New lvl 120 PvP Gear (Brandon Mistborn)

New lvl 120 PvP Gear

Arena vendor_Brandon Mistborn


Brandon Mistborn has new tiers of gear for lvl 120 PvPers in Wizard 101’s Test Realm. Let’s take a look!


lvl 120, duelist, hat


lvl 120, duelist, robe


lvl 120, duelist, boots


lvl 120, duelist, wand


duelist, lvl 120, athame


duelist, lvl 120, amulet new lvl 120 PvP gear


ring, lvl 120, duelist new lvl 120 PvP gear


deck, lvl 120, duelist new lvl 120 PvP gear


What do you think of the lvl 120 PvP gear?


  1. Deathheart7 says:

    Amulet, athame and deck are the only ones worth getting it seems.

    • Wand?

      • Deathheart7 says:

        It has 40 less crit/block rating than the pack wands everyone using (terror, road) as well as less damage, for the most part. Only useful addition is that pip conversion, but as of right now, i dont think many would be willing to risk crit/block for that.

        • But pierce… and critical is pretty obsolete in pvp for what I hear

          • Billy Garvey says:

            The 110 terror/immortal Wanda give slightly less/the same pierce but more damage. Critical is obsolete, but block isn’t, cause people still have lots of critical and it’s good to prevent more damage. Pip conversion is situational, but I can see it being most useful for myth as you can medusa combo with empower and feint for devastating combos

          • No I thought critical in pvp was reduced from 2x to 1.25x? Idk I haven’t played this game in a full year so

          • Billy Garvey says:

            It has been reduced as such. However, it is still a good bonus to protect from that 25% extra. Although it’s not a game changer, it’s still significant with how much these new shadow spells are hitting. It’s like letting an opponent have a blade on. Do you let them have an open shot? NO! That’s why block is still useful. I’m really sorry if that made no sense I don’t know what I’m talking about right now

  2. Woah the wand is really decent this time when you think about it! I’d say very Worth getting

  3. Sillylittlesushi says:

    Wand and deck looking pretty good this time around!

  4. Tyler TitanWraith says:

    Loving the new decks!

  5. Michael Hammer says:

    A hat with no resist? A robe with no damage? Boots with no block or resist? The writers have been sliding for a long time, but this is pure junk. This new pip conversion stuff is a joke. This is all to take critical out of the game. Just look at the amulets now, all leading away from critical. Changing it up to pip conversion. Seriously who writes this stuff? They should be fired. Trying to make pvp into the battle of the ” wimps ” Kings Isle is ” Crowns Isle ” now. I won’t spend a penny on crowns. Let the bad stat players on their GIANT Mounts buy the crowns. Don’t worry. The older obsessed women who play the game, ” The ones with 3 accounts and 18 wizards, and play 18 hours a day, will still buy $300 worth of crowns a month. They just have to have all the trendy bundle and pack gear. Why? To strut around in this game and try to get attention. Why? Because in real life they don’t look like their wizards at all. What a mess the game has become. What a joke!