Pirate101 Test Realm – Dreadnaught Turret Boss!

A small update has been pushed to the Pirate101 Test Realm servers – and it brings forth some cool changes, including a new turret boss and a short dungeon for the max levels!


Welcome to the Fall Pirate101 Test Realm! First off – we have a brand new turret boss – the Dreadnaught! A level 70 turret – make sure to bring ALL your friends with you to take this bad boy down – and unlock a mini-dungeon, filled with some crazed armada soldiers looking to work their way up with the recent defeat of the High Court. There are a few “Haywire” Armada Mobs, who have higher HP and damage than normal armada mobs, but the Dreadnaught shouldn’t be too much of a problem for a seasoned group of pirates!

Also, here are a few of the notable drops (that I’ve managed to get) from the Dreadnaught, there are also a ton of housing items that are from Wizard101 originally! 



Secondly, we have some changes to the Epic Talents system! It brings forth a new fourth and fifth rank!

Before, you could only get to rank 3, even WITH weapons and pets. However, there are now new benefits and a reworked Witch Hunter talent.  (for the full list of changes – please go to the p101 website and go to the Epic Talents portion of the changes)

The new Witch Hunter is as followed:  Its new function is to reduce incoming damage to the talent-holder by 50%. (probably a WIP as -50% to all damage seems overpowered, but who knows!). Here is an example of what one of the new Rank 4 talents looks like.


Finally, we have some bug fixes, including the (hopeful) squash to the nasty Hydra bug that has plagued the pirates for ages!

While a small update – it brings some awesome changes! What is your favorite? Comment down below!


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  • hey

    finally a good musket weapon that’s farmable

  • Brand Ghostspear

    First, I think p101 doesn’t really want this, but you can mark location inside the dreadknaught entrance. It probably will get fixed soon, but for now we don’t have to hassle with fighting the dreadknaught.
    Second, it is quite glitchy and laggy when it comes to fighting a dreadknaught. Couple things for that; first thing is if you are in the spawning spot for the dreadknaught or if you defeat the enemy ship in a combat mode right next to the dreadknaught, you will get stuck there. Last thing is that the dreadknaught is very hard and probably does require like a lot of ships, which it will produce a lot of lag like your in a war zone. I hope they fix those real soon.
    Third, the weapons look great. I already got like 6 different weapons from farming and chest. And there are still a lot more weapons to get from there. Also it is good for getting scrips if you don’t pvp. I already made over 500 scrips from farming.
    Last, the enemies may be very hard when it comes to soloing, but it is very easy to farm when you have 2 or more people and you have good strategies against these guys.
    So far, it is a good small update that’ll keep everyone busy.

  • Lena Witt

    How do you get the quest to start the turret? I got a “chat” from Mickey Dugan in MooShu then ported to Skull Island to speak to him, but I was unable to interact with him. Is this is bug or do I go straight to the turret? D:

    • hi

      straight to turrent,

  • Matt Lawson

    Where does this thing spawn?

  • SyaoranLi1337

    The dungeon hasn’t been showing up in any realm that I’ve been to, and there haven’t been any notifications. What’s going on?

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