New PvP Rewards (Pets and Mounts)

New PvP Rewards

In the current Wizard101 Test Realm, a little-known update has been snuck in: new PvP rewards. Diego the Duelmaster now offers three familiar pets and one brand new pet! Diego isn’t the only one sporting some new wares: Brandon Mistborn now offers two rare mounts for arena tickets as well.

New Pets


(4000 Arena Tickets to purchase)


Elemental Foo Dog

(4500 Arena Tickets to purchase)


Fiendish Foo Dog

(4500 Arena Tickets to purchase)

Vaporous Knight

(5000 Arena Tickets to purchase)


New Mounts

Fire Wyvern

(9000 Arena Tickets to purchase)

Blue Kirin

(9000 Arena Tickets to purchase)

Will You be Spending Your Arena Tickets on These Rewards? Let Us Know in the Comments Below!


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  • SuperToare

    Interesting max stats are now 250, 260, 260, 255, 255.

    • Guest

      Strength is 255, not 250

      • D P

        I think he went from the bottom up lol

        • SuperToare

          Yea XD

    • D P

      you mean 255, 255, 260, 260, 250?

      No one uses intellect based talents though, but yes people always want the latest thing, personally I am sick of remaking pets so have at it.

  • Blaze MeOut

    hmm the test realm update hinted new gear and spells in pvp rewards … I have yet to figure out these ones as well.

    • D P

      you have to get to day 5 10 and 15 for the chests, if its anything like daily rewards do not get your hopes up!

      • Blaze MeOut

        true, but if its not, then there is a chance to see. I have little hope, but hope is there.

      • Matt B

        i got goat monk as a trained spell first try

        • Sierra

          Congrats, i got this rock!

  • D P

    except that knight pet, the rest of those things (pets and mounts) already exist in game, so only a new way to obtain them I guess.

    As for the new max stats, intellect affects: mana, accuracy, pip chance,
    incoming healing, armor piercing and block, you do not see those talents being used, so not sure what impact it will have really

  • Tasha They changed the Knight’s stats, took intellect back down to 250, no more new max stat 3.0

  • Shane MacDonald
  • D P

    So I just got my first chest, I got a Lustrous Mana Opal, why would anyone need mana for pvp exactly?

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