Winterbane Hall Gauntlet and Coldfire Dragon

Wizard101 Winterbane Hall Bundle Gauntlet

Have you heard about the Winterbane Bundle yet? It comes with a cute Polar Bear Cub pet, and some gear we recently saw a preview of in the test realm. More importantly, it comes with Wizard101’s newest Gauntlet – the Winterbane Hall! This is a housing item that you can place in your wizards home, and it provides a challenging dungeon that you can’t get anywhere else. It gives unique gear and badges!

I gave the Winterbane Hall Gauntlet a test run with the help of Heather Shadowslinger, and have to say that it is very fun and challenging. In addition to that, Heather got a new pet – the Coldfire Dragon – as a reward from the last boss! Here are some pics and info:

Wizard101 W101 Coldfire Dragon Pet


The Coldfire Dragon has a very unique look! It’s blue with textured wings and intricate markings all down its back. We think it’s one of th best looking Dragon pets ever to hit the spiral!

But there’s more, the ColdFire Dragon comes with a unique card too, named after the final boss of the Gauntlet!

eirikur-axebreakerThe attack is called Eirikur Axebreaker. It’s a 7 pip Fire spell that deals 440 Fire damage, leaves a 45% accuracy debuff, AND gives a 9% universal spear to your entire team! A little expensive on pips, but very cool effects.

Heather is already planning a video tutorial to guide you through the Winterbane Hall Gauntlet, because the bosses there are tough and have several cheats. We’ll have that up as soon as possible.. Until then, happy dueling!




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  • Lawrence

    When will it be out in actual wizard101?

    • This was on the live realm, some people have been able to purchase the bundles already.

  • palacios.xavier13

    Oh my god, looks great. Now I’m gonna have to bother one of my friends to use it

  • Wolf

    Sabertooths? Polar Bears? yeah i think polaris is gonna come out some time soon

    • Caleb Ravenstaff

      I HOPE SO! I have wanted Polaris since the first time the name was mentioned. Then even more so every time after. Not to mention I almost died when in pirate101 they said it was a penguin world. This is gonna be awesome!

  • Anthony FireSword

    While we are on the topic of new pets, when is Duelist going tot discuss about the new game-breaking talent: “may cast healing current”, available on the new beta fish from the new Atlantis bundle?

    • To be honest, it’s hard to find anything to discuss. Yet ANOTHER pet heal.. weeee. More and more, OHKO is the only way to go.

      • Anthony FireSword

        True, with more pet talents based on defense, such as the recently added fairy, and stacking resist talents, OHKOs do seem to be the only way to combat this. The sad truth is though, is that OHKOs are very difficult to obtain in 1v1, near impossible in 4v4 (with all of the jade and icezillas, plague spamming deaths, and quakers/enfeeblers) without the use of either a LOT of blade/trap stacks, or if you are fire or storm, the use of backdraft or supercharge receptively. However, blade stackers and supercharge users cry when paired against an opponent with enfeeble or earthquake, while trap stackers and backdraft users are easily pinned when the opponent uses self hit moves, or tower shield (more likely to be volcanic in backdraft’s case), forcing the opponent to wand/off-school hit the shield off (which will use up all of those feints), or use a big DoT, which unless its heckhound or spinysaur, will use all of the traps to do ‘meh’ damage at best. OHKO tactics are not unheard of though (your world burner set is a perfect example of this), but like you said, MANY difficulties arise from these, such as the next-to, if not unexistant defenses, making opponents who require a little more set-up to hit hard (like ice or life) a tad bit easier. HOWEVER, if vs. an all out hitter (typically storm, fire and often balance), the odds of winning decrease exponentially. Lastly, OHKO tactics involving many buffs are easily stopped or countered, such as:

        Fire: Efreet/steal charm

        Ice: Tower/absorbs

        Storm: Enfeeble/hit so often opponent is more focused on their HP over yours

        Balance: Supernova/Manaburn (manaburn keeps pips low enough to keep the per pip buffs from reaching dangerous levels, in addition to keeping the big hits for occurring)

        Death: Juju/sacrifice/empower/dark pact

        Life: Guardian Spirit

        Myth: Earthquake/cleanse ward

        To really make this REALLY long ramble short: as more time goes on, players are harder to chip away at their hp, heal more and more per cast (not inducing the 1000s of hp their pets can restore), and are even less likely to be OHKO’d. Makes PvP a lot less enjoyable when matches are never ending from unkillable players.

  • izabera

    i’m in love with the extremely cute polar bear cub *__*

  • master of wizard 101

    this a really cool gauntlet i will try it where in wintertusk is it

    • master of wizard 101

      o lol it is in a house my mistake

  • Ok, so I level this fire pet, with the cool fire card, and what do I get? Ice-shot. Huh?? Next, I got Fire-shot. So no super winning talents on this one. lol! Still cool looking pet.

    The card does gives a spearstorm to your entire team and does damage to all enemies then leaves a smoke screen. I’ll get a quick video up of the spell.

  • Hey! Who let that tiger loose in the Duelist Testing Facility?! :O

  • asimplewhisper

    if anyone is interested, i have the coldfire, and have already hatched out 7. everyone has gotten it in one try, and i have gotten back all but once. just trying to help spread the pet. let me know if you are interested

    • Jesse Allen Culp

      i tried to hatch with a lot of people who have it, but i am not lucky enough NO! seems common… i am jesse firewraith if you want to hatch. i got an ancient aged sea dragon. Does Spritely, gives power pips, and Pierce. So whats up?

      • Jonathan Firehammer

        ik its been a few years but may I to plz XD

    • Robert UnicornFriend

      hello I would love to get a Coldfire dragon from u and meet u in wizard101 someday.I am Robert Unicornfriend life wizard

  • izabera

    very cool video!

  • JordanDeathPyre lvl 52 balance

    dude sweet i was going to get Winterbane Gauntlet with my birthday money i can’t wait for that pet and the new bosses and enemies you fight! Good post bro! BTW i gift anyone but only my friends and if you want to be my friend to get gifted then i won’t gift you. So don’t trick me i know all of them but i am behind in gifting because i have insufficient Birthday money 🙁 but i promise if you are patient enough i will gift you.

  • JordanDeathPyre lvl 52 balance

    hey bro you think there could be other unique drops? Because i want to get more than one pet 🙁 but that was legendary baby!

  • JordanDeathPyre lvl 52 balance

    i got a pet collection :<B and this will go great with my collection

  • JordanDeathPyre lvl 52 balance

    :<B and this will go great with my collection

  • JordanDeathPyre lvl 52 balance

    and this will go great with my collection

  • JordanDeathPyre lvl 52 balance


  • JordanDeathPyre lvl 52 balance


  • JordanDeathPyre lvl 52 balance

    sorry i tried to make a bucktooth grin but it just appearing as a colon sorry i didn’t mean to spam your page

    • lol it happens!

  • Jenny

    What is it called when it is a egg

  • Brett Doering

    I did this as a level 35 Death Wizard (leveled up to 36 end) with a level 61 Myth and a level 45 Ice wizard. When we completed it, I got a snow serpent or something of the sort that gives you frost snake at ancient (80 ice damage + 30% to next ice attack). It’s in a mysterious egg, hatch time is 9 hours.
    If I were to complete Winterbane Hall again at a higher level, then would I get the Coldfire Dragon?

  • Molly BattleSword

    That pet is so nice! O. o I want it o: btw love your effects and music on the video 😛

  • I’ve heard this pet is dropped in Winterbane tier 3. Is it dropped in tier 1 or 2 possibly? D:

  • kevin thorn

    i have the pet! 🙂
    its amazing

  • Spectraz

    i got the cold fire dragon on my first run in winterbane

  • Sydney Lion

    The higher you are when you enter Winterbane Hall, is it the higher drop rates??

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