Wizard101 Aquila Released!

Wizard101 Aquila Goes Live

Ready your spears!

Wizard101 Aquila Released

Wizard101 Supreme Gladiator BadgePrepare yourself for the Immortal Games, because Wizard101 launched their new Aquila expansion on the Live Server today! Pit your skills against the gods Ares, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades as you fight to complete their dungeons! Start off by speaking to Cyrus Drake in the Myth school to grab your quest, and then set off for adventure!

Aquila offers completely new gear for level 30, 70, and 90 wizards. It also brings new pets, badges, and the next level of Mastery Amulet – Exalted Amulets!


Wizard101 Aquila Guides!

Duelist101 has you covered.

We’ve been all over the new Aquila content ever since it hit Test Realm, and we’ve got you covered!



And Much More!

Keep checking back.

We’re still working on covering the new content, and changes that were made on test realm. We’ll have a guide to Tartarus up as soon as possible, and the changes to the Crafted Gear, since some of our pictures have already become outdated. Keep checking back for more Aquila info!

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  • I’m there. And I am farming. And it is good.

  • I’m having a KI-dentity crisis! Don’t know if I want to farm Aquila for new gear or the Loremaster for new spells.

    x has meltdown from the excitement x

  • DMT001

    Loremaster here I come. Now I just have to figure out how to get my Magus to DS, lol

  • Blaze Raven

    My farming schedule-
    Get the Magus wand, Loremaster on magus, Do Atlantea, Loremaster on legend, do Tartarus, get crit wand on fire, Loremaster on fire, Loremaster on death. Yeaaahhh I’m going to be at this a while…

  • Garrett Justus


    • Me too, man. Me too.

  • Matthew Dragonblood

    This ring my friend found today 😀

  • DMT001

    Got the Magus wand, wow that 10% is awesome, just wish it did not have to be a fire wand. Rethinking my fire deck to compensate for the off school weakness remover. lol but that damage is to nice not to use, lol. 39 Damage on my magus fire, now i just need to hatch a Damage pet to Reek some real havoc, lol

  • penrosecat1

    already got luminous weaver on balance, lol

  • penrosecat1

    Hey guys I just saw this deck on live, dont know if you guys seen it or not, I saw it for the first time

    • Very cool! I wonder where it drops?

      • penrosecat1

        Probably in Tartarus, as it is for 90+ level

        • Anthony FireSword

          Actually when working on Aquila in test, I can confirm that that evil squid in Atlantea (must be level 90 or higher to fight him) does drop it. Not sure if any other bosses can though

          • penrosecat1

            I am mostly interested in seeing the fiery giant lol

  • Cyclonic

    You guys were late by 2 days.

  • penrosecat1

    Yahoo loremaster get 😀

  • penrosecat1

    Just noticed, on Central it says theres a may cast Wyldfire, Darkwind, and on the new golden ram there is:

    • penrosecat1


  • oliver3619

    i am back people!!!!!!!!! oec3619 wooohooo!!!!!!!!!! Back from a break

  • Christopher Hawk

    I hate to correct but i heard you guys want the tippity top shape lol, Right above this comment is something that says “And Much More!” right under that ( words ) you made a spelling mistake “and changes that weer made in the test realm.” you spelled were wrong lol, cya guys later i’ll be watching! 😛

    • Thanks for letting us know – fixed!

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