate Pirates

Stormgate Pirates is LotS Pirate101 fansite, and continues their tradition of creating sites with fun new tools for the 101 gaming communities. Lots of information, news, updates, and Pirate101 tools for your enjoyment!




Pirate101 SkywaysPirate101 Skyways

Stars of the Spiral’s Pirate101 portal, with early looks at P101 content and news!





Ambrose 2 Zeke’s Pirate101 Hub

A2Z also has a Pirate101 portal, where they are already compiling guide and feature lists, in addition to early news reports for P101!





SITV-Logo-200[1]Skull Island TV

An Official P101 Community Fansite, Skull Island TV hosts a collection of videos and articles by Dr. Zeppers. Site also features regular contests to get cool P101 items!