Pirate 101 Valencia Part 2 (Book 15)!

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The long awaited conclusion to Pirate 101, Book 15 is finally on Test Realm! Explore what this Test Realm has to offer in the notes below!

Valencia Continued!

Pirates are returning to Valencia the home of Kane-leader of the Armada and the main protagonist in the Pirate 101 story. In returning to Valencia Pirates gain 5 levels, New Powers, New Ships and New Equipment. All this will no doubt be necessary to defeat Kane who has been describes as faster, smarter and stronger than any living being. What Secrets does Valencia hold?

New Powers and Talents!

All classes can expect 2 new powers in the 5 level update along with several additional powers available at the Clandestine Trainer’s for Practice Points.

Swashbuckler: Swashbuckler’s gain the coveted Riposte 3 and Trap Sense 2 (possibly a renaming of the talent Alert)

Witchdoctor: Witchdoctors gain Mojo Echo 2 and Mojo Burn

Musketeers: Musketeers learn Quick Draw 3 and Double Tap 3

Buccaneers:  Buccaneers learn Turn the Tide 3 and The Reaper

Privateers: Privateers learn Repel Boarders 2 and Blast of Discord

There are also several item specific powers for our Pirates to discover. Will you be the first to find these unique abilities?


A New Companion and Companion Upgrades!



Pirates obtain a new Unicorn Fencer: Contessa Argento. A swashbuckling champion and darling of the Royal Court, she now joins our cause in opposition to Kane. Will she be a powerful new ally or will she be spending some time Pet Wrangling?

In addition to the Contessa, our Presidio companions also receive a promotion. Pirates can upgrade Lucky Jack Russell, Milo Graytail, Dead Mike, Gaspard De Vole, Birgus Latro and their crown shop counterparts.




New PvP Rewards!

Pirates will be able to obtain new mounts, new pets and new weapons for Scrip in the Pirate101 Arena. The Champion Weapons now have a Lvl 70 variant. Head to your local Brawling Hall or Smuggler’s Arena and start earning Scrip today!

More Fun Updates!

Ships– Pirates can now acquire ships of any style of their choosing at the Florenza Docks in Valencia. Along with these ships come the corresponding Equipment.

Puppet Shows– Story-Oriented Pirates can expect 3 new puppet shows (an unprecedented amount for only 5 levels) that will explore the Story of the Armada and El Dorado in greater detail.

Henchmen, Gold and Badges– With new lvl 70 henchmen, an expanded gold cap and several new badges, Pirates have all the tools and incentives they need to hop into Valencia.

Read the full update notes here!

Final Battle?

For the first time, Kingsisle has withheld the final battle of this world. This means that Pirates who are quick to complete this update will find that they cannot complete the last boss battle, and cannot finish the story. This is not a glitch, but rather Kingsisle’s attempt to give the epic finale some finishing touches before being released to live realm. What could Kingsisle have in store for its Pirates?

What do you think about the new Pirate101 Book 15 update that has been 3 years in the making? What do you think was done well, and what things need to be improved on? Let us know in the comments below!





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