Shadows of the Spiral – A Trickster’s Tale

Shadows of the Spiral
– A Trickster’s Tale

Last Thursday, those of us who happened to be watching KI Live witnessed the Shadow Trickster in all its glory. Shadow Trickster appears to be an upcoming new shadow-self spell that should provide quite some fun. As this content hasn’t been released yet, be warned that it can be subject to change. In order to obtain this spell you’ll have to face the Trickster himself in one of the Arcanum’s mystery rooms. He is a rank 17 Shadow Boss with an arsenal of spells at his disposal (including a shadow version of Glowbug Squall).

Shadow Trickster

shadow trickster

The spell provides the wizard that casts it with an additional 60% universal critical and a decrease of 30% in block. On top of that, it has a ‘Trick 1’ feature added to it. As some of you may know, Trickster played a trick on Kingsisle a few weeks back, it slipped in the live version of the game and us wizards were able to fight him and obtain a spell. However, the spell wasn’t Shadow Trickster but it was actually ‘Trick’. Trick didn’t have any pip requirements and its effect was to steal a power pip from the enemy. This might suggest that ‘Trick 1’ might be an auto-cast of Trick itself, which might depend on the Tricksters likes and dislikes (if it works like the other shadow-self spells).


Donate Shadow

Wait! That’s not all! This next bit might have been an unintentional reveal from Kingsisle, but the viewers were able to see another brand new shadow spell offered by Velma von Venkman – Donate Shadow. That’s right! The much requested spell has actually become a real possibility. This might become a real asset to support wizards despite the 2 shadow pips restriction.

What are your thoughts on these
brand new shadow spells?

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  • Kane Rose

    shadow trickster is useless unless “trick one” is something good

    • nobody

      actually its not depending on your built. remember when the critical bubles gave universal crit and crit% instead of crit rating, allowing litterally every spell to crit? this is bassically a slightly toned down version of it. it might not be as powerfull as shrike but still quite the powerhouse

  • Pedro Cortez

    I think Shadow Trickster might be useful in PvP if Trick does work as you described. I love how we’re finally getting Donate Shadow as a trainable spell, and I’ll definitely be training it. It’ll be really useful for those long fights that can take a while.

    • Cody RavenTamer

      If trick steals pips, and you are able to get a shadow really fast, trickster can be extremely helpful in quick matches.

    • Tawfik Seidi

      Donate Shadow seems useless. No one is going to donate a Shadow Pip to another Wizard for the price of a Tier 2 Shadow Magic Spell.

      • Carlos SeaSword

        I disagree. I often tank on my characters, so I’ll be using it often to give my Shadow Pip to the attacker who needs it more.

        • Tawfik Seidi

          I suppose that could be the purpose of it🤔

          • nobody

            thats bassically the only purpose of it: a spell that allows you to donate a shadow pip to someone else if your not using it, however with some of the more defensive shadow spells as well as the shadow enhanched spells with a defensive utility i wonder if supports are actually going to favor this one over other spells, wich i personally doubt. the cost should be reduced to one shadow pip to make it more viable. they could increase the normal pip cost as a consequence. 2 pips would be my recomendation (considering powerpips cant be used the spell could cost as much as 4 pips wich seems reasoneble enough)

          • Tawfik Seidi

            If the cost was reduced to one Shadow Pip it would be more useful.

          • Blaze MeOut

            I do agree that reducing the cost to one pip would be more useful for 2v2 situations, but I can see a problem in 3v3 or 4v4. The chances of anybody on your team just getting a single shadow pip goes up, and kingsisle probably considered this as a factor for team pvp. Since the chances of anyone getting a shadow pip in 3v3 is at least 60% and 4v4 80% respectively, imagine a team build where 2-3 tanks spam at least one donate spell every round to a single hitter. The hitter can just spam a shadow enchanced aoe almost every 3 rounds with the current wizard101 stats and have shrike form every single round. I can see this in tournaments being abusive if this was reduced to one shadow pip. There has to be a cost requirement to prevent shadow pip transfer because a shadow pip increases a spells power that is equivalent to 5 normal pips. For me, I am okay with 2 shadow pips or 1 shadow pip and 4 normal pips. If your a support who will never use a shadow pip use this spell, otherwise don’t. There are many spells that can support others that wizards question and use without shadow pips anyways.

  • flash33

    Interesting. Hopefully its alternate form is just as creepy if not more so than its base form is.

    • Tawfik Seidi

      Alternate form? Do u mean the form PVE enemies turn into when they use Shadow Self Spells?

      • flash33

        Bingo. Players can do it if you use a shadow self spell while already in shadow self form and while a transformation elixir active. Needlessly complicated I know, which is why I wish the only requirement was to just have a transformation elixir active, which was the case when shadow spells (and kh) were first released on the test realm.

      • jacob

        What do you guys mean? Haven’t played W101 in like a year.

        • Tawfik Seidi

          Progress through the storyline until to get to the Eclipse Tower in Khrysalis. Then you’ll get what we mean😊

          • jacob

            I’ve finished everything, I just forgot what they look like.

  • James Earthwalker

    It feels like Kingsisle has basically given up on Critical Block at this point…

    • k

      there’s a shadow spell that gives +80% critical block, it’s called shadow sentinel

      • James Earthwalker

        The problem with Sentinel, is that it’s designed towards team play. In competitive 1v1s it’s not exactly practical.

        • Blaze MeOut

          They nerfed critical down to +30% damage only in pvp. Plus this spell nerfs your own block. In 1v1, its more practical to use shrike in many situations than this spell. Only thing I can say is guaranteed a thing is buffed up critical heals. Trickster plus vengeance can now give anyone +80-85% to critical heal.

          • You have

            that’s only IF shadow trickster “likes” heals

          • Blaze MeOut

            I would disagree with the likes or dislikes on it. Having +10% backlash from doing a critical heal wouldn’t be much of a drawback for using it in trickster form. If you seen a jade user heal without ever hitting a critical heal, imagine a jade user almost on the brink of dying and using a critical guardian spirit to bring himself back to full health after he dies. The backlash in many situations wont out do the healing potential of trickster unless you’re already near full health. And if your near full health, its easier not to over exert yourself on using this to heal anyways.

  • Blaze MeOut

    Honestly, Shrike is more practical in Pvp for offensive reasons, few exceptions but generally the case. But for PvE, hands down will use trickster a lot more than shrike. Critical in PvE and PVP is very different considering damage, and how PvE/Pvp playstyles are very different.

    • Tawfik Seidi

      Honestly both Shrike and Trickster have their pros in PVE. But haven’t people been using Shrike more than Trickster?

  • Blaze MeOut

    This spell kills a storm wizards dream in PvE. Now anyone can be storm, but with more health… JK

  • sonicflare9

    hi there

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