New Crafted Wizard101 Spells (Azteca themed)


Crafted 5-pip Spells for Death, Balance, and Ice


Wizard101 Test Realm is open with three new spell crafting recipes!

The new cards are all Rank 5 spells, but you must be Legendary Artisan to craft them. The recipes are available from crafting vendor Grady in Dun Scaith, The Wyrd, Avalon.


Lord of Night

Spell #1: Lord of Night, 5 pips

This Death spell steal 425 health from a single target, delivering 1/2 back to the caster, and leaves a 25% infection.

Compare that to a Vampire which steals 350 health from the target for 4 pips. Plus, it leaves a cool after-effect!


Savage Paw

 Spell #2: Savage Paw, 5 pips

This Balance spell deals 500 damage plus leaves a +25% Balanceblade on the caster!

Compare that to the 5-pip Samoorai spell which deals damage of 460-540


Winter Moon

Spell #3: Winter Moon, 5 pips

This Ice spell deals 495 damage plus a Stun for 1 round.

Compare that to Wyvern’s damage of 335-395 or Frsotbite’s total damage of 550 (over 3 rounds).


All these spells require Amber and Turquoise so they’ll be challenging to craft, but well worth the effort.

Will you be crafting any of these new spells? Tell us what you think in the comments!





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  • IriGianthunter

    O.O I wants. That ice one is nice, would be a great follow up hit after a frostbite. They all have useful after-effects…wow, these are interesting. The balance hit leaves a blade. I wants.

    • I has want for Savage Paw! Donate your surplus Amber and Turquoise here, please!

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the post! I’m really wanting the ice one. 🙂 Also, if I’m a legendary crafter, but not in Avalon yet, is it possible to port to someone to get the recipes?

    • Frost Caller

      I think so, yes.

      • Daniel

        Awesome, thanks!

  • Frost Caller

    Haven’t managed to craft Handsome Fomori yet (only need Ambers), but Winter Moon looks great! Thanks for posting.

  • Sarai Griffinsong

    Maybe someday I’ll work on the Savage Paw spell for my balance wizard. I guess I need to fire up another amber garden. 🙂

  • Soulshard

    Savage Paw is sweet. Rain Beetle with similar damage to Samoorai? Pretty good.

    Winter Moon is a blue dinosaur that is the lowest pip cost attack stun in the game. Pretty good too.

    And then Lord of the Night… I can’t even tell what that is. All I know is the effect isn’t worth the pip cost… Or let alone the crafting. Maybe a 90% Infection instead? Or a Doom cast?

  • chamender3

    O: once I get Deer, Lord of Night shall be mine!

  • Alexis Hunter

    New spells, yay! Thanks for this preview!

    Savage Paw sure looks like an improvement over Samoorai – and it’s a little funny that he looks so much like the Polymorph Jaguar spell card :).

    The ice spell also looks like an improvement over Handsome Fomori. But I don’t think that my death (whenever she reaches that level…) will be motivated enough to craft the death spell. Surely not during her recovery phase after crafting the Deer Knight.

  • Master Of Wraiths

    I’ve a Addiction to Amber so I’ll Add that new Death spell onto my List, to my other Spells I’m working on. Death Comes First Cause it’s my Favorite school.

  • firestarter

    The death spell I can’t see myself crafting. Less dpp than vamp and terrible after effect. The balance one looks interesting, but alas I think my balance wiz is only an adept crafter. Whish there was a way to craft spells on one wiz and pass to another.

  • TabithaLegendRider

    Oh that is a lot of Tuquoise there needed on top of the Amber, I really think they should lower that to like 10 of them, it takes long enough to get the Amber alone

  • Swordroll

    You say that Lord of Night places an infection, but it is clearly labelled “Inc. Heal,” meaning Incoming Heal. I’m guessing that this is a trap. It isn’t the full-out dispel that Lifebane was, but it’s a nice bonus.

    • That’s a really good point, we’ll have to keep an eye on that one!

    • Alexis Hunter

      Ah I didn’t notice that either – could it be an infection that also affects the heal from drain spells? Wait, from kill minion too? Actually this seems very interesting, and maybe it would be broken by the first small heal of a DOT healing (is that called HOT? :D) just like a shield is broken by the initial damage of a DOT…

    • It returns half of the health taken from the opponent and then takes -25 off the next heal to the opponent. It would not effect a heal from the opponent to another member of their team. It does look like a trap. It is like an infection to the opponent struck by the spell.

  • izabera

    new spells = new hoards

    • Aul.


  • Monarch

    They all seem to have excellent card art and effects. Would have wished a storm one came out though. I want them dropped because they are by far the most interesting spell trio to be released in a while.

    • Firestarter

      Storm is really lacking in the crafted spell department. They only have one so far and it really doesn’t give them anything new, it’s just zilla with new animation.

      • Monarch

        It does help that the animation is terrific. But yeah based on these spells maybe storm will receive its own 5 pip AoE?

  • Xav Pala

    i would get them in this order:

    #1 Savage Paw (Who doesn’t want an attack with a balance blade?)
    #2Lord of Night (Looks Cool and awesome side affect)
    #3Winter Moon (Nice Affect and lowest attack & stun)
    😀 😀 ;D

  • Blaze Raven

    Hmm I am curious as to if the death spell is an Infection or modified form of Lifebane.

    As for the Ice and Balance, OK affects for a 5 pip spell.

    • The aftereffects of the death spell looks like Lifebane…

  • … More Amber.. I still need the 12 for the Handsome Fomori

  • Justin

    Yes i like the New Crafting spell and haven’t done Azteca yet! but can find the Action of spell on youtube and because might think Winter Moon helpful with your Rival Friend! because Winter Moons hits and good stun effect but also give enemies one stun block

    • Justin

      but rather wait on hoard pack instead of crafting them! Because didn’t really care about keeper lore pack because crafting spell not our school
      so, also deer knight, catalan, handsome formori spell in mine school deck but didn’t really care about using catalan or deer knight because to much pips -_- XD

  • izabera

    about the balance one, is that a blade or a trap?
    (both ways would be useful i guess)

    • It leaves a Balanceblade. I HAZ WANT!

  • Talon ShadowWalker

    I will be crafting all of them. Priblem is I can not find who drops the cards

  • Talon ShadowWalker

    Can someone tell m who drops these cards

  • flare884

    Still waiting for Fire crafted spell :p

  • Ryan Iceblade

    I found 17 turquoise in the bazaar and I have 25 king parsley so crafting them should be no problem 😀

  • Cameron DragonShield

    I am thinking of getting deer knight instead for shrike but I am not legendary artisan, just grandmaster. Hmph! 🙁

    • Paw Paws

      it’s easy to get legendary from grand master you get a quest from Zafaria – Baobab Market – Koyate Ghostmane(recipe vendor) you’ll have to make 2 sets of conga drums first (which he sells recipe for)tthe are needed to be able to make the Spirit Drum. once you’ve done that you are legendary artisan 🙂

  • Scot hexeyes

    The sunstones are the only problem for me

  • Paw Paws

    so where do you get all those treasure cards to make the real card? some of my wizards have them but they are not tradeable

    • Mora Misthead

      Not tradeable? I have traded mine, you must have special cards 🙁 You can get them for fighting Loremaster, or from the Bazaar at times, though some are more rare than others.

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