Aquila Opens inTest Realm! (Wizard101)



Aquila is Here!

A new world hit Wizard101 today in test realm: Aquila! This is a side world that can be accessed by players level 30 and higher.

Click here to read the official update notes. Aquila isΒ connected to Wizard City, the entrance can be found in Cyclops Lane. To pick up the quest that opens Aquila, visit Cyrus Drake in the Myth school.



Other Updates

  • Aquila includes a mysterious new challenge called The Immortal Games.
  • There are 3 new dungeons, for level 30, 70 and 90. These are located in Aquila.
  • You can now rename decks.
  • There’s a new Boss in Dragonsprye that drops the crafted spells – her name is the Loremaster! Time for some farming parties!

There are a variety of other changes, you can read all about them in the updates notes.

Be watching this post for exclusive videos, pics and information as we dig into test and learn more. Let us know your thoughts about Aquila and the new minions in the comments. More soon!


New Minion Spells!

Players level 75+ have new Minion spell! Stay tuned to Duelist101 for more details on the new minions and how they might impact PvP!Β 




Wizard101 L75 Aquila Minions


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  • No PvP has only ever applied to TREASURE cards in the past, so I wouldn’t write the new minions off just yet.

    • Aul.

      Well, Malduit is no pvp. I think KI intended these minions for the final world in the morganthe arc, since it might be hard for younger players. Either way, let’s see.

      • We’re already working to find out, but can’t assume anything either way yet.

  • Brandon Rainrunner

    Wow! I think this extension is great since it will provide something to do for the lower level, mid-level, and high level wizards.

  • izabera

    renaming decks!!!

    • penrosecat1

      Its awesome. I wont have to get confused with my various boxes of destiny.
      Nor will anyone else with their decks πŸ™‚

  • Garrett Justus

    ive been waiting for new minions for a while, i hope these guys are both strong and effective…and worth summoning…

  • Garrett Justus

    welll….actually it is a world…you just get to it through wizard city…if you play pirate101 you can clearly see it’s an actual world….

  • Anthony FireSword

    ok, I am RAGING right now. I saw the new crafted gear, and for the new crafted gear at lvl 90, and for ice, with a proof/defy pet with elissa’s chill band and heartsteel, ice can get ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN RESIST TO FIRE AND STORM, AS WELL AS KEEPING THEIR 53 UNIVERSAL RESIST!!!!! Inffallible doesn’t help that much either, since we are still hitting though 98 resist. Its like KI is forcing Fire and Storm to use their prisms in PvP, or should I say, turn them from very helpful, to NEEDED. And as for the other schools, their resists to the other schools in their group are usually in the 80’s (for example, a storm gets like 85 fire resist, and like 50 or so to ice. While balance gets like 85 to all 3 elemental schools) the like 20 pierce that fire and storm get from their gear does NOT balance this, and to top it off, we get NO critical to help this (another thing that doesn’t help to balance it, since ice gets no block from this gear, or any schools do for that matter). I don’t care that it’s ‘hard’ to craft, that does not make it right. That much resist, no, just no.

    • We’ll be putting up the new crafted gear here soon. If you have feedback on anything in Test, this is the time to give it to KI. If you have access to Test you can use the Bug Reporting button to leave a comment.

    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      you mad bro?

      • Anthony FireSword

        I think I said it in the comment, I AM mad, lol.

        • Olson Pereira

          honestly i doubt we will ever be able to beat ice because of this and i honestly say that i gave up on caring. At least we got new minions and hopefully we can use them in pvp or i will be VERY angry

          • JeffGC64

            They gave us the tools to break ice people. Infallible and spears go a LONG way, also with great new wands giving a ton of armor pierce, Ice is nowhere near as powerful as it was.

  • Jason

    And where would this new crafted gear be found?

    • Hi Jason! The crafting vendor becomes available in the main area of Aquila after you complete the first dungeon (the level 30 dungeon). He sells recipes for crafted hats, robes, boots, and wands for levels 30, 70, and 90. An article will be posted soon with more information.

      • Jason

        Thank you kindly ma’am :3

  • JustValiant .

    Renaming decks :D, and new level 90 tower, good job Kingsisle, finally something good from you

    • Jason

      finally? they made the entire game you’re playing remember πŸ˜›

      • JustValiant .

        I never forgot, they just haven’t made anything exciting for a while

  • thomas

    Nice new minions! Too bad we can’t use them in pvp…

  • wizardforthegamez

    I cannot find all of the bronze eagles -_-

    • The 4 eagles in Mount Olympus? There is one by the front door, one in the Sun chamber, one in front of the door to the Moon chamber, and one in the back hallway. Hope this helps!

      • wizardforthegamez

        Wow I am so blind. Thanks sooo much for your help! πŸ˜€

      • Kerfalla Dioubate

        can’t see anything in sun chamber

  • Morgrim

    There’s now a boss in Mount Olympus with 30,000 health (Gladiator Dimachaerus, Rank 13 Balance Elite). The combat music is different as well. Much more scary.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    o, o they fixed may cast healing current. pets cast it now.

  • asimplewhisper

    so, i dont know if this is the place to put this, but i got a pet drop, and trained it to ancient. this is it at first generation.

    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      what is may cast sword and shield.

      • asimplewhisper

        its not a may cast, thats what the pet looks like. its a shield and sword

        • Kerfalla Dioubate

          no no no. someone had this pet and it had may cast shield and sword. and spell proof.

          • asimplewhisper

            oh, i have no idea, i trained it no further than ancient

  • thomas

    The harpy pet has a new mc spirit blade (finally!) and its card changes. Hopefully someone will take one to mega!

    • izabera

      lycian chimera at epic and mega, i guess

    • Thanks! That looks like a great pet. πŸ˜€

    • martin

      can you take picture to we see whats it look like plz

      • thomas

        Here it is

  • penrosecat1

    How does one get to the loremaster?
    I really want new spells πŸ˜€

  • skullbreeze

    although i cant get there right now i cant wait until i can πŸ™‚ ancient Greece and Rome are my favorite history topics. to those of you who can get there i hope you have fun there!

  • thomas

    News about the enchanted armament: they give multiple cards and can learn the epic talent Sword and Shield, which casts both a shield and a blade. After 3 failed hatches, I still don’t have the pet, but I should be able to test the talent and give you some information :).

    • thomas

      New news: One of my babies manifested Sword and Shield. I tested it and here are the results after approximatively 30 traps (including feints), 30 blades, 30 shields, 30 hits (including wand hits) and a few heals: no spell used by my opponents has triggered Sword and Shield so far, no blade, shield or heal has triggered it either, but 1 hit triggered it and so did 2 normal traps and a feint. Sword and Shield is a balance spell that gives a 50% shield, then a 25% blade. The first trigger gave me a tower shield and a fireblade, the second one, a storm shield and a lifeblade, the third one, a death shield and a deathblade and the last one, an ice shield and another deathblade. I took a few pictures:


    Aquila boring… It is just a zone with 3 dungeons which can be finished in one day. With horrible gear and storyline which is just like spiral cup. I am horrified to learn I wasted getting membership hoping an actual new world would come but instead this peace of useless zone is in the game. What a disappointment.

    • Takiza

      Excuse me the level 30+ gear is AMAZING for someone w/ membership, no crowns, & starting pvp. Heck, I’m trying to find out the stats on the Zeus Storm gear.

  • aohn

    i wanna play that realm so bad!

  • Lol

    So none can get lvl 100? πŸ™ no new spells exept minion spell

  • AlexanderLionHeart

    Does anyone know where the Loremaster can be located?

  • Alicia

    Its finally out on regular Wizard101, so excited to try the dungeons πŸ˜€

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