Updates to Water Elemental(Storm)

Updates to Water ElementalWater Elemental

In a recent update, a huge change has snuck in Wizard101 (Click Here). The Storm school’s Water Elemental minion now has a natural attack! Here is the text of the update:

Dworgyn Forum Message

-The Natural Attack

Water Elemental

Other Changes

 In addition to the natural attack update, there are some other changes not mentioned in the notes:

-The Water Elemental Starts with 3 normal pips when cast

Water Elemental

-The Water Elemental learned Disarm

Water Elemental

Impact on PvP

A buff to low and mid-level Storm

Storm has long had one of the worst minions in low and mid level PvP. The Storm minion was pretty much used as a meat puppet, purely reactive minion. However, now it has a natural attack, disarm,  the ability to heal, shield and absorb itself and owner and also the ability to buff with Storm Trap. This makes it one of the most potent low-mid lvl minions allowing it to compete with the likes of the Fire Elemental and Ice Guardian.

A potentially usable minion at all levels

Storm at all levels is in severe need of of shield breaking potential. The ability of the minion to do just that increases it’s value significantly while it’s defensive attributes help to augment Storm’s weaker defenses. As a result this makes it a viable minion at almost all level ranges. Of course, the fast tempo of Max Lvl matches may preempt the minion from being used effectively in those matches but it is certainly worth testing in those formats.


What do you think of the Storm Minion Updates?

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  • LiamWH

    Minions are problematic. These spells use precious pips and add clutter to your deck. They can be an outright liability against some cheating bosses. I’d view this attack as a dubious improvement, since this minion can now set off the wizard’s traps.

    If KI wants people to use minions outside of very specific situations, they should allow you to command them.

    • Lentils.

      This article is from a pvp point of view.

      • LiamWH

        Granted. The change doesn’t only impact PvP, though.

  • And Ham.

    This is now possibly the best minion in the game. Much harder to kill than a fire or ice minion. It now breaks shields. And it is much more willing to heal it’s caster than say a minotaur minion, who is a bit selfish with his defenses. Great update for storm wizards.

    • Wolf FireBreath

      I’m really excited to see how this effects low lvl pvp! Quick question, did they get rid of taunt on the minion? Cause that’s all he ever used for me lol. In storm pvp, a lot of players have resorted to extreme offense (BOLT :D) but this adds in the opportunity to play a more defensive game. From just this little update, storm is made SOOO much better at low level. Idk if this is really gonna switch my strat from insane triton’s and myth mastery goodies, but it’s nice to know that it I have the choice to be versatile.

      • Eric Stormbringer

        It still has taunt and all the other goodies it had (sprite, spirit armor, storm trap, elemental shield)

    • Happy Hawks

      it doesn’t break them that often though

  • Baldur Hjoshki

    Now if they’d only be so kind as to retroactively fix the dozens of other severely broken/virtually useless spells within schools that need them.

    • Wolf FireBreath

      I thought about it, and Kingsisle’s style of “fixing” things is by buffing random stuff instead of nerfing. I can’t think of any major nerfs after the spell was released to live. Kingsisle would rather try to make everyone happy without the expense of anyone instead of upsetting some players. Big example of this is burning rampage (STILL SO OP), they gifted fire this insane spell and never nerfed it. Instead of that Kingsisle tried to fix it with the triple fire shield tc. As you can probably see, it did NOTHING, which is why Kingsisle just has to start NERFING AND FIXING THINGS NOT PRETENDING LIKE EVERYTHING’S ALL GOOD

      • Baldur Hjoshki

        Unfortunately whenever they ‘nerf’ things it appears to be on schools that DON’T NEED to be nerfed at all instead of addressing the real disaster areas— i.e khrulhu being nerfed from 1100 to 830. I have no problem with rampage except that maybe there should be another round to give second the opportunity to triage or shift it. You have to be insanely accurate/lucky with a prediction for that to happen, or first, obviously.

  • Chris

    Smh it took them all these years to update that crappy spell.

  • Peter Idiake

    Be need I meant nerfing darn auto correct

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