Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

The newest hoard pack has entered the spiral – the Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack! A chance to win a new speedy mount, various gear, a cool Road Hog pet, and various goodies – including some new treasure cards!

Introducing the FASTEST mount in the Spiral…
the Road Warrior’s Chopper in this bad to the bone new pack!road-warrior-gear

With a chance to get the Road Warrior’s Chopper Mount (at +50% it’s the fastest mount in the Spiral!), the Road Warrior’s Hoard has cool new epic and ultra rare items for your Wizard. Here are just some of the cool items you could receive in the Road Warrior’s Hoard:

  • New Road Warrior’s Chopper Mount (+50% Speed Boost)
  • New Road Hog Pet
  • New Road Warrior’s Biker Gear
  • New Legend Skull Weapon
  • New Khyrsalis and Aztecan House Guests
  • Much More!

Have you ever wanted to become part of a bike gang in Wizard101?

Do you have a bad-to-the-bone side you always wanted to express?

Do you wanna go FAST?

If you answered yes to any of these 3 questions, this pack is FOR YOU.

The mount, Road Warrior’s Chopper, is the fastest mount in the game, giving you 50% extra speed (compared to the usual 40). Also, you get to look like this with a set of the new gear.

Picture 2016-03-11 15-41-20

Picture 2016-03-11 15-45-19

Also, it has an adorable Road Hog pet – which gives a fuel card at baby.

Picture 2016-03-11 15-24-39

This pack also gives new school specific fuels and new school specific minions (one for each school, seems pretty cool – we’ll look more into it and if we find anything interesting, we’ll have a post on it.) Most of these are no pvp, however. It also has a bunch of new housing items, including some more animated ones.

Picture 2016-03-11 15-23-27

The real nifty thing about this pack (besides ..everything else so far) is that the new wands that come with this pack give a jewel slot! (The one I got is square, but there might be others). They can also may cast the skull-variants of Cyclops spells.


Overall, this pack is totally worth it – I would pick up a few if I were you.

What is your favorite part about the pack? Leave a comment down below, and enjoy the new goodies!

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  • Malistaire The Undying

    1st comment! As always, nice article!

  • Sillylittlesushi

    Woah, +50% speed boost? Power Creep confirm.

    • Logan LegendThief

      Dude, EVERYTHING that’s crowns-only is a power creep. It’s been power creep since Celestia launched. Game’s dead ’cause KI doesn’t want to balance it (which would generate it them more money) because it’s too much work… so they just keep releasing these items and cashing in before shutting down.

      “Me and you, Ty, we gonna make some cash
      Robbin’ old folks and makin’ tha dash”

      • Sillylittlesushi

        I would have to disagree with you, for the most part. With the exception of hoard pack wands and some of the new mounts (of which provide such small benefits to be hardly worth it), crafted gear and gear farmed from dungeons is consistently better then anything you buy from hoard packs.

        Waterworks, for example, still outclasses almost everything at the level range, and most people at Exalted+ are mostly using Darkmoor/Rasputin/U.Dungeon gear.

        • Logan LegendThief

          But at what price? The drop rates are trash.

  • Wolf FireBreath

    WOAH I need that fire wand, a chance to cast a spell with after effects… op!


    • Sierra

      LOL coz fire spells have no good aftereffects!

      • Wolf FireBreath

        I mean the May cast with an after effect on the wand lol. Fire spells have sick after effects in general tho.

        • also lord of winter spell also chance too! if are ice wizard or have any ice wizard

        • Sierra

          I am just happy its less damage than the current maycast.

          • Wolf FireBreath

            Tbh this is more powerful because if a death were to get the weapon cast, it would have the damage boost he has. Also, a trap on a high damage spell of your class is probably better than the 600 ish damage you would get from the old casts.

          • Sierra


      • Aaron S.


  • Wolf FireBreath

    Ooooh, think about this, the new bosses for the spring update will drop gear with the same abilities as this. We could get wands with full jewels. We could get wands with may cast traps or blade as well as high damage boosts and critical/block. This new update will be significantly more influential than I originally expected.

  • Billy Garvey

    Some more wands. Also a pirate101 music scroll. Interesting?

  • Alex Thunderstaff

    I pretty much got the mount and pet in the same pack :p no wands yet

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      First generation…

      • UltimateOrange

        Slot 2 is Sharp-shot, just if anyone is interested.

  • balance mage

    only spend 5k and got most of the gear looks nice for the most part

    • Logan LegendThief

      Them robes with dat block tho

      • Wolf FireBreath

        I hate how all new robes have high block, decent resist, but NO DAMAGE!

  • Malvin SilverFountain

    Level 10 PvP just got interesting…

    • Sierra

      wow a maycast that can kill, good going KI!

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      WOW. Just… WOW.

    • Wolf FireBreath

      Yo malvin, I’m friends with you lol.

      • Malvin SilverFountain

        Figured it was you 😛 funny how life works xD

    • Malvin SilverFountain

      After testing this wand on my death for PvP, it isn’t that great because it only casts either zero, one, or two times a match if you’re lucky. It’s very nice because he has 30 damage, but the only benefit I get from using this wand is the trap. I defeated a fire in two rounds though. Wand casted first round, banshee finished the second round. This wand is basically as powerful as any item card wand, but sometimes it doesn’t even cast. Go figure.

      • Phil

        So you’re saying it’s exactly like every other may cast wand then.

        • Malvin SilverFountain

          Right but this is the first one for lower levels, specifically lower than level 90.

    • Malistaire The Undying

      Aye malvin ! It’s me, Finnigan,

  • know what else odd (because notice this) if are a ice wizard O_O

  • Patrick

    if your answer to question 3 is yes your sonic the hedgehog

  • nobody

    so theyre introducing gems to wands now too? curious to see if they are going to revisit all other wands to try and rebalance them… also wondering if that means other gear pieces like hats will also recieve gem slots

  • NothingInparticular

    The new animated housing items are pretty cool though I’m not fond of the azteca ones (where in the hay am I suppose to put them) The wand is pretty neat though I would be wouldn’t use it in certain fights since it could end up wasting my blades and the like. Also props to the design team for that new mount looks cool and I want it

  • brandon

    wasted 7500 crowns no wand lol

  • Alric

    No Balance school wand or gear?? Pretty sad they leave a school out…

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