Improved Drop Rates Reported at Morganthe and Tartarus!

Improved Drop Rates!


AmuletofDivineInfluenceRecently across the Wizarding world, many have reported a strange phenomenon. The drop rates in Tartarus and Myth Amulet-Relic of the Shadow PalaceMorganthe seem to have been improved! While we have no official word from the folks at KI we do have several reports from multiple different sources.

Here at Wizard 101 Central, a thread has been started where multiple users have confirmed receiving drops at unprecedented rates. On the Wizard 101 Main Board Forum, a user has started a thread about the ease at which previously rare items such as the Amulet of Divine Influence are being acquired. I myself received a Blade of the Felled Titan, Hades Top Tier Wand, and Life Exalted Mastery in a single run of Cronus in Tartarus! What are you waiting for? Get farming!

Let Us Know if you’ve had any Luck in the Comments Below!

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  • Blaze MeOut

    this might be the signaling of better gear in the future updates making older gear more and more redundant hence … the need for higher drop rates in order to appeal players frustrated with dungeon drops

    • Morpyoto

      I think the same goes for waterworks gear. With the release of zigzag and atlantea, a super low drop wouldn’t be worth it if there was easier almost as good gear to be had.

  • balance mage

    i think its more of luck than anything or i’m just very unlucky, but i like to get morg amulet or duel blade jewel for my life

  • DanielStormBreaker

    Got both Storm and Life Athame first try… Something is wacky here… But I like it! 🙂

  • Fred Mythslinger

    Can I ask a different question? For the past few days my browser (Google Chrome) has been telling me that this site was at risk/infected and wouldn’t let me access it. Apparently it has been cleared now, but can someone fill me in if there was a problem or just a bug?

    • Eric Stormbringer

      The website was the victim of an attack. Our programmers have isolated and eliminated the problem.

  • JT JT

    No doubt it is true. First run tonight and got the life ring from Morganthe

  • ExplodingStar

    If Kingsisle did change drop rates then…………….. They are 3 years late.

    • Isaac

      They are also late in bringing the critical update, but I hope it will bring back old players

      • Peter .I

        I can hope you don’t mean players from the non-broken days to W101, because this assumption that the critical update was “good” really does explain why things are so broken in game today and why KI never fixes their mistakes example “Oh, good idea~ lets makes a system that allows players “through sheer arthrithmic computer luck” to go first and have the opposite side go second! Nothing could go wrong! those going second would enjoy the challege and use strategy!”. Now, this applies just as much to 1v1s’ to 4v4’s “strategy” requires time and ample deck preperation, “time” requires health and resist, “Health and resist” are two things storm wizards have a hard time obtaining, “resist” under 60+ is not enough for storms not in the current pierce meta, “health” max 4796 if the storm is looking to stay a threat, is all they have vs 5k-6985 hp ice, death, myth, fire, etc with usually stable resist and offensive potentials in teact. This is truly quite the disadvantage especially in 1v1. Critical, although having no favorites allowed storms to stay relevant, and still pose significant amounts of a “Threat” to tank shield spamming ice wizards or juju spamming deaths-jades. Furthermore with this Nerf storm has basically become weaker than fire whose health and ample damage is sure to out live a storm in the current meta 3-1 times. The mental frustration is also a factor for many storms in the current meta, going from 3-4k lords with a critical land, to only 2k bare dmgand hitting only 1k or less then being trashed by opponents with vast amounts of hp dealing more dmg due to storm’s natural lack of resist, is why storm has started becoming less and less prevalent in rank or otherwise. Add on the merciless dispel trolling and fear brought on by the previous age making storms the #1 target on teams and the tension becomes higher. Its as broken as having a team go first and a team that goes second, everyone seems to be happy about this critical butchering but the small and dwindling storm community but KI doesn’t care. no one cares.

        • nobody

          storm can relly on pure damage output rather then critical aswell. its not like critical is the only good thing about storm. tough i do agree on the rest

  • Caleb

    Yep I figured it out right away. I did 4 morganthe runs and got balance ring and thane, fire athame, and death athame.

  • Amulet

    whats better for ice morganthe amulet or rat amulet?

    • Eric Stormbringer

      It really depends on what kind of strategy you are running. Thanks to the critical/block update. there is a lot of available diversity in gear,

    • Billy Garvey

      Rat amulet IMO. Unless you really need the blades and pierce, the extra square jewel block and health are immensely useful

      • Amulet

        Oh I only have the tear 2 rat amulet with the same jewel spaces and I just got the morganthe amulet. Morganthe is more useful for pve and 4v4 and 2v2 because of the blades in my opinion. But I still can’t chose what one is best for 1v1? Even though I have the tear 2 rat amulet with the same spaces as morganthe Amulet would you still say it’s better? Thanks for the help btw.

        • Billy Garvey

          I would use tier 2 rat. Tier one is really only for perfectionism as you get like one resist 3 block and 20 health or something minuscule. Especially on Ice where you can achieve very high resist (with tier 1 amulet and a double resist pet you should have 65 resist across the board) I would try to get the tier 1 amulet (good thing rat is easy to farm) but for now I would use tier 2

  • Igor Efimov

    KI is like the IRS. Give with one hand, take with the other. I wonder what they are nerfing or quietly gutting while we are all lining up for amulets?

    But hey, if this is a permanent sea change in Austin, keep it going. I always thought it would make sense for them to raise drop rates for “emeritus” gear when newer, higher level, better gear came along to replace it. Now that we have malistaire gear, it should NOT take a level 90 wizard 150+ runs to get a pair of hades shoes.

    Let’s see if it lasts. Also, is everyone getting the goods, or only membership people seeing the increased drops?

  • Kees Wolterstorff

    I just started farming Morganthe after I had completed K.R on my balance, and the first time I started to farm it (after quest completion), I got the amulet. I don’t really know if I am just lucky or not, but it seems that drop rates are getting better.

    • Adaryn

      Not for me. Tartarus and Morganthe are as stingy as ever.

  • James Earthwalker

    Which would be better for a Prodigious Life wiz: Rasputin’s amulet or Morganthe’s?

    Side query: I’m currently farming for Jewels in Khrysalis. Looking for the Polished Piercing Jade (Life Pierce) and Polished Resisting Opal (+5% Stun Resist). Which enemy should I farm for the quickest results? I’ve been farming various mobs for about a week and not much luck.

    • HI

      Might as well buy the Life Jewel pack or you’ll be farming for years.

    • I’d use Morganthe’s since critical seems to be crucial for effective healing as long as you’re not a jade. Even with 35% critical on my Life wizard, critical heals occur so scarcely that I’ve started using Vengeance tc’s whenever I need to heal.

  • Alex

    O:::::::::::: LIFE MASTERY AMULET OH MY LORD!!!!
    I wonder if the Gladiator counts….

    • The 3 extra bosses and Hades the Unseen in Aquila have always dropped School Exalted amulets. They allow mastery and grant a slight amount of damage ranging from 2-4 for their respective schools and grant a small amount of critical block for two other schools.

      • Alex

        Yah 😀
        Back like a year ago, I was farming G for Amber, and now knowing what Exalted Life Mastery or Alpha Omega ring was or even existed, I got them both O:

  • Storm death

    Lol can I get one from glad?

    • Exalted amulets, yes. You can receive them from the 3 secret bosses and Hades.


  • Deathheart7

    i got all 6 of my morganthe amulets in less than 6 hours, including some rings, athames and multiple copies

  • Happy Hawks

    did you get your triple drop in test realm or live realm?

  • Happy Hawks

    did you get the triple drop from Cronus in test realm or live realm?

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