Test Realm: New Pets!

November 2014 Slider



 Wizard101 November Update!

 The November Darkmoor Release has been one of the most exciting for Pets that I can remember.  So far 20 pets have been discovered, some exclusive to chests, and many more from bosses all over the spiral. Come take a look at ALL the pets, including 3 brand NEW may casts!


1. Hunter’s Hound



Is it a Drop: Yes, Howling Chaney – Castle Darkmoor Part 1

Card:Yes, Mass Death Prism

Hatch Time: 5 mins

Hound_mega_all talents2



2. Blazezilla



Is it a Drop: Yes, Tsutsui, Pagoda of Harmony

Card:Yes, Krokomummy

Hatch Time: 5 mins



3. Ninja Piggle



Is it a Drop: Yes,Master Tonkatsu – Hollow Mountain

Card:Yes, Beguile

Hatch Time: 5 mins

Ninja_Mega_additional Talents

Thanks to @Amber FireSword in the comments (talents)


4. Clockwork Paladin



Is it a Drop: Yes, Noxious Gas Golem, Main Hall of Barkingham Palace

Card:Yes, Summon a Minion of Bal

Hatch Time: 5 mins



5. Whirlwind Grimoire


 Is it a Drop: Yes, Kus’Bhid, Lower Zigazag

Card:Yes, Storm Trap

Hatch Time: 5 mins



6. Firestorm Quetzal

Is it a Drop: Yes, Moh’Lharz – Final fight of Lower ZigaZag

Card:Yes, Elemental Shield

Hatch Time: 5 mins


 Thanks to @StormRiderWiz, and Kimberly Hamilton and megan in the comments! 


7. Soulful Knight

 Is it a Drop: Yes, Sir Blackwater – Castle Halls – Darkmoor

Card:Yes, Spirit Shield

Hatch Time: 5 mins


 Thanks to Maria Kyriakakos & Cammie85204 from comments! & Corwin Shadowforge on Twitter!


8. Dapper Corgi

 Dapper Corgi Pet

 Is it a Drop: Yes, Billy the Cutter – Barkingham Palace State Wing secret boss

Card:Yes, Fuel

Hatch Time: 5 Minutes


 Thanks to Jeremy Jones in the comments!


9. Sorcerer Hunter

 Is it a Drop: Yes, Apep the Shaky One – House of Scales

Card:Yes, Balance Spear

Hatch Time: 5 Minutes

Sorcerer Hunter pet 

Thanks to Patti in the comments!


10. Fabled Grimoire



Is it a Drop: Yes, Kus’Bhid, Lower Zigazag

Card:Yes, Myth Trap

Hatch Time: 5 Minutes

Fabled Grimoire

Thanks to Amber Firesword in the comments!


11) Rooted Grimoire



Is it a Drop: Yes – Izft, House of Scales

Card:Yes, Life Trap

Hatch Time: 5 Minutes



Thanks to Amber Firesword from the comments!


12) Blood Hound

Is it a Drop: Yes, Ammit the Devourer, final boss in House of Scales

Card:Yes, LifeSpear

Hatch Time: 5 mins


Blood Hound

Thanks to Souri from the comments!


13) Red Panda

Is it a Drop: Obtained through the treasure chest behind the locked room in Pagoda of Harmony. You need a Wooden Key to get access to the chest.

Card:Yes, BalanceSpear

Hatch Time: 5 mins


red_panda_more talents 

Thanks to AluraRB on Twitter!

Thanks to Julia on Twitter!


14) Incendiary Grimoire

Is it a Drop: Yes

Card:Yes, Fire Trap

Hatch Time: 5 mins


 Thanks to Seethe42 from the comments!


15) Forgotten Grimoire

Is it a Drop: Yes, Castle Darkmoor

Card:Yes, Death Trap

Hatch Time: 5 mins


Thanks to @CrusaderKyle from Twitter!


16) Cloud Colossus

 cloud colossus_small

Is it a Drop: Yes, Secret Boss of Hollow Mountain – Temple Phantom

Card:Yes, Storm Elf

Hatch Time: 5 mins


Thanks to Steven Duskjem from the comments! 


17. Beguiled Gargoyle

Is it a Drop: Yes, Bunferatu – Castle Darkmoor Secret Boss

Card:Yes, Summon Cyclops Minion

Hatch Time: 5 mins


Thanks to @CrusaderKyle on Twitter!

18. Verglas Grimiore

Is it a Drop: Yes

Card:Yes, Ice Trap 30%

Hatch Time: 5 mins



Thanks to @InfallibleCody via Twitter!


19. Sailback Skink

Is it a Drop: Yes, Secret Boss in Lower Zigazag

Card:Yes, Ice Absorb

Hatch Time: 5 mins


Thanks to Dustin Flame in the comments!

New Talents Confirmed


1. Defender’s Rampart (May Cast Legion Shield)

Pet: Clockwork Paladin

Position: 9

Talent type: Epic




2. DOT Doctor (May Cast Triage)

Pet: Soulful Knight

Position: 2

Talent type: Epic


Thanks to @James SkyVault on Twitter!

3. Element Shield – May Cast Element Shield

Pet: Sorcerer Hunter

Position: 2

Talent type: Epic

Sorcerer Hunter pet


New Pets that have been sighted

1. Royal Ibis (from the crowns shop, but also rumored to be dropped)




Existing Pets that have been sighted / confirmed

1. Red Ghost

2. Leprechaun (Second MB Dungeon) – Thanks to Sophia from AoS!

3. Crabling

4. Blue Ghost

5. Dark Sprite

6. Sunbird

7. Minotaur

8. Ash Spider – thanks to Seth Vint from the comments!

9. Jade Oni – thanks to Duncan DarkBlade from the comments!



Have you had a pet drop?

Help us uncover the new pets and talents by posting your pets here.






  1. Psylent Night says:

    I need all the Grimoire pets.


  2. swaggy tyler 360 says:


  3. jeremy jones says:

    i got a new pet from a secret boss in marleybone

  4. Talked to a person on twitter, they got a life hound drop. Was the final boss in the level 60 dungeon.

  5. So amazing. This is a huge Update. Crazy eh? And there’s still probably more to be discovered!

  6. Maria Kyriakakos says:

    soulful knight.

    (Pic not working)

  7. Its wonderful to see pet hunting to be a thing again. Back before hatching everyone was running around looking for rare pets just to drag them around the spiral like a trophy. I guess they will be crawling around everywhere relatively soon with hatching but right now its the ultimate scavenger hunt to cross out every item on an empty list.

    • SophiaShadowhunter says:

      Its amazing isn’t it? I havent seen so many pets dropped in one update, am crossing my fingers that they will transfer over to Live only am hoping they are a little easier to farm than they are currently

  8. mason shadowdreamer says:

    Saw this. Has anyone already seen it?

  9. Patti Hamilton says:

    dunno if this has been osted or not but got him in the last battle before Ammit the devourer a sorcerer hunter

  10. Brand Ghostspear says:

    wow, they added a new clockwork minion spell to one of the pet. MUST HAVE! o:

  11. new pet name list:

    royal ibis
    whirlwind grimoire
    incendiary grimoire
    gruff goat monk
    golden goose
    winged ram of nodor
    sailback skink


  12. I’ve heard that May Cast Triage also now exists 0-0

    • purple fury says:

      i wish they would also add stuff like may cast fire elf… this is yet ANOTHER life only spell that is now availeble in may cast form, so its about time they would also do stuff like may cast detonate or may cast shift or may cast sacrefise, or may cast ghoul or something like that… life is losing way too many usefull spells to pets

      • May Casts that do damage is a dangerous thing to introduce. We do have our minorities like May Cast Snow Serpent and May Cast Locust Swarm but they don’t cast often and don’t do much damage, either. I guess they could kill a lower level enemy though 😛

      • Charles Darkflower says:

        I feel like one could argue that all of the life only spells I assume you are talking about (Fairy, Unicorn and now Triage, feel free to add to this list for me if I missed some) have been readily available as treasure card versions, while others you mentioned are not (Shift, Detonate), or deal damage, and thus are dangerous to introduce for many reasons (Sacrifice, Ghoul.) In addition, Fairy is nearly identical to Pixie (which is available to all schools.) Also, keep in mind that other schools are getting this same effect too (may cast Plague, may cast Healing Current, may cast Snowdrift, may cast Freeze/Stun, may cast Fuel, may cast Shatter, may cast Enfeeble, may cast Black Mantle, may cast Steal Charm/Ward, may cast Cleanse Charm/Ward, I’m sure there are more) in that they have spells that are may casts that aren’t trainable by other schools. I doubt may cast Triage will be reliable enough to gain widespread use, anyway (just like all of the other may casts I listed except Fairy, which I explained above,) so not much to worry about.

        • Laurel Balanceblade says:

          May cast darkpact would be really bad because what if your pet decides to cast it when you have hardly and health left? may cast sacrifice would use your blades and tower.

      • The Ultimate May Cast Pet: May Cast Darkwind, May Cast Galvanic Field, May Cast Stormblade, May Cast Balanceblade, and (i made this one up) May Cast Glowbug Squall.

    • How happy would you be if an opponent just casted a Super DoT on you and also a regenerate on themselves, and before your turn your pet chained may cast triage may cast snow drift. AND THEY MUST NOT INTRODUCE MAY CAST SHIFT.

      • I’d be surprised that my pet would do that. The cast rates are probably veeeeeery low, and the chances of both of them happening at the same time are low, and even lower because there’s a slim chance they’ll cast in the first place when a DoT shows up.

  13. Amber Firesword says:

    I have a rooted grimoire and a fabled grimoire, here are pictures:
    I feel like the drops were from mob fights in the house of scales and lower zigazag, but i didn’t take enough screenshots to be certain x_x
    I trained them to adult, no new talents discovered yet.

    Fabled Grimoire gives myth trap, rooted grimoire gives life trap.

  14. Amber Firesword says:

    Oh, and i got a ninja piggle, i trained it up to epic and here are the talents ^^

  15. Saffron RoseStone says:

    I saw the red panda, it’s adorable. She said it was from the skeleton key in the tower of harmony.

  16. Raised this hound to epic to see the stats.

  17. List updated with Fabled and Rooted Grimoire, thanks Amber! Still on the look-out for those 4 other pets and any that we don’t have listed!

  18. Red Panda 😀

  19. red panda

  20. purple fury says:

    rooted grimiore gives a myth trap? isnt it supposed to be life trap AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE? 😛

  21. purple fury says:

    i wonder what other new talents are hidden? anyway love these already 😛

  22. Dropped from Death boss that appears after failing Lens puzzle in Darkmoor Castle twice.

  23. Dropped from Death boss after failing Lens puzzle in Darkmoor Castle.

  24. Dropped from death boss in lens room of darkmoor castle

  25. Dropped in Darkmoor Castle from Death boss after failing lens puzzle

  26. I tried posting the fully trained Incendiary Grimoire I got from Death Boss after failing the Lens room puzzle in Castle Darkmoor, but it won’t post them.

  27. purple fury says:

    isnt spirit shield also a new talent? (shown on red panda pet)

  28. SophiaShadowhunter says:

    You guys are all amazing. Ty all for helping us. Duelist community is the best!!!

  29. Not sure if you noticed, but fire elf and cyclops that are now sold in pet pavilion are entirely new pets in game.

  30. That RED PANDA IS CUTE!!
    May cast triage x. x

  31. NothingInParticular says:

    omg the I’ve wanted KI to make a grimoire for Fire school since I saw the myth one floating around. I suppose i will be hanging around darkmoor a lot come live realm

  32. Seth Vint says:

    The Clockwork Paladin pet is dropped from and by the Noxious Gas Golem at the end of the second Barkingham Palace dungeon in Marleybone.

  33. What it has so far.

  34. Wolf FairyForge says:

    I love the Corgi, Red Panda and other dogs pet <3

  35. Jasonbattlehunter says:

    My soulful knight on test got a selfish, mc triage, balance myth and death ward (+15 each from selfish)

  36. the stats i got

  37. stats i got

  38. Received this and took to ancient

  39. Cammie85204 says:

    Hope this works – Soulful Knight to Ancient

    • Cammie85204 says:

      Life assailant first, medic second and life bringer third. Live assailant to 19 percent at ancient. Medic at 6 percent at ancient. Life bringer at 6 percent at ancient.

  40. Steven Duskjem says:

    New pet from hidden boss in temple.
    Storm elf item card! 🙂

  41. Steven Duskjem says:

    Sorry, hatch time 5 minutes.

  42. sonicflare9 says:

    No love for Ice?

  43. Steven Duskjem says:

    I got it from the hidden boss in hollow mountain,

    and will be training soon.

  44. Steven Duskjem says:

    My theory is that each hidden boss drops a neat new pet

  45. Igor Efimov says:

    Saw this earlier today – May cast Spirit Shield is new I think (new to me anyway) on a Red Panda

    • SophiaShadowhunter says:

      The Bronze Golem has the may cast spirit shield as a 1st gen talent, the red panda would be only the 2nd pet to have the same talent 🙂

  46. I need to know how to screenshot on a windows XP computer so i can share stuff…

    • You press the PRT SC button on your keyboard to take the screenshot, then it will save the image to a folder usually located at Documents/Wizard101

  47. Red panda is so cute!!

  48. joseph nighthunter... says:

    Is the original grimoire pet gonna get a new item card to fit its balance school?

  49. Invisible Frodo says:

    I need dat corgi

  50. swaggy tyler 360 says:

    hope the pets are as good as the seem to be

  51. Blaze MeOut says:

    These pets have crazy stats for starter pets … I would highly suggest these pets for starters

  52. I received the fabled grimoire from the first boss in the lower zigzag, I’ll show a picture when I’m able

  53. Has anyone found the verglas grimoire yet?

  54. sonicflare9 says:

    So there is no Ice pets? Really?

  55. new pet….dropped by krock boss the stone key is used to get to him

  56. Darby Waterhunter says:

    The above is all great info but would help more if what dungeon they were dropped in was included. Alot of new dungeons so hard to tell. thx

  57. sonicflare9 says:

    So no one has found the Verglas Grimoire?

  58. The new Dapper Corgi pet is dropped by Billy the Cutter in the State Wing dungeon of Barkingham Palace. A wooden skeleton key is required to access him though so keep that in mind when going to farm him for it as well there please, so there’s that at least.

  59. Also, both the Firestorm Quetzal and the Whirlwind Grimoire are dropped by Moh’Lharz (whose name is a pun on Molars in case you didn’t already know that fact there as well) in Lower Zigzag.

  60. Ash Spider pet dropped by and from the secret boss in Lower Zigzag (requires a stone skeleton key to access him there as well though too).

  61. I didn’t think to get a picture of it, but I do know for a fact that the Soulful Knight pet also drops from Sir Blackwater in Castle Darkmoor as well.

  62. Alyssa IceBlade says:

    Did I not look hard enough, or are none of these pets Ice? As an Ice wizard, I would have wished at least one of them was ice.

    • there is an ice version of the grimoire (book) pet, but it hasnt been found yet, so its not shown. be patient or help searching for it

  63. Rooted Grimoire drops from Izfit in the House of Scales dungeon in KT.

  64. dapper corgi’s hatch time is 5 minutes

  65. got the red panda as a reward in a chest from a wooden key door. working on raising him , he’s a first generation, in comparison to the talents already listed, in the seventh slot, he learned critical hitter.

  66. Brahm Cracker says:

    Picture of the Sailback Skink

  67. Brahm Cracker says:

    Did it work?

  68. hunter dragoncaster says:

    the Rooted Grimoire can give life critical and critical block .

  69. the fifth talent on the soulful knight is Myth-ward

  70. alicia firesword says:

    i know Royal ibis is at crown shop, but i got it from treasure cheat in lower zigazag dungeon.

  71. Green ghost drops from hollowed mountian

  72. Duncan DarkBlade says:

    I got the Jade Oni Crown Pet as a drop from the final boss fight in the Hollow Mountain Dungeon.

    It can also be rewarded from the Treasure Chest in the Pagoda of Harmony – Wooden Skeleton Key required.

  73. Tiggie2000 says:

    A couple more talents to add to the Rooted Grimoire. – Tiggie2000

    • Tiggie2000 . says:

      The pic didn’t work in my original post. If it doesn’t work again, the first slot is Extra Mana and the 6th slot is Life Assailant

  74. Dustin Flame says:

    I got this pet from the stone locked door in lower zigzag

    • Marcus Dragondust says:

      I got one too! Here’s what it got by Adult. I really want to know what that Epic talent is at the bottom; if anybody knows, give me a shout!

  75. Brooke Emeraldflame says:

    when I saw the Red Panda, my reaction was this: I NEED IT

  76. Kimberly Hamilton says:

    This is mine from live realm. I want mine from test LOL

  77. Duncan DarkBlade says:

    The Plague Ninja Pig pet can be given as a reward from the Treasure Chest in the Pagoda of Harmony.

  78. Caleb Legend says:

    Myth ward is on the Soulful Knight.

  79. GanglyRocket says:

    You can get a royal ibis from the chest in lower zigzag

  80. Laurel Balanceblade says:

    howling chaney. I’ll train it and post stats

  81. Royal Ibis drops somewhere in Lower Zigazag I hear.

  82. Ian Thundersword says:

    Tough Troll pet drop from Tsutsui – Pagoda of Harmony, Kembaalung level 25 dungeon off of Krokotopia

  83. Mr. Poole/Mr. Utterson dropped Crabling for me in Rooftop Dungeon in Barkingham Palace.

  84. Seth Vint says:

    Pet dropped from Howling Chaney in Castle Darkmoor.

  85. Tyler ShadowCaller says:

    I got the red ghost from Jakall! However i didnt snapshot it woops but i can show you the egg

  86. Just saw a maple moose, anyone heard of it? sorry i didn’t get a picture

  87. Anyone willing to hatch a red panda with me?

  88. On a side note…
    If you have the Dapper Corgi equipped in-game, you can use it’s energy to train pets in Grub Guardian >:)

  89. red ghost pet drop from those 2 ice and fire boss in the rooftop[the cats brother], idk which one drop it

  90. Uh I am sorry that i didn’t know where else to put it but what is the maximum amount you can get from feeding gear to pet. I fed a blackwater plate and got this. I thought max was +4…. Also, are the Face Palm and Saw Palmetto plants new?

    • It’s a bit rare to get Pet XP from feeding pet snacks, but 4 is not the maximum. 4 XP is only the maximum when training your pet in pet games, anything else doesn’t have such limits. The rarity of the item you’re feeding can get your pet more XP. Also, in Grub Guardian, you can get up to 8 XP or higher from training your pet their.

      The Saw Palmetto and Face Palm also aren’t new, they’ve been around ever since Khrysalis or maybe even earlier.

      • Thanks. I had just never heard of them after going all the way through Khrysalis and ironically got them after doing Aphrodite. *facepalm*

  91. Ashley Cassel says:

    In wc I got a Spellwrit Screamer and in Krok I got a Furious Krokomummy (both storm)!