The New Bad Juju

The New Bad Juju

new bad juju

Wizard 101’s Test Realm has been released with a slew of quality of life updates. One of the biggest updates is the change to Bad Juju highlighted below:

new bad juju

How Bad Juju now functions

Bad juju was given a massive overhaul in PvP. Here are some of the new functions:

– Bad Juju will take 25% of your max health each cast. Example: If you have 4000 health, each cast of bad juju will deal 1000 damage.

– Bad juju’s self-hit is unaffected by your damage boost or resist. It will always deal 25% of your max health every time.

– Bad Juju no longer triggers any hanging effects. Blades and traps both positive and negative are unaffected by the self hit.

– Bad Juju’s changes only activate in PvP, it remains unchanged in PvE


The Impact of the Bad Juju changes

The Bad Juju changes will likely have a number of impacts:

– The first most likely impact is the destruction of the feared Jade/Juju stall strategy. At 25% max health each cast, a mere 2 casts will lower a Jade/Juju wizard to half health- necessitating a heal lest they stay within kill range for too long.

– The flat percentage damage with the new bad juju leaves offensive death more opportunity as they no longer have to sacrifice their blade setup to use juju. However, 25% of max health- is a steep price to pay, which may preempt the spell’s use even by offensive death wizards.

– Finally, Bad Juju becomes the first card in Wizard 101 to have a context-dependent function. In PvE, Bad Juju remains unchanged but in PvP the new effects take hold. This is a revolutionary change for Wizard 101 and if applied to other spells consistently, has the potential to stop the inevitable PvE vs PvP debates that ensue after every nerf or buff.

What do you think of the new Bad Juju? 
Let us know in the Comments below! 

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  • Seanskullwalker

    As Offensive death this feels like a slap in the face. This feels like death is individually targeted. Even last update they nerfed a already risky spell “Beguile”. This isn’t fair because i work hard and struggle enough for my rank. Death the worst school and some how always given the worst spells and taking the most nerfs

    • Filip

      People who say “death is the worst school in pvp” are kinda right, because storm is so bad, it can be considered out of this world..

    • ADawny

      Headless Horseman is a brutal spell, and Death remains a terrifying force at legendary and below, as Jeremy would know. Death being one of the few schools I haven’t played to high ranks; I can’t speak for the school well in general, but it would SEEM that as juju isn’t affected by blades its capacity as a “clutch moment” spell is amplified for offensive deaths.

      • Seanskullwalker

        The thing is it by pass blades but it also doesnt remove weakness. The damage is too costly to use. 1..6k-2k is literally hitting yourself with a shadow. This spell is literally equal to firing a gun backwards.

        • ADawny

          Haha… Well then, you’re the expert.

    • Phil

      Not sure if you remember me but we used to talk, played max death pvp with the name “Jason” a few years back and ended up quitting for similar reasons. Loved the school, loads of fun but KI continually shafts it in PvP with their updates. I check back here every now and then in hopes that they’ve balanced things out but it’s clear that not much has changed. Dope that you’re still at it though man, best of luck in the arena 🙂

      • Wolf Legendthief

        Haven’t been on wiz in months and I come back and see 2 of my best friends in the game.

        Welcome back Jason, haven’t seen you in a long time. My character is still muted so that’s why I couldn’t talk to you when I logged on today Jason and logging onto a talker would be a hassle because I had to leave soon anyway.

        I agree with you Sean, the state of PvP hasn’t really changed for Death much since I left and that is why I don’t play this game frequently as I use to before but will occasionally check once in a while for new updates and changes. After they tarnished my favorite spell (Beguile), I have had tough resolve to even log into the game. Death wizards have nothing and then they take Beguile from me because some of my “use to be” moronic friends spammed it in team PvP. Horsemen is still a good spell and I thought about utilizing it in other ways in PvP but there is no utility so it’s hopeless.

        Anyway, it was nice seeing both of you. Good luck with PvP, Sean; and good luck with college, Jason.

      • Seanskullwalker

        Thanks man and long time no see. But if this update happens i dont think i will be able to do it anymore.

  • golden brigain

    for death wizards this is bad, but for all wizards I like it. Now they just have to remove the 90% debuff from Effreet and we’re good to go.

  • e

    Terrible. Ruined offensive and jade death at max level. At this point, i am convinced KI has a grudge against the death school. Seems like death is getting nerfed every update.

    • Matthew

      Let’s be honest, jade death kind of deserved to be ruined. It was (and still currently is in the current live realm iirc) free rank at level 80 and quite powerful at max level. I do agree this took it a little too far though. I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15% of max health would be fine and would keep it non-spammable but still viable for offensive death.

  • Logan LegendHunter

    I found it to be an excellent addition but a bit excessive. Even if it keeps all charms/wards, having to deal with 1.6k less health for use is expensive for offensive death imo. Something in 600-1000 range would be better (between 10-15%, as already stated in the comments).
    If it goes further on other spells I guess the next one will probably be a guardian spirit unaffected by healing percentages of any kind.

    • Logan LegendHunter

      Actually, after some thinking, 10% would be too low and wouldn’t affect juju spamming that much. So 15% would be better, as its damage would touch 1k only after surpassing 6666 health (that number lol)

      • Blaze MeOut

        1K is also easily heal able for many deaths at high level. 1.5K isn’t that hard to heal off. Death’s still have a ton of reserve health and drain/healing spells to still support the team as either a hitter or a healer.

        • Logan LegendHunter

          1.5-1.6k less hp isn’t that hard to deal with – when you have 8k of health. Thinking on the further levels, I would be ok with sacrificing this amount of hp when Death reaches 8k, which means, proportionally talking, 1.6k at 8k hp is equal to 1.3k at 6.5k hp (which corrects my hp range suggestion to 15-20%).
          My logic is: you sacrifice 1.3k to stop a spell that will do 4k-5k. If it works, you are still receiving 400-500 damage (the 10% left) minus the percentage from resist-piercing, so in the end, the 1.5-1.6k is still there (1300 plus 200-300).

          Also, I have to disagree when you say that Death still has a ton of reserve health after losing 1.6k (only from juju). Doing the calculation, 6.4k-1.6k=4.8k, which is a bit below the Storm’s health and IS considered low.

          • Blaze MeOut

            you’re thinking in terms of max health here, and not considering death school’s higher resist than storm and the ability to heal more proficiently than storm… people forget that death is mostly the school that can hit and heal at the same time -> juju hit combo can be a thing now that it doesn’t remove blades…Also, Why would anyone start out the match with juju? Again, this makes it a situational spell… not a spell meant to be spammed, but people still keep thinking in terms of spamming juju instead of figuring out how to now combo it with other spells which is now possible.

          • Logan LegendHunter

            “you’re thinking in terms of max health here (…)” even if I don’t consider max health, we can see that the 4.8k gets lower, can’t we? Also, sacrifice heals a decent amount but cleans towers while hc has 33.3% of chance to be a great heal having 66.7% of the opposite chance. I mean, both of the heals have drawbacks as it should be to balance the game, so I think they’re even (I’m not complaining about it here).

            “why would anyone start out the match with juju?” Considering the rounds when one blades while other shields, isn’t really a start with juju, is it? Also, I’m not a fan of juju spamming, I approve the destruction of jade juju strategy.

            Well, at this stage of replies I guess we both got our points and don’t need to keep going on this. You see the possibilities of juju combo (which I’m seeing too) while I just feel that it could be better implemented (and more fair) if the cost were decreased from 25% hp to at least 20% hp.

  • Deathheart7

    Now they just gotta update all other death self hits with this “doesnt use blades” perk

  • Songibal

    *sigh* I had a feeling they would do something like this since KI loves to nerf every somewhat decent death spell. As someone who does max juju, this change would not have been so bad if death had other good spells to work with. Make red ghost an actual spell and not just a tc and pet card, change beguile back to 2 rounds, make winged sorrow do beguile, and at least make juju 15% so death hitters can actually use it. Meanwhile balance ice and fire get to keep all of their nice things.

    • Seanskullwalker


  • Blaze MeOut

    To be honest, this isn’t gonna prevent a death from using it in pvp. This isn’t ruined meta for them; its still a -90% weakness for 3 pips. This makes it more of a dire situation spell where it’s a must use instead of oh let me just spam a bunch of protected bad juju and watch this guy suffer. With bad juju not using up blades/shields, adding headless horseman, and adding a the recent death robe from skeleton key boss in empyrea, I can tell kingsisle wants this meta to be offensive for death as it was when aquila came out. Which means, using bad juju once or twice is good enough in any match. For a -90%, its too cheap of pips to face without any consequences. Most of the self hit spells had little power, but at low level they were first trained at reduced low-mid death wizard’s health a ton. Bad juju was different just because its the only known self hit spell given at high level because the effect is so powerful. The health scaling is very high. A debuff that nerfs damage, and is unaffected by pierce. Weaknesses are basically better than an ice weavers shields for death’s. Death also is one of those schools with capabilities to heal it off a little and tank a hit, so the -25% isn’t the worst for death as it would be for non-healing viable schools such as storm and myth. Also, death really isn’t at the bottom of the nerf list. Storm is -> They nerfed Sirens, wild bolt, and catch of the day. Not to mention, they also nerfed critical a ton, but had to buff it up a bit because storm wizards were underhanded. Ironically, death is actually the most popular school for players in wizard101. The top of the leaderboards is actually filled with mid level deaths. Unlike storm, it has tons of utility, but they are outdated solely based on the fact that most of the self hit spells take away blades and shields. It’s a buff because its the first self hit spell that doesn’t do that.Now, you can literally combo bad juju into a shadow hit without it using your blades or shields for an offensive death -> in team pvp you can literally bad juju and then get max health back using lulu. If you want to use a spell that removes weaknesses and traps, there are plenty of other self hit spells already available.

    • Seanskullwalker

      You clearly never played offensive death

      • Blaze MeOut

        Obviously, offensive death couldn’t use juju before because it stole their blades and shields. You clearly haven’t been on test realm.

        • Seanskullwalker

          So you telling me losing 1600 or 2k everytime i wanna use juju is ok? The New juju is a complete nerf to death school. It takes away from the point of using the spell period. Please make a death because i believe you wouldnt have that same energy or approach toward the spell.

          • Blaze MeOut

            its not 2K its around 1.5-16.K at max level … And I have a death already. In a situation where pips dont matter and the opponents are about to kill you, I would rather use a juju and die … and still afford to save my blades and shields for a hit after.

          • Wolf Legendthief

            If you don’t mind me asking, is your Death at max level and what rating is he?

          • Seanskullwalker

            I used the spell and it did 1.6-2k. Even if its 1500 thats basically killing you self for a spell that can literally be wand off or taken off by a low pip spell. That has to be the dumbest exchange ever. Also again what if your opponent is spamming you with lore or weaver? By time o blade up and use juju you will be dead and the spell doesnt take off weakness

          • Blaze MeOut

            Weaver isnt as much spammable and can be nerfed or stalled with juju or debuffs beforehand… also why would you waste pips on a juju against lore spamming … it’s low damage -> the only reason lore is good is because of the weakness and smoke with it… Kingsisle literally made it like this so you don’t just resort to using juju all the time especially on low pip spells like lore… its redundant and takes no skill. Also, death has a spell similar to weaver, but people overlook it because again juju spamming removes skill and makes other death spells underrated. Winged sorrow is basically the death counterpart to weaver. Pierce affects shields, but not weaknesses so they both are similar affects. Also weaknesses affect the entire damage of a multihit-spell instead of one of the hits of a weaver shield. Not to mention, it’s also an aoe weakness. In a pierce meta dominated meta, this distinction is important to understand. Juju should be a high risk high reward spell as it’s now intended. A -90% weakness for 3 pips is the most op debuff you can get in this entire game. The costs should be worth it in situations, but bad if you mess up. Every spell should have a downside too -> this makes it take skill to use juju instead of just juju spamming.

  • Sick Sorcerer

    25% of Max health is a lot of health to consider, especially if regular 4 pip (enchanted) spells from the enemy would hit you for less.
    I suggest to buff juju to take 12% of max health. At archmage level, juju Jades with 3,500 health would take 420 health. Strategicay speaking, this would still deter them from spamming juju too often (maybe 2-3 times in a row before healing). Furthermore, this also would not completely wipe out the Jade juju strategy.
    At Max level, death hitters with 6,000 health would take 720 health at 12%. This is actually a lot less severe than the 900 from what 15% max health would do. I would be more comfortable to cast 3 juju’s at 12% than only 2 at 15%.

    Another idea would be to keep the 25% max health drawback, but buff the pip cost of the spell from 3 to 2 pips. This would be great for death hitters saving pips for a hit, while also protecting themselves from a lethal 1 shot with the -90.
    For juju Jades the -25% max health is a considerable health cost to pay to spam this spell every round.

  • Logan Legendthief

    About 7 years too late. Enjoy your death, wizard101. You killed yourself.

  • Orfeas Moukai

    eh idrc offensive death wasnt good anyway no one was above 1.5k legitimately because the school is bad anyway but i must admit that the juju nerf just messed it entirely, im glad that ki prevented unskilled people from ranking up by a completely retarded strategy though, however max life angels will multiply now and idk how to feel about that

  • BlackUnkowned

    r.i.p death, you will not be forgotten. Unless your talking about kingsisle.

  • BlackUnkowned

    r.i.p death. You will not be forgotten, unless your talking about kingsisle.

    • BlackUnkowned

      ew double post

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