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Wizard 101’s newest update Polaris has been out for about a month now. With it came all new bosses, locales and more importantly for PvPers-gear to farm. Duelist 101 has identified the 2 best bosses to farm for gear: Baba Yaga and Rasputin. However, both bosses can be a challenge even for an experienced team and as such farming them may seem intimidating. Today’s guide will focus on how you can defeat Baba Yaga in 2 rounds leading to a smoother and faster farming experience.

Looking for the Baba Yaga Drop List? You can find it by clicking here.

Feint SpellThe Strategy: Simple Version

Feint Stack-GG

The Strategy Explained

While the above explanation may seem to be a joke, that is literally all there is to a successful run of Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga has no cheats that stop feint and her cheats don’t start until round 3. By defeating her in 2 rounds you negate the majority of the damage she can deal along with ignoring the majority of her utility. Here is all you need to pull off this strategy.

Person 1

Main Deck

Feint x 2, Potent Trap

Side Deck


Person 2

Main Deck

Amulet Feint

Side Deck

TC Feint

Cleanse Charm

Person 3

Main Deck

Pet Feint, Amulet potent trap, Feint

Side Deck


Person 4 (Hitter)

Main Deck

One Main School Blade, One Sharpen Blade, One 5 or 6 pip hit, One 5 or 6 pip shadow hit, 2 colossal

Side Deck



Turn 1– Players 1-3 cast a feint of their choice while Player 4 casts a Sharpened Blade

Turn 2(Ideal)-Players 1-3 cast their other feint while Player 4 casts their attack.

Turn 2(Baba Yaga Shields the turn prior)-2 of the 3 Players cast feint while 1 Player casts Shatter. Player 4 casts their attack.

Turn 2(Baba Yaga Virulent Plagues the turn prior)-2 of the 3 Players cast feint while 1 Player casts Cleanse Charm. Player 4 casts their attack.


Only 3 different feints are needed turn one so if you cannot find 6 different feints don’t sweat it. Simply ensure each player has a different type of feint(TC, Regular and Potent) and a different type of blade for the hitter(TC, Regular and Sharpen Elemental/Spirit Blade). This will still lead to a successful 2 round kill scenario: Round 1-Feints, Round 2-Blades.

Recommended Spells for Hitters

The Great thing about this strategy is that it can work with any school’s hitter(myth school will require one person to replace feint with a myth convert). Here are the recommended spells per school Hitter.


Triton or Rusalka’s Wrath


Helephant or Fire From Above


Ice Colossus or Abominable Weaver


Ninja Pigs or Witch’s Housecall


Skeletal Pirate or Winged Sorrow


Centaur or Hungry Caterpillar


Judgement or Nested Fury

Things to Remember

Enter all at once with the hitter in the last position!- Unlike Rasputin you can choose when to enter Baba Yaga and in what order. Take full advantage of this. Players 1-3 can enter in whatever order they want but it is recommended you have Player 4 in the last position. An easy way I have found to get people in the circle on time is to have someone as the designated counter. it can be as simple as counting 3…2…1…Go or Ready…Set…Go. Whatever works to get your group in as a unit. This is particularly important as Baba Yaga’s tardiness cheat of Polymorphing you into an egg can ruin the strategy if she polymorphs your hitter.

Don’t pack anything extra!- One of the biggest mistakes I see new groups make is trying to insert enough cards for every eventuality. I know that a 4 card deck may seem scary and even downright crazy but packing your deck with extra unneeded cards simply prolongs the battle and can even lead to a failed run. For example lets say that players 1-3 decided to play a myth shield instead of feint: Normally this isn’t a bad idea since Baba Yaga is a Myth boss. However by doing so you will fail to kill Baba Yaga and the next round she will summon her Minotaur Minion-effectively collapsing the strategy.

Don’t be afraid to flee!For whatever reason wizards seem to have a built in aversion to fleeing. I am here to tell you that it’s ok to flee. When you are doing a speed run strategy on a boss like this it is often better to flee than try to salvage the run if something goes wrong. If your hitter joins late and gets turned into an egg it is 100% ok to flee…otherwise you are going to have a bad day.

Don’t be an Eric!!!!!!!As bored as you may become; I do not recommend winging it and/or casting random spells for fun. For example- casting a Zeus Jewel Spell on the round you are supposed to be killing Rasputin will typically end with your teammates beating you about the head and shoulder with lead pipes and/or the nearest blunt objects(Based on a True Story). P.S-beguiling the Life minion to heal your dead teammate after your shenanigans will surprisingly NOT lead to the outpouring of effusive gratitude that the reasonable person might expect.



Tell us How the 2 Round Baba Yaga Strategy Works For you in the Comments below!

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  • William DeathWhisper

    WOW! Thank you, this will be awesome to use for farming! 😉

  • BoilingHotCoffee

    Hey guys! I actually had a pretty easy time with Baba Yaga and Rasputin
    – For Baba Yaga, we had a balance wizard in my team bring elemental and spiritual dispel
    As soon as the battle starts, GET A SPIRITUAL DISPEL ON BABA YAGA RIGHT AWAY. When she attempts to summon her Death Minotaur, it won’t come.
    Before the sixth round arrives, put an elemental dispel on her, she won’t be able to summon her storm medusa.
    And when the tenth round arrives, she won’t be able to summon her ice catalan
    HOWEVER BE CAREFUL, she has spells that can break death and ice dispels. So it’s best to put the dispels on THE ROUND BEFORE(It’s best to go second in this battle, if you’re going to do this)
    Now you will only have Baba Yaga alone, and she ain’t that bad by herself.
    -For Rasputin, we had a fire wizard spam quench(fire dispels) along with myself(i had a fire mastery from darkmoor). You could almost blade with no consequence since his experiments won’t be able to show up. Rasputin had some fire spells so we had 2 or more dispels on him at once. At the same time, we bladed a storm hammer. AND BEWARE NOT TO PUT TWO FEINTS

    • Sierra

      If you are farming with 2, the dispels are the way to go, btw death (1 out of 6 times the death dispel will get used up before the minion) and storm work just fine for dispels. I do this dual boxing in 4 rounds, there really is no reason to get to round 10 for the ice guy. I have farmed this a lot and we are always first, not sure you can even go second here.

      • Aaron S.

        omg jazz lives…

        • Sierra

          🙂 been acting like a pirate matey! Arggghhhhh, pvp is pretty cool over there actually.

      • Sara S

        How do you set up the decks for two players? If death and storm go in, death dispells and storm dispels, and sort of the same on just using different feints?

        • Sierra

          I only death dispel, because with storm you can kill on round 4 usually. I feint, dispel, potent feint, then another feint or blade, while storm blades and kills with either triton or ruluska if you are lucky. You actually may have pips by then for something more than triton, have to check lol. Triton actually works and I am lazy!

  • Patrick

    One small refinement: if you have a balance wizard (or one with balance mastery), would recommend casting a spirit defuse first round. Stops her first round spell so no issues with big shield, velvety plague or stun — and still have time to do 4-5 feints. What a deal!

  • Jordan Niyogi

    What if i want to solo?

    • Sierra

      I believe dispels no longer work in this fight. If I was going to solo I would focus on taking out baba first so she stops spawning minions. Feints on her are still the way to go but you will probably have to take out at least the death minion and perhaps the storm one as well.

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