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Have you noticed any changes to your favorite PvP website today? I am pleased to have the privilege of announcing…

Duelist101 v2.0

In the wee hours of the morning, Duelist101 guru extraordinaire Nick rolled out a massive change.  You will be familiar with many of the features on the new site as they mirror the old site.  Nick channeled his innermost genius in line writing and graphic design to totally rebuild the site. This has taken months of dedication.  Please join me in admiration of a job well done! Way to go NICK! 


Duelist101 is Faster

Loading time has definitely decreased.  Nick concentrated on ways to maximize the beauty of the site while decreasing the time it takes to load each page.  As you navigate, let us know if you find anything that looks weird or out of sorts.  Now that it is live, Nick is working out all the bugs as we find them.

(There are not many.  I have been very impressed with the minimal bug’iness of the site. Trust me, I’m a master at finding site weirdness.  Please, help us out!  The faster we find them, the faster he can fix them.)



Have you seen the elegant menus?????  

Site navigation is improved!  Woo HOO!!! The menus are by far my favorite part of the new layout.  Go ahead, try them!  Click away!

The beautifully crafted menus contain all of  the categories to which you are accustomed and more.  Since the article categories remain, you should find it easy to reach your favorite topics.  Want to find something specific? Search it!  We still have the search option. Thanks Nick!




Duelist101 Community Links

As part of the menu, you can reach Duelist101 Community activity easily.  Duelist101 Community is growing daily and is rich in helpful information about the games we love.  There are fantastic articles featured in Community Roundups and spotlights too. Don’t miss Article Roundups on the Community menu for our favorite Community selections.

New Feed!  Next to the Featured Article section, you will now see a feed from Duelist101 Community.  This will allow you to see what is happening in the Community from the Duelist 101 front page.



We hope you enjoy the site. Tell us your impressions. What works for you? What doesn’t work for you? Is there anything more you would like to see from Duelist101? Now is your chance! Tell us below in the comments. 


Happy Surfing!

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  • Tyler Moonblade

    Any way you can make it less round? And the scrolling and changing pictures at the top is a lot less big. And the boxes that the new posts are in are too big. Although I LOVE the new menus I would prefer a bit of the old site mixed in with this one. I hope you take this into consideration! And the comment section is allot wider 😛

    I’m a very opinionated person so I have no idea how this affects the site lol :p

    • The site actually adjusts itself to fit the size of your browser now.. so you can do all of that by making your browser window smaller. lol

  • Tyler Moonblade

    Oh! And another thing! (Not trying to spam lol) I think it would be better if there was a way to make the new menus partially translucent. So you can still see things behind it!

  • Tarlac

    Oh wow, I noticed but just thought it was how it looked on a Mac LOL.

  • Nesogra

    I am definitely liking the faster loading speeds. ^_^ Great job Nick, the new layout is amazing. 😀

  • penrosecat1

    I just noticed something, on the page “Turtle101: Defense vs Offense”, it says:”Fatal error: Call to undefinFatal error: Call to undefined function et_new_thumb_resize() in /home/duelist/public_html/wp-content/plugins/et-shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 670″. Bug?

    • ty,

      • penrosecat1

        I just noticed the same error on “Ask Duelist! Tag Team!”

        • penrosecat1

          Wait its not exactly the same, a little difference, but similar

          • Yeah, we know what the issue is. We just have to go through those posts and edit them. Ty for letting us know. 🙂

          • penrosecat1

            lol np 🙂

        • penrosecat1

          Dont’t wanna spam, but this same error is also on “Ask Duelist! Magus Balance 1v1”

  • DMT001

    Looks awesome Nick.
    Great job on the new design. Love it. The navigation is killer.

  • Blaze Raven

    Loving the faster loading time. The look will take some getting used to as any new look does. Amazing job, Nick!

  • AllanRainbowHeart

    Noticed the new Duelist101 before I read this post.
    Lol and I thought my page was zoomed in…

  • Psylent Night

    Hey guys! There are errors on a solid number of pages, so that you can’t see the article. (Of course, it would be all articles that I edited -.-

    Anyway, I’m going through page by page and fixing stuff. If you find one that’s “broken”, let me know by replying to this comment or just leaving a comment on this page. Thanks for all the help!

  • Jacob Dragonwhisper

    I come to this website a lot on my ipad, and there seems to be a problem with the menus. When i try to click the Wizard101 menu, the menu pulls up for about half a second, and then it dissapears and brings me to a page to the latest articles under the wizard101 menu. Can anybody reply if this is happening on any of their iphones/ipads? If so, i hope it can be fixed :[

    • I’d definitely like to know if more people are having this issue.

    • The menus should work for touch screen users now.

      • Jacob Dragonwhisper

        Woo, thanks so much! I just want to say that there aren’t many places with great, commited people like you 🙂 you guys definitely make this place great!!

  • Termagant

    Nice work Nick. I know you spent a lot of time on this – the results are worth it! Clean look, very fast.

    • Thanks Term, means a lot. 🙂

  • With higher traffic, I’ve noticed that we’ve had some folks who are apparently not familiar with our Code of Conduct. We kindly ask that you please honor the Site Rules. Moderators will delete unkind messages with or without warning. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

  • jewelshadowcaster

    I love this new look Nick. It’s just soooo neat, left me speachless 😀

    • Thanks for the kind words. Really glad you like it. I worked hard to try to make something our users would enjoy 🙂

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    i love how fast the website is going now… but i dont like how the site looks lol. i can’t really tell where stuff is.

  • mr.cool

    omg nick, awesome job xD

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