Wizard101 – The State of PvP

The State of PvP


The State of PvP. When you hear this, what are some thoughts that come to mind? Examples may be the meta, possibly the community, and the condition that PvP is in (balanced, unbalanced, etc.) The state PvP is in today does NOT favor any school; the dominant schools do, however, have a variety of utility (both offensive and defensive) in their spells and stats. The weaker schools aren’t bad; they are simply lacking in certain departments.

Every school can reach Warlord. However, at rank 900 and above, you are bound to encounter more of the dominant schools. Keeping this information in mind, many duelists adjust their strategies to counter the dominant schools. People want to win, and because they know what the schools of their opponents will be, they will set for the dominant schools. This can be with ward pets, off school dispels, and gear. This is an issue with the current state of PvP.

Another separate issue that is equally problematic is boosting. Boosting is a method by which players boost their rank by signing up for ranked 3v3 or 4v4 with dummy accounts, and purposely lose on those dummy accounts to boost their main accounts’ ranks to impossible levels.  

These are just a few of the issues encountered in PvP, but today I will bring to light ALL issues I have encountered in the current state of PvP. Hopefully, we as a community can address and solve these issues.


Ward Pets

ward state PvP

Ward pets have become prevalent at almost every level of PvP, with the most common wards being Ice, Fire and Balance. These prevail because, at most level ranges, these schools are extremely deadly and versatile with the spells and gear they can receive. Ward pets are an issue, but they aren’t a hugely debated topic. A ward pet allows one to have an extra 15% resist to that certain school. Combined with Spell-Proof and Spell-Defying, players can gain an extra 30% resist to any one school.

While this isn’t a huge problem at max level (every school can easily hit 30%+ pierce) it just adds a small buffer. At lower levels, however, where pierce is almost non-existent, an extra 15% resist could mean the difference between a killing blow and tanking the hit. Additionally, in max level 2v2, ward pets create the possibility of becoming immune to an entire school, negating all damage done if the resist cannot be pierced.

Ward pets are also an issue in tournaments where it is rather easy to find out the school of your opponent. If you happen to have a ward pet for that school, all you need to do is equip it. This instantly gives you to a significant advantage. This advantage becomes extremely unfair if your opponent either can’t set, or chooses not to. Although ward pets are readily available, they are still an issue in PvP. This problem is rather difficult to fix, but in my opinion (which is shared among others), it needs to be addressed and fixed. Personally, I think that a good solution would be to make ward pets not usable in PvP. You can equip your ward pet, but the extra 15% resist would not be added onto your stats the minute you enter the arena.


dispel state PvPDispels are one of the biggest issues in today’s PvP meta at every level of PvP, in addition to being an even bigger issue in Tournaments. For 2 pips, you can negate an entire attack, and make your opponent lose anywhere from 4-10 pips. This is clearly a huge tempo shift and advantage. For an on-school dispel, one power pip is all it takes to shut down any attack. The real issue with dispels are in tournaments. You can easily figure out who you’re facing along with their school, and carry max dispels (whether they’re tc or trained). In a quick match 1v1, if the setter is first, this seals the fate of their opponent and essentially guarantees a setter victory.

Dispels are a problem, and they need to be fixed and addressed hopefully in the next update. I have a few solutions to fix the dispel problem without hurting PvE in any way. One way is to make dispels No PvP. In my opinion, this is the easiest solution. Another solution is to make dispels work so that when you are dispelled, you do not lose any pips. This means that a dispeller could prevent an attack for one round, but still be in danger of being hit the next round. This means that they would have to either brace themselves for the incoming damage, or dispel again. This is a rather simple solution also.


Juju Spammers

bad jujuJuju spammers are Death wizards who wear high resist and high healing boost gear (jade gear). They use Bad Juju almost every round to lock down their opponent and control their damage output until they are ready to kill, which they usually achieve by feint stacking and then shattering before the killing blow. They also use ward pets and dispels to further lock down their opponent. Juju Spammers have been an issue for quite a while now, but have a rather easy solution.

The issue can be solved by making it so Bad Juju cannot be enchanted. This means that the only Jujus that a Juju spammer would be able to use are from the main decks, limiting the supply that they have. This would be an effective nerf of the Juju spamming strategy. Any current treasure card Bad Jujus would be made No PvP. This still allows a Death wizard to use Bad Juju and still be rewarded for a successful prediction.



tournaments state pvp

Tournaments are now 22k gold. I thought that setting would disappear since crowns are not at stake. I was horribly wrong. Setting is still prevalent. I met people who actually encouraged setting. I don’t know why people set in tournaments given that it is so problematic for PvP as a whole. When I asked the people I met why they encouraged setting, the reasons they gave were incredibly ignorant. I was told that tickets are not important, but rather that the trophy and your win to point ratio. I see multiple issues with those two reasons. First, only your friends, no one else will ever see that trophy. Second, no one ever sees your “win to point” ratio unless you are on the leaderboards. So why set?

Tournaments are meant to be fun, easy, and fast in receiving large amounts of tickets. I see setting in tournaments as unsportsmanlike. Setting in tournaments can be solved easily by fixing the ward pet and dispel issue. Another way to solve the issue is by making it so the duelist has to submit a gear and deck setup as they sign up for the tournament. This would lock what they are allowed to use, meaning that they could change their gear outside of the arena, but once they enter the arena again, they would automatically switch back to the gear and deck set up that they signed up with. One final solution is to not make, who you are versing viewable before the match began.



boosters boosting

Boosters are another big issue today in the community’s eyes, but there is not much to be said about it. I see it as a problem, but in a different mindset. The leaderboard is full of boosters, which is an issue. Those who deserve the top spots through legitimate PvP are denied what they worked so hard to achieve. The leaderboards also provide an insight on the meta, and where things stand; boosters skew data on information one may try to collect from the leaderboard for what ever reason. The solution to boosters is something I personally do not know. The only thing that I can think of, but is rather controversial, is to remove 3v3 and 4v4 from the ranked PvP, since there are little to no legitimate ranked people who do 3v3 and 4v4. This most likely isn’t the correct solution.


The community

doodle-groupMany people see the Wizard101 community as “toxic” or “salty.” It never use to be this way. People want to win, to be the very best (like no one ever was). People see setting as taking advantage of the resources given to them. I personally see it as an unsportsmanlike act. People who set want to win no matter what, even though tickets don’t matter much and your rank is just a number. We as a community need to stop being so violent, and at each others throats. Calling someone salty is often taken as an insult. It’s not funny.

People get frustrated, but instead of being helpful and friendly, we pick at their wound and laugh in their face. We don’t want that done to us, so why do it to others? Most of us are older than 10, but act as if we are 7. We need to band together instead of banding against. I understand no one will get along with everyone, but instead of spreading hate, let’s spread affection. Say “gg, you played well” instead of “LOL, gG you scrub git good.”


These are the issues in the current state of Wizard101 PvP. Most of these issues can be solved by Kingsisle, and by us as a community voicing our opinions for change. Kingsisle has recently listened to our calls with the change to critical, so while they are listening and paying attention, let us call for the other issues to be changed. The last issue, the community, can only be fixed if we as a community work together fix it. I do not expect hate to vanish entirely, but I can only hope that it becomes less of a problem.


Hopefully this brought the issues to light, and hopefully this didn’t turn too much into a rant. If you have any ideas for change, let us know in the comments below!

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  • flash33

    For the dispel issue, I think a good solution might be to just make it so that dispels only take away half a spells pip cost, so for example a 4 cost spell would only deduct 2 pips from the caster when dispelled. It would still reward good dispel predictions while also punishing the victim less than it does now.

  • AnthonyFireSword

    Quick question about ‘setting’ (sorry if this sounds silly, but I’ve been off wizard for about 2 years now, and was thinking of coming back to it). What exactly is setting? Based on the context, it sounds like it’s looking at the current brackets to see who your next opponent(s) will be. Is that what ‘setting’ is?

    • Charles Darkflower

      Essentially, yes. There are various forms of it, but they all share the theme of altering stats/deck in a way to give you an advantage against a particular school, opponent, or playstyle. It can range from extreme cases such as what you mentioned (checking a tourney bracket for your next opponent), to something simple such as wearing a pet with Ice ward. I would say that while the more general forms (for example, carrying more school specific shields to Ice than Death in a ranked 1v1 deck) aren’t much of a problem, the more extreme cases certainly are. The line between extreme and not extreme, however, is often blurred. If I missed something here or others have something to add, please feel free to add on. Welcome back to wiz, if you choose to come back!

  • mo

    If you are balance and go into a 1v1 quick match tourney, You WILL get dispel spammed. Happened to me. It wasn’t fun.

    • Izzy

      I feel ya :/ i play mostly on my fire (had it before fire was “OP” lol) and they see Sunblade… they bring max fires dispels lol It’s never fun for anyone. That’s why i hope it gets fixed

      • Guy

        Fire was always op 😛

  • balance mage

    for dispels make them 3-5 pips for PVP, there are always gonna be booster in any game with Pvp or Bots.
    what i learned in most game with PvP is its NEVER BALANCED and they try there best.

  • Caleb

    I agree with everything in this guide, thanks for writing this, hopefully it will talk some sense into people.

  • Chad

    as far as the update adjusting the critical, many storm wizards are not pleased with the change since critical is basically their bread and butter with their gear. i know covering everything is a real chore, but as far trolls in and out of battle is by far the worst reason PvP is crashing to the ground. It’s only a matter of time before PvP is full of only trash talkers and boosters (cheaters). The truly honorable PvP players are few and very far between and that is a huge shame.

    • Immune 0

      You could look at it as it’s helping storm live longer by not being criticaled on and killed by a one shot. I think that storm could become really good with this change if they start using stratagy instead of using bolts and spamming. If I was storm I would blade blade shield and stuff into a shatter then storm owl or wrath. Or check out Eric storm bringers stratagys. Btw do I have to put in my email address before I post? I just used a fake one. Is there a reason to why it makes you enter an email?

      • Peter Idiake

        I understand your concerns and yes strategy does seem to be in lack for those who have only experienced base storms or do not understand the “storm” play style, but this assumption that storms “spamming hits” or “hitting way to much” attacks the very nature of the spells storms are given, being low pip for a good reason, and available quickly due to storm’s fragile nature(aka low hp). Now, this applies just as much to 1v1s’ to 4v4’s “strategy” requires time and ample deck preperation, “time” requires health and resist, “Health and resist” are two things storm wizards have a hard time obtaining, “resist” under 60+ is not enough for storms not in the current pierce meta, “health” max 4796 if the storm is looking to stay a threat, is all they have vs 5k-6985 hp ice, death, myth, fire, etc with usually stable resist and offensive potentials in teact. This is truly quite the disadvantage especially in 1v1. Critical, although having no favorites allowed storms to stay relevant, and still pose significant amounts of a “Threat” to tank shield spamming ice wizards or juju spamming deaths-jades. Furthermore with this Nerf storm has basically become weaker than fire whose health and ample damage is sure to out live a storm in the current meta 3-1 times. The mental frustration is also a factor for many storms in the current meta, going from 3-4k lords with a critical land, to only 2k bare dmgand hitting only 1k or less then being trashed by opponents with vast amounts of hp dealing more dmg due to storm’s natural lack of resist, is why storm has started becoming less and less prevalent in rank or otherwise. Add on the merciless dispel trolling and fear brought on by the previous age making storms the #1 target on teams and the tension becomes higher. Its as broken as having a team go first and a team that goes second, everyone seems to be happy about this critical butchering but the small and dwindling storm community but KI doesn’t care. no one cares.

  • Connor Legend

    I do not entirely agree with what was said. There are wizards using there wits to strategically give them an upper hand at pvp, through creating amazing pets, dispels, even through juju. Instead of trying to outwit those wits your calling them issues, having Kingsisle put restrictions on them. You can’t have everything easy in the game. there is no success without a struggle. Of course it will be hard but you can’t just call them issues have KI do something about it. Try to work your way around it!.

    • Izzy

      I see your point with seeing it as “taking advantage” of resources provided to ones self. But these items are what cause frustration and unbalance in the PvP side of W101. Dispel spamming isn’t fun for anyone, nor is that using wits. It doesn’t take much thought. Ward pets take time and dedication, but for one who can’t gain access to one through bad luck or bad pets in general it creates an obvious unfair advantage especially in 2v2. Juju spamming while it isn’t easy, it isn’t fun for people who are going against it. While i personally like the challenge, a lot of others do not have the patience for it. I do see your point, but a lot of others do agree that some changes do need to be made in these areas.

      • Connor Legend

        i would be lying if i said i dont understand where you’re coming from, i do. But i personally feel it isn’t right in labeling some of these points as “issues”. They are a diverse way of approaching pvp. Putting restriction or having changes just limits us even more. Just because they cause frustration doesn’t mean we should change it’s structure. I do not find bad pets or bad luck are an appropriate reason to justify why ward should be an issue. Because it’s hard to actually know what a person actually went through to get that pet. It’s not impossible to have ward pets, it takes time and effort. Juju spamming and dispels aren’t fun but they can’t expect to get everything easy. These contribute to the diverse ways of approaching pvp. There will always be a challenge and persons need to learn to adapt; it’s the only way they will grow. Making it easier for us is just another shortcut. I know many would agree with you, but i personally dont entirely. i completely agree when it comes to boosters and i do see agree when you say it’s frustrating but it’s all part of the game. i dont think KI should have changes in these areas. What’s the use of having resources that you can’t utilize properly.

  • Immune 0

    I got to about over lord and quit pvp for a wile. Came back and ranked down a ton because of all these ward pets now xd they are annoying.

  • さむがま

    Interesting article! Quite informative and, in my opinion at least, a fun read. The only edit I’d make is the dispels section where it says “make your opponent lose anywhere from 4-10 pips”. Dispelling a tower, for instance, will make your opponent lose 0 pips, and dispelling a fully charged power pip tempest will make your opponent lose 14 pips, as far as I’m aware. I’m not sure where you got the 4-10, but I would change it to “up to 14”, unless there was some change I don’t know about, in which case please let me know and I apologize for nitpicking while being misinformed.

    • Izzy

      I know dispelling a tower causes a 0 pip loss, it’s just that most people dispel when their is an incoming attack, i do see your point though. Some people may ice dispel to prevent a tower or so, i was just assuming most people dispel to prevent an attack.

  • TheFiestyOrange

    lol i literally tell everyone this. if you decline a queue match you should be penalized a 5-10 minute wait. I see this as totally far and this is not that long and it might discourage boosting. However, some of them appear not to have a life and are on for hours upon hours daily. IMO dispels are fine since in 1st age dispels were common. ward pets gotta go. they are too overpowered and causing havoc in the 2v2 community. Another problem you should have mentioned is the reseting of ages. Honestly, for many privates out there, this is the root of the problem. In the 2nd age you could get away with ok gear/pet; however, now in order to go from privy to warlord you need perfect gear, pets, etc.

    P.S. ban/nerf burning rampage for players under lvl 80. It’s literally impossible to counter from second unless you predict. That’s why so many people are making lvl 30 fires with horrible stats while running rampage. I feel its an embarrassment to pvp and a middle finger to the other schools.

  • TK Sotka

    I hope PvP would once be about actual skill, strategy and planning instead of what gear and pet you are using and how much you can abuse certain spells/mechanics. Sadly It’s not going to happen since the game is so heavily based on RNG to the extent that skill is nearly irrelevant and only makes a minor difference for the most part. The highest level PvP might be slightly more about skill as everything gear-wise is presumed to be as good as you can get.

    • sp52

      I agree. I didn’t really do PvP pre-pets, but if I’m remembering correctly, it was skill based.

  • Billy Garvey

    In max 1v1 almost none of these are relevant issues. Ward pets make it more fair, if anything. Most people’s ward pets are to Ice, balance, and fire. Do you know why these three schools are the ones that people make set pets for? Because they’re the best! This makes them slightly easier to defeat for people who put in the effort to create such a pet. This gives the others schools that aren’t as strong more of a chance because any opponent who uses a set pet will not have as high resist to them as to the “op schools.” They will also be missing some damage or resist as they are losing two to three talent spaces from the pet in exchange for wards that do not affect the underdog school. Dispels are hardly a problem in ranked, although they are a problem in tourneys, especially quick match, because you can see who you will get. In ranked, however, it is very difficult to know exactly who you will get and without a mastery amulet to the opponents school, it is difficult to lock out the opponent. If they are spending two pips to dispel, the opponent must just be unpredictable. If the player sees an obvious attack, they will likely dispel. The opponent must stay on their toes. Juju spamming is not a problem at all, as it is a different playstyke that I would argue takes more skill than the current meta. Sure it will grind the patience of whoever the jade gets, and if they aren’t willing to put up with it, they can discard their cards or flee. The juju spammer must be equally as patient as the opponent, remember.

    • Izzy

      Ya these schools lose stats when they use these ward pets, but they usually go spell-proof, spell-defy and then their 3 wards with a dealer jewel. Then once combined with a damage wand they have 90-100 damage 50%+ resist to all others but the 3 wards. Not really much of a stat loss in my opinion. Juju spamming does take skill to master, but once mastered their basically is little to no losing as a juju spammer. There is not a counter to that strategy that i can think of. Every other strategy can be countered as far as i know, but the juju spammer. Plus juju spamming at lvl 80, is entirely broken. their is no hope for anyone who PvPs at that level and faces a juju spammer.

  • Peter Idiake

    Wow honestly don’t know where to begin this article was amazing. There are a few key points I would like to point out however, first to get this outta the way the critical change butchered certain schools(aka storm) while enhancing others(aka tank ice etc) this change may not seem so drastic to schools not used to doing much damage, but to a storm who has survived since the old age since the days when a critical land lord could actually do somewhere between 3k or the heavy weight 4k and then to be reduced to just barly 2k IF you land and doing just 1 k -1500 on blocks on account to resist it really is demoralizing like enough to bring tears and make a person who spent his life enhancing his storm shed tears for now he knew when ever he met a jade, or a ice, his struggle would have been made worst due to ki’s baised views of PvP when many times will tell then Nerf block or make critical more accurate they screw us over even more. This is the pure and god honest truth of the front lines of PvP for a storm wizard. If u are even vsing anything organized with randoms who dont know what they doing or if you are second just know odds are not on ur side. With Not much health, or natural resist, anything under 60+ can be pierced like butter and the one way we hand to pose a threat now neutralized courtesy of KI..
    I even laugh when I see jades spam juju on storm s these days cause truely barely a 1k from a lord is honestly not worth even dispelling. But the horror sets in when people still do this increasing the frustration . Finally I guess I will end this rant with yes. Before getting one shorted by other storms was bad and annoying at times but at least storms were strong they actually posed a threat to ice or juju death turtles, and were worth jujuing or dispelling. Even a shield could help ur storm survive and then return their own killing blow. This encouraged teamwork, storms mattered. Now when u see a storm in rank or otherwise most still in the minimum 4k HP u would go oh lucky me finally a break easy win GG. This game has changed so much and I have kept hoping would get better eventually but the unbalance is so raw …so painful for those who were here during its happy days…but anyhow that’s all I wanted to say, the critical change was a fatal blow to Strom’s even if the other schools with 5k + health don’t get that.

    • SuperToare

      They should’ve based the critical on the school you are, like storm does 1.5 damage with a critical since they have the highest critical and fire does 1.4 etc.

  • Igor Efimov

    Players should be disallowed from spectating matches within their own tournament brackets, full stop. If this means IP blocking the player’s IP from sending a card mule account noob to watch a specific match, then so be it.

    I like the idea of pre-registering a gear and pet setup. There is only one issue, and that’s card choices. What if I run out of triage tc halfway through the tournament, and cannot obtain more for love or money? Is that a DQ because my decklist doesn’t match the registered one? Can I toss in a shift tc or a fire shield instead?

    As for juju, dispels, indemnity: Right now these put pvp in an especially bad place. No-enchant juju, sure. Dispel spam is definitely a problem, but removing the pip penalty from dispels removes an important roadblock that the grandmaster or master needs against a Legendary+ who can one-hit him with an 8 pip spell. The problem isn’t just one timely dispel when you see infallible go up or shrike or whatever; it’s the tiara of dispels blocking out your vision because 2 opponents are tandem spamming them on you.

    Because the problem is one of volume, perhaps the solution is related to volume. Just as players in team pvp get extra Stun shields when stunned, players in team pvp acquire a “cap” on how many dispels their team can cast in a given turn. As soon as one dispel is successfully cast, the others are canceled. Not fizzled, but act as if that player has passed the turn. This would be pvp-only, just as the extra stun shields are pvp-only.

    Wards: Sometimes very useful but again, everyone is on track to abuse them as part of their setting strategy. Deal with scouting and collusion, and you have removed some of the stigma of ward pets. That leaves the players who go into every ranked match with their proof defy balance ice fire ward pet. Not exactly sure how to get around the paranoid. It’s one thing to say let’s cap spell count or limit spectating, but quite another to start talking about gutting a pet that’s taken a year to build. People get sensitive when you mess with their pets because of the sheer agony and time/money/resources invested in these.

    Setting outside of the tournament structure: if the queue is small enough, you’ll know who you get. There is nothing preventing you from watching the likely opponent in his match and then leaving and setting. Obscuring queued players’ names and schools is a start, but it’s extremely difficult to determine a player’s knowledge of his opponent and intent to use it to gain an unfair advantage. “Using the resources that are available to you to win” is not only unsporting conduct, KI has made it clear they don’t want you setting, in that they removed the gear and deck menus from players as soon as they enter a match.

    • Izzy

      For the pre-registering you would be allowed to add it TC’s that were previously submitted into the deck. But you would not be allowed any different tcs that were previously not submitted. It wouldn’t lead to a DQ but you just wouldn’t have the tc you ran out of available. I think that’s only fair so if someone does figure out their opponents school, they cant last minute pack max tc dispels.
      I also do like your idea to fix the dispel issue, maybe in 1v1 you can only cast a dispel every other round or so. I do see your point for the lower level PvP, dispels are needed at that level do to their inability to tank damage from higher levels.
      As for ward pets i feel some sort of fix is necessary, i know EVERYONE has worked so hard for their dream pets. But ward pets cause an issue more in 2v2 than 1v1. Where if you’re second in a 2v2 against an immune person, you’d need shrike to pierce the shield, but the minute you shrike they’ll dispel. So these issues kind of stack upon each other.
      But i say the tournament bracket should be like the ranked, where it just shows a random grayed out picture as matches are in progress. Once all matches are finished, it shows who won if you check the previous matches section.

      • nobody

        well they could just prevent tc from dissapearing like how in pvp you dont use any mana even tough you cast ranked spells. if they do the same thing with tc as they did with mana it would fix the problem of having to refill your tc deck.

  • Cass DragonHeart

    Removing 3v3 and 4v4 because of boosters? Now I have not done PvP recently but your stated reason: ” “since there are little to no legitimate ranked people who do 3v3 and 4v4” is a slap in the face of legitimate people who do prefer 3v3 and 4v4. Just because boosters use this type of play is NOT a reason to remove it from the game entirely. I agree that something must be done about the issue but there has to be another solution. Some of the best times I had in game where playing 4v4 with my team, Perfect Catch. But things have changed and the newer game changes have made boosters even more of an issue but they have been an issue for years.

    • Izzy

      That’s why i also said removing 3v3 and 4v4 probably isn’t the best idea. 3v3 and 4v4 do lead to some very fun memories, but i can’t think of anybody or even see someone who does do it legitimately daily, weekly possibly even monthly. And i mean remove it from ranked, not from the entire game. You would still be able to do practice 3v3 and 4v4.

  • iGnite

    Remove Ward Pets? No.
    Remove Bad Juju Strategy? No.
    Remove Dispel Strategy? No.
    Remove Boosting? Yes. Okay, but how?

    There is room for each strategy.
    I’m getting tired of hearing people encourage the removal of strategies when they themselves refuse to adapt.
    Control strategy is a legitimate strategy in nearly any TCG or MMO.
    There is room for each strategy. That is a fact.

    Better yet; Play the Juju strategy, and then come back to this article, and explain how unfair it is.
    Explain how people only flee, because they’re impatient.
    Explain how they insult us, and spit in our faces, because they’re being countered.
    Explain how they yell and shout with their friends on the sidelines before the match has barely started.

    Write an article about how “easy” it is to lock down an opposing wizard from both first and second – While still setting up an attack.
    Tell us all about how “simple” it is to cycle properly, and create a viable spell deck using Juju.
    Then tell everyone about the hate and salt you get before your opponent runs away before you land the killing blow.

    I’ve been a Jade Juju player since late second and early 3rd age PvP. I wasn’t always.
    Long ago I used a bladed Dragon and Poison strategy.
    Then changed to a critical build alongside Lucas Deathfist with Poison, Vampire, and Death Minotaur.
    When Critical became popular I switched to a Reanimate deck with Reshuffle, and Juju.
    After Reshuffle was changed I kept at it, because I saw that as a challenge – Challenge accepted.
    Now I use a combination of Jade Juju, Shadow Spells, Poison, Shrike, Balance spells, Life spells, and Doom and Gloom.
    Probably the most versatile strategy I’ve used to date.

    I beat an Jade Turtle just the other day – In a practice match from second.
    He didn’t plan on hitting. He was a Turtle. I didn’t speak a single word.
    I said “gg”, and ported out. I was a Jade Juju. If I can beat a Jade Turtle using a Jade Juju strategy.
    Then anyone can. I slowed down my playstyle and figured out what tools I needed to win.

    After all of the violent verbal anguish we endure in PVP matches – you really think removing our favorite spell – will hurt us? Such a naive assumption.

    We are not cowards – we are strong.

    Because we can adapt, and transform ourselves again and again, and find a new way to eat the life from your half-hearted health globes.
    We will not bow out of the arena for the sake of your pride, and false claim of “balance”.

    • iGnite

      I also use shift spells. What other wizards do you know that can viably use shift spells in competitive PVP.

      • BiGxBaDxWoLFY

        A LOT of people have incorporated shift spells into their competitive pvp decks actually, though I can see as to why one wouldn’t notice. It isn’t common at all in your average max level match, but this is definitely a thing, you’d probably see it most from other Deaths however.

    • Izzy

      I see your point. I played jade juju, i felt so bad because none of my opponents ever stood a chance basically, i received the “salt”. I never said jade juju is easy, you need to cycle your cards, manage your pips, watch their pips, find time to set up for a killing shot etc. I never said your job wasn’t hard. I personally have yet to lose to a jade juju.
      I understand people are impatient. I understand they “spit” in your faces. I even wrote about that in the community section of my post. Ya it counters their strategy, but what counters a juju spammers strategy? Nothing that i can think of. Unless they can’t manage their pips, which a good juju spammer can manage theirs. I know control is a strategy in basically any game, I love control strategies but they do have counters. And i never said remove juju, i said limit it. The fact you can carry pre-enchanted jujus, then make more jujus in the match leads to so many more jujus. Each juju is a negated attack.
      Don’t take such offense just because i saw your strategy should be fixed. You said yourself, adapt. If juju gets limited, you should adapt. I understand your “pride” for your strategy, and that you feel threatened that people want to see it torn to the ground.

      • iGnite

        “Ya it counters their strategy, but what counters a juju spammers strategy? Nothing that i can think of.”

        Yet you say: “I personally have yet to lose to a jade juju.”

        Completely contradicting your statement.
        So you don’t lose to Jade Juju strategy? Yet it is broken and you can’t “think of a strategy to beat it”? Spare me.

        Then there is this gem.

        “The fact you can carry pre-enchanted jujus, then make more jujus in the match leads to so many more jujus. Each juju is a negated attack.”

        Let me re-phrase that sentence for you.

        “The fact you can carry pre-enchanted attacks, then make more attacks in the match leads to so many more attacks. Each attack is a negated juju.”

        The fact is your argument against Jade Juju is a fallacy.
        Anyone can enchant more than enough attack spells to completely counter the Jade Juju strategy.

        Fast damage aggro strategy beats the slow “inevitable” control strategy any day of the week.
        Aggro involves disruption and fast damage output.
        GASP! Wait those are exactly the weaknesses of the jade juju strategy aren’t they?!
        Face it. Spamming low pip attacks simply outplays spamming mid pip debuff spells.

        Take Storm for example.
        If I cast Bad Juju against them. They’d simply wand and bolt them off.
        Getting hit by a storm even in jade gear REALLY hurts.
        They can easily shrike, infallible, or storm bubble through my resist, and deal a ton of damage.
        That is why against storm I don’t even enchant bad juju. I enchant storm shields , because they lack a viable DOT.

        Wait! They have the trainable storm elf enchant. Wonder why they aren’t using that?
        They could have a ton of storm elves and wild bolts ready for striking. They could hit nearly every single turn!
        With a balance mastery they could cast reshuffle for 3 pips using the TC version!
        And they can cast shrike to remove any balance dispels!

        Wait! There’s more! Any school can do this!

        Why aren’t other schools using a storm style strategy and packing their 2 pip spells?
        Why aren’t they carrying their pierce bubble and packing a ton of shrike?

        Fire school would be in the same boat except they are so busy trying to trap stack with their TC fire beetles, and TC FFAs that they don’t pack nearly enough low pip spells, shrike, or reshuffles.

        “Pfft, Why should they anyway?!”
        “Fight a Jade! Ha!”
        If they go against a Jade “they’ll just flee.”
        That’s what they all say…

        Where is the CHIP DAMAGE! Where is the DOOM and GLOOM!?

        Oh I know where it is. It’s in the past.

        Why? Because wizards don’t want to play that way. They want to play midrange.
        They’ve become stuck on the critical playstyle hype train, and want instantly gratifying victories.
        They want to save 5 pips, and then cast their shadow attack spells for MOAR POWER!
        They are living in a fantasy world of PVP that they’ve conjured up in their heads.

        We take all of that power and smush it out.
        This is why they fail to beat Bad Juju. They aren’t playing aggro.

        There is absolutely no pressure in the arena these days.
        Unless you play against a storm or a lore spammer.
        Lore spamming is another viable strategy against Jade Juju.
        It features, weakness removal, shield removal, damage, and a fantastic accuracy debuff.

        The fact is most people are playing clunky midrange, and combo style decks.
        I can juju for three turns, and they would still have not cast a single attack.
        They waste their neutral phases crying and shouting.
        Rather than enchanting those precious fire elves and fire birds.

        Like I said. I don’t care. You want to remove an honest playstyle from the arena.
        That’s your opinion, but what I will say is that it would only narrow the playing field.

        It will set the precedent that “Any counter to the current meta should be banned” from PVP.

        People used to praise the fast reshuffle mechanic, and control style play.
        Now most people just want matches to be over in 10 seconds.

        I’ll say to you, what I said to a guy I recently that I pummeled in the arena.

        “I’m sorry I won so slowly. I should have given up, and let you win quickly.”

        What’s next? Is shield enchanting going to be an “issue” that is being “exploited”.
        The fact is if I can beat a Jade Turtle, using a jade juju strategy, in which using any juju is pointless by the way.
        Then anyone can, especially a wizard who is supposed to have an attacking strategy.

        • iGnite

          Lastly, If you want to make Bad Juju Non-enchantable. Make Attacks non-enchantable.
          Because that is literally the logic that’s being used in your article.

          • Alex Thunderstaff

            Honestly, juju would be better of if dealt 5% damage to the owner so jades don’t mindlessly multiply and spam jujus

        • Alex Thunderstaff

          “Trainable storm elf” Lol if this even existed, storm would have an easier time with pvp…we can’t learn mutate storm elf yet you think training storm elf is a thing? You must be joking here unless you where typing to fast and meant the tc mutate storm elf which is extremely hard to find nowadays. The problem with juju spammers is that a simple 3 pjp spell can lock out an opponent out of any hit, I actually perferr getting dispelled spammed since I know I cann remove them without using up any hits….jujus are toxic and just as mana burn should remain only in the main. juju is a utility that really doesn’t deserve to be multiplied when damage done to self is less than a 100

        • Izzy

          I never lost, because i outsmarted the jujus. I never countered them. There is no spell, that counters a juju spammer. You have to be patient, and wait for them, and their pips. That’s how you beat them, i’m very patient.
          Storm elf can’t be trained. Plus what storm carries their pierce bubble? Not many. Too many pips, and jujus can bubble war.
          Every juju is a negated attack yes, because that’s -90% damage. How is an attack a negated juju? No attack prevents or wastes a juju.
          I don’t believe any counter to the meta should be banned. But something like juju spamming should be fixed, because it’s a bigger problem at level 80 (which you ignored and only focused on max level) than it is at max level.
          And no one uses multiply or control strategies, because no school but life, death and possibly balance can control another school.
          Plus we can’t “chip” at your health, and we can carry carry doom. Although Doom will cost too many pips, and once again jujus can bubble war rather effectively. Plus our “chip” is non-existent when we have jujus on.
          Make attacks non-enchantable in PvP? Probably will never happen. Plus what does that fix? nothing. Making juju non-enchantable? What does that fix? The juju spamming strategy that dominates the level 80 side of PvP, and causes problems at the max level.
          Using shift spells? Nice, I’m happy you found a use for them, many people can’t. I do see them occasionally but not often.

          • iGnite

            The strategy CAN be countered perfectly.
            Therefore your claim, that Bad Juju is an “issue”, is not a reasonable perception.

            “Every juju is a negated attack yes, because that’s -90% damage. How is an attack a negated juju? No attack prevents or wastes a juju.”

            It is a weakness. Weakness can be countered.
            You remove weakness with attacks. You just need to keep attacking.
            Eventually the jade loses pips, leaves an opening, and feels pressure.

            The jade will continue to take damage in an attempt to fend off pressure.
            Eventually the Jade will die. That is all. Cast doom and glooms.
            Maybe add they should add the infection talent to their pet.
            And the life dispel talent. Or even the doom and gloom talent on their pet.

            If they are so strong and OP; Why not hard counter their strategy like they are doing to everyone else?
            People hate when they get hard countered. When their strategy is neutralized.
            Yet I don’t see this happening at all.

            We build ward pets to ward off damage. Why aren’t people building pets to ward off heals?
            Why aren’t they carrying Infallibles, Shrike, and bubbles with pierce?
            You say it’s because the spell costs too much to play? What?! That’s preposterous!

            Death wizards are spending 3 pips, taking damage, removing our own shields, and removing our own blades in order to cast a single weakness.
            Why? Because that weakness is strong, and it is POTENTIALLY effective.
            We sacrifice a lot for it to be played.
            Yet your saying players shouldn’t need to pack bubbles with pierce?!
            Because they cost to many pips?! Pfft.
            That’s a bad excuse for players who aren’t willing to prepare properly for PVP.

            I’ll tell you why they won’t radically adjust to defeat Jade Jujus playstyle.
            It’s because they don’t want to adapt.
            They’d rather all of their opponents fought the same, and used the same strategy.
            They’d rather fight predictable puppets; Than fight powerfully perceptive people.
            This isn’t PVE, This is PVP!

            We Jades adapt and change our gear and spells accordingly.
            To me this article is saying that those competitive resource skills should be punishable.

            You stated people don’t even view the Bad Juju strategy as a “real” strategy.
            They shrug it off as some “exploitative” one trick pony.
            That perception to me is pathetic. It is a poor mindset to have when playing PVP.
            The “enchant reshuffle” mechanic is available. It has been for a LONG time.
            If we as players refuse to respect our opponents strategies.
            We can’t ever hope to succeed or prosper in PVP.

            There is another game I used to play called Armored Core. It featured mecha.
            You build and battle others with your mecha players.
            There is a huge variety of combinations that could be used to build and tune your mecha.
            Sniper builds, melee builds. Then there were the “cookie cutter builds”…
            The “cookie cutters” are the meta builds. The “same old” build that everyone uses, because it is “best”.

            Wizard101 has it’s “cookie cutter” builds. Those are the meta builds.
            The ones that nearly everyone is playing. Combo and versatility.
            That’s the “cookie cutter” build at the moment.
            They may vary slightly, but at the core they are the same.
            They favor attacks and disruption over defending and buffing.
            They try to defend just enough to cast some mid range combo using some highly efficient spell.

            Jade Juju at max level PVP is a niche strategy that can only be used by Death.
            Not only that, but not all death wizards even use the strategy.
            So your chances of encountering it are slimmer than encountering a meta wizard.

            It isn’t our fault that we choose to go against the ebb and flow of the meta.
            As for other levels of PVP I cannot take a position.
            I play high level PVP, because any level 90 or below is unbalanced.
            Yes, I was off base with the storm elf trainable spell.
            I got really fired up while trying to make my point.

          • BiGxBaDxWoLFY

            While a fair portion of what you’ve stated can be considered a tad extreme, there is one point in particular you mentioned that I think is absolutely vital.

            “…for players who aren’t willing to prepare properly for PVP”

            If you take this out of context, you are actually 100% percent correct here. A vast majority of players AREN’T prepared to fight a juju in ranked. They continue to lose almost every time BECAUSE they refuse to make a few changes in their decks that would allow them to be ready for any opponent that they face.

            This however is also exactly why this perceived “issue” is so complicated, the lack of middle ground for consensus that the current meta offers.

            I believe this can be view as the speedy glass canon vs the slow and steady tank. The match will either end “fairly” quickly in favor of the glass canon, or it will last long enough for the tank to establish full control of the situation, the latter being the case most often since like you said, the majority of players are indeed unprepared to take on a juju, despite how simple it can be (in this same exact meta) to win against a juju.

            Though some of your comments were a bit ignorant (such as storm elf being trainable), you did ultimately succeed at getting your point across to at least one player who previously had not seen the bigger picture, so for that I thank you.

          • iGnite

            Thank you.

            Yes, I was being a bit ignorant, and was way off base with the storm elf comment.
            Although a trainable “mutate storm elf” type of spell would be a nice addition to the game.
            Possibly alongside some other mutate spells?

            Maybe a…

            Burning Bolt. Fire version of wild bolt.
            Electric Elf with a DOT. Storm elf.
            Legendary Leprechaun with a heal. Myth attack and heal.
            Shadow Serpent with a stun. Death attack and stun.
            Lively Zombie with a weakness. Life attack and weakness.
            Tundra Troll with a double hit. Ice double hit.

            Anyway back on topic.
            I’m glad that some people were able to appreciate my perspective.
            I truly feel that much of the hate against the Jade Juju strategy stems from a universal human tendency to seek patterns where there isn’t actually a pattern.

            People lose to Jade Juju players.
            Then they attempt to “fill in the gaps” to deduce the reason why they lost.
            After seeing the Bad Juju spell cast over and over again.
            It is then of no surprise that the temporary trauma of losing, might leave the impression that Bad Juju is the problem.
            When in fact they just weren’t properly prepared to fight that particular playstyle.

            On the larger scale of Wizard101 PVP. This article implies that preparation is an “issue”.
            The article does that by attempting to persuade others that items like pets should be removed from PVP.

            That is why I stepped up and said something when I noticed that this article was posted.
            Instead of making articles that attempt to incite more boundaries and rules within PVP.
            Why not make articles to help other be better prepared?

            Explain to people that preparation is not an option for winning, but rather a necessity if we wish to reach peak performance.
            Many battles can be won, before the fighting even begins – If we are prepared.
            That goes for both inside, and outside of this video game platform.

            That is the kind of attitude that I think is way more beneficial to players than this bureaucratic nitpicking of certain spells and gear pieces.

          • Eric Stormbringer

            I can’t respond in great detail(on vacation) but ignite is right. A lot of strife in PvP is caused by lack of preparedness. I run a versatile, combo deck which is not ideal for facing juju but I win almost all of those matches because I understand the strategy and it’s weaknesses. I do believe KI should offer more counter options(such as Dimension Shift TC) but in the current meta I don’t believe an enhancement limit on juju is the right solution.

          • Talon StarGlen

            Why did my post not show up yet when I posted it several hours ago? It says it’s waiting approval but I don’t understand why. It was a very long post which I can’t be bothered typing again.

          • nobody

            well jujus can be removed with cleance charm and wand hits, to give a few examples. i’m pretty sure he’s right about not limiting juju’s. besides who is going to limit efreet? or gnomes? or guardian spirit? or loremaster? i can go on with those spells lbut lets not. point is a lot of schools have their fearfull spells and no one does anything about those. i dont see why death shouldnt keep theirs.

    • Rik

      Sage words. Thanks.

  • Blaze MeOut

    I think many of the game card mechanics arent bad themselves, but the game’s underlying core mechanics , in which the cards take advantage of, should be considered as well.
    Its a unfair lucky advantage that the first turn gives players a higher win rate and the power the control the scene. KI tried to fix this problem with an extra power pip, but i dont think this fixes the issue well enough.
    I think the best way to address this problems is adding a speed stat into the game. Many games incoporate this stat, such as pokemon or other mmo’s. This stat calculates who will go first EVERY TURN using a psuedo random number. To equalize the battlefield, the speed number will use each teams gear.
    The higher total stats a person has; the slower speed he/she will have partially equalizing gear, pet, and level advantages especially if they are first. Cards, including maycast, from gear will make speed slower by calculating the number of pips the card requires plus how many cards the player gets from gear.
    Also, level restrictions instead of no pvp on TC cards will balance out the lower level meta pvp. This will make the game focus on player’s cards and strategy rather than gear, pets, and stats. Having pros and cons to things makes the game more balanced. The first turn every turn thing is a problem i have seen since the game started.

  • Blaze MeOut

    As far as removing 3v3 and 4v4 ranked pvp … hmm can I propose an alternate solution. When a player queue’s up for a 3v3 or 4v4, he/she is randomly marked with the numbers 1 and 2.
    Players with the same number can only rank 3v3 or 4v4 with other people with same number. Also, a detection sub program detects if a 2 accounts use the same credit card number, so that 2 account with the same number can’t rank pvp with each other.
    Drawbacks are the possiblity that family members/friends can’t pvp with eachother and up to 1-2 times waiting time in rank 3v3/4v4, but this reduce’s the risk of players taking advantage of using multiple dummy accounts in pvp.
    Won’t apply to practice or tournament pvp since its not really worth an issue… Only someone desperate enough to make 8 accounts with 8 different credit card numbers would be able to guarentee bypass this.. but only someone ridiculous would do this.

  • TheFearsomeFiestyOrange

    no offense but dispels have been around for a long time. they are not going to remove them. ward pets/jade needs to be removed from the game. the rest is fine imo. people are just salty over a few losses. however, this jade stuff is insane because they can very easily counter pierce with heals, fortifty, stun, and juju. If jade and ward pets are nerfed significantly the game will be a lot better. I rather lose to a fire with some luck in 5-10 minutes than be in a match for 1-4 hours just to lose.

  • TheFearsomeFiestyOrange

    For the booster problem, eh, it’s just your personal preference. Personally, I am not affected by boosters so idc if they get warlord bc honestly they don’t have rly any bragging rights XD

  • FuffyRuff

    For the Dispel spam. I think it should be dispel once and can’t dispel the next turn.

    Or as other people mentioned on a different forum

    Add dispel blocks like stun blocks.

    Or make they’re pip cost 4 for off schools dispels and 2 for your own but still can’t use them 2 in a row ( imo)

  • KellerRose

    Look i don’t mean to insult you but these issues aren’t described properly or aren’t exactly worth being called a significant issue. I don’t see any problems with ward pets. Now that critical and block is basically irrelevant the only good stats worth putting on pets are damage and resist. And with infallible, pierce jewels, shrike and pierce gear I don’t find resist a problem for any level. Sure it can be annoying but it’s not impossible to counter. And I’d say ward pets only help defend against people like max storms with there insane damage and high pierce. As for dispel I think you mean dispel spamming because dispels in general are good for buying yourself rounds and it counters other types of spammers like shield spammers or lore spammers. And juju spamming is annoying but it is also investment for the user because he/she has to subject themselves to long matches. And dispel and juju is a valid strategy and just because we don’t like it that doesn’t mean we can call it wrong. However boosting is totally wrong and nothing can excuse it.

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