KI Live – Monstrology Sneak Peek

KI Live – Monstrology Sneak Peek

Article number 1500! Can you believe it? This one is filled with interesting upcoming content we’ll be seeing in the next test realm. If you haven’t watched the latest episode of KI Live, it answered some burning questions about Monstrology. It also gave us some other hints at what to expect in this next test realm which is and I quote “that close”! So, what is Monstrology and what is coming to Wizard101?

All information in this article was obtained from KI Live and there might be possible changes as the test ream hasn’t launched yet.


It’s not going to be something related to Daily Assignments (we already have Aegon Statz for that). Monstrology is going to be ‘an extension to the myth school’. Therefore, myth students are gonna get some extra perks from it. One of those perks will be the ability to have 3 minions at the same time, but no further details were provided. It works very similarly to Sun Magic as you use a spell to enchant a damage card. You need to use an enchanted damage card to defeat the enemy and be able to collect Animus. Rewards for using ‘Extract Undead’ are:

  • 1 Animus = damage a monster
  • 2 Animus = damaging and defeating a monster at the same time
  • 3 Animus = be way above level from the defeated monster

As far as we currently know, Monstrology will only work on mobs that are classified as ‘Undead‘, such as Skeletal Pirates, Rattlebones and basically every other mob found in Azteca.

Monstrology Sneak Peek
Monstrology Sneak Peek

“What is an animus? An echo of a monster’s fighting spirit”


What can I do with Monstrology?

There are 3 different uses for this new feature. First, once you collected enough Animus and gathered a few gold, you can craft a treasure card of the monster. Second, you can create a house guest of the mob. This house guest will differ from previous versions as when placed in your castle it will behave the same way pets do. Therefore you’ll be able to use it with Pet Bread Crumbs. I can already imagine Malistaire running around my house! That is yet to be confirmed, so for now we just have to wait and see. 

Last but not least, you can use Monstrology to be able to instantly one shot a mob. This last use of the feature will only work on minions and not bosses, so you can’t just one shot a boss with it. The mechanic specifics of this feature are still unknown but it will definitely make our farming days easier.

Monstrology Sneak Peek


What else is coming?Monstrology Sneak Peek

Our friends at Kingsisle didn’t hesitate much with keeping secrets this time round! 

New school pets, new skeleton key bosses, the possible jewel vault, and finally the epic Monstrodome! The Monstrodome is a housing item that lets you fight monsters in it. Basically, you’ll be fighting the treasure cards of the monsters you fought but this time in your own house. Some known facts:

  • Bosses won’t have cheats, but have the same stats and decks.
  • You can’t get Animus from inside the Monstrodome.
  • The monsters you put in it will keep spawning until you remove the TC of them.
  • They will have completely different loot from the originals.
  • Myth wizards can summon regular minions and the TC minions at the same time.
  • The Monstrodome is not limited to 4 people so you can have a party!

Monstrology Sneak Peek

Can test realm possibly get here any sooner? We can’t wait!


  1. strong man james says:

    Aww, it would have been SO AMAZING if I could fight 4 malistaire the Undyings from dankmoor in my own monstrodome. Easy 3-4 round kill with blades, no crit, meteor only with my own SQUAD.

    • Cody RavenTamer says:

      As I can’t confirm this, I think you might be able to. Except for the fact that he won’t have his cheats.

      • Justin FireThief says:

        Malistaire the Undying is considered undead, will we be able to have him? Hopefully.

      • strong man james says:

        I mean, I wish he had his cheats, even though I would kill too quickly for him to even do the dragon cheat, also I can confirm that I can do the damage (like 60,000+ with my blades and such) in what I said, 3-4 rounds. I can show ya if you want, Realm sunbird, unicorn way, first section.

        • Cody RavenTamer says:

          Would love to see and I’m sure you can but gotta run for now 🙂
          It’s a pity that they won’t have cheats but I guess it would have been a bit op + Malistaire’s dragon cheat wouldn’t make sense in that area as there is no where for the dragon to attack from.

          • strong man james says:

            AWW PHOOEY, hmm, should I send you a gyazo gif of it or would that be too sketchy to you? I really wanted to prove my consistent damage to ya.

          • strong man james says:

            So when will you be available for me to show you the 3 round damage I promised?

          • Wizard SilverForge says:

            Malistaire’s dragon could just fly in. You wouldn’t have to put it on the ceiling in a place like that.

        • Billy Garvey says:

          Yeah, it’s not that difficult. That’s how we used to farm Rat before he got nerfed. Boost and kill before his minions insane bolt

  2. Oh wow, this is going to be so exciting! 😀 Breathless! o.o

  3. The Balance Wizard Soloer says:


  4. Yoan Dimov says:

    Wizard101 updates keep getting better and better!

  5. Anybody know when test realm is opened? I have a couple pets I want to train, and pretty excited for the new key bosses mainly.

    • Cody RavenTamer says:

      Due to possible set backs Kingsisle can never say for sure, however they did say that it was ‘that close’. My guess would be either this next week or maximum the one after, but we can never know for sure.

  6. Billy Garvey says:

    Am I understanding this right? Could you, for example, farm hades to get his TC, then farm him in the monstrodome for divine without doing tar? Or do you not get drops in the monstrodome? Could this also be used to fight bosses without their minions and cheats, such as omen?

    • Cody RavenTamer says:

      Technically, you farm him for Animus which you’ll use to make the tc, HOWEVER! I don’t think Hades qualifies as Undead.

  7. Blaze MeOut says:

    Celestia and Dragonspyre is a world filled with undead because its both worlds full of ruins … hope that helps with high levels farming/questing in DS and CL