MIRAGE Test Realm: Pip Conversion and more!


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The latest test realm for Fall is here.. and Mirage is here! Along with Pip Conversion, Legendary Weapons, and more! Come take a look at what is in store!

NOTE: This is the master guide article, we’ll have links to everything when we can! You can read the patch notes HERE


miragespoo Mirage test realm

Come explore the sands of Mirage – the next main content world! Wizards can level to 120, and achieve the title of Champion! Walk the streets of Aggrobah, and explore the deserts, helping the Qhats! (The ending of Mirage isn’t available with the release of test. Just like Valencia Part 2 in Pirate101, it will only be added to test realm at a later update.)

Players who have reached level 110 and have completed the Polaris quest “Back to the Arcanum” need to visit Librarian Fitzhume to take on the quest “Post-Polaris Prognosis.”

120-wizard Mirage test realm

  • As always, there will be training points, at 115, 120, and through additional quests in Mirage.
  • The gold cap for 120 is now 475,000.
  • There are new Grandmaster Socket Wrenches for the new items that are to come in Mirage.
  • Brandon MistBorn will offer new level 120 PvP gear and jewels!
  • Players who complete the quest “Trial of the Understudy” will also find they have a brand new apartment in the Arcanum! You will automatically get an additional house elixir when you complete the quest.


First of all the new level 118 spells have a new mechanic! As taken from the KI test realm notes:

“All of these Level 118 spells feature a new mechanic where you “divide” your damage among the number of targets you chose. After selecting the spell, you then select each target you would like the spell to hit. Your choice: 1, 2, 3, or 4 targets!”

Your Arcanum professors will have a new quest for you once you hit 118 and complete the quest “History of the Cabal.”



If you’re a Promethean Crafter, and have completed the quest “Gemstone Secrets” from Polaris and “Stop! HammerTail” from Khrysalis, Librarian Fitzhume will have a new quest for you to explore the Forge of Legends. After you complete the quest, you can get recipes for Legendary Weapons!


This is another new function that has been introduced to Wizard101. As taken from the patch notes, again:

“This is a new type of vendor who only sells you items when you unlock a special badge associated with them. When you encounter these vendors throughout Mirage, do not be surprised when they offer you a quest to get you started. Unique (and hard-earned) treasures can be purchased from them when you earn a faction vendor’s respect! You can even purchase a new apartment from a faction vendor.”

(Not sure if you can be part of only one faction or multiple, but will update when we know!)


In addition, castles have now gotten more interactive! Go visit Babbage Basset in Regent’s Square in Marleybone to get started on several new updates to castles – items can now move, animate, and react to your visitors’ actions. As such, you’ll even be able to create puzzles based off the puzzles of earlier worlds in Wizard101!



This is the patch of new mechanics – so here we go with another one! Pip Conversion can be found on Decks, Amulets, and Wands in Mirage. When you cast a spell that you have more pips for (for example, a Phoenix when having 3 power pips), this stat will now give you a chance to refund that extra pip back. Secondly, when you have full pips, and some are white, this stat will occasionally turn those white pips into power pips. The higher your pip conversion stat, the higher chance you have at both of these happening.


  • Enchanted cards no longer will return when you reshuffle, which means you will have to re-enchant every reshuffle.
  • A new Daily Assignments lore quest has been added – Check in with Aegon Statz to continue hunting down pekron readings.
  • Several bug fixes and sound fixes.
  • For all the updates, check the patch notes.

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  • Cass

    Can’t wait to see the other spells.. The life one looks so good!

  • seethe42

    Can anyone actually get onto the test realm? I just keep getting Failed to Connect to Server after the Wizard select screen.

    • Eric Stormbringer

      According to Tom(W101 Community Manager) there is a firewall issue. They will be up in around 15 minutes from now 755 EST.

  • HumongoFrogger

    Does anyone know where to find the faction leaders? I have been searching wiz city and havent found anything.

    • I don’t think there are leaders. You have to unlock a badge before you can buy their stuff.

    • ethan

      I’m almost certain you can only find them in mirage

  • Yah!!! This sounds exciting!

  • James Earthwalker

    I wonder if these faction leaders sell half-decent Jewels.

  • Marie Larcom

    has anyone gotten Trial of the Understudy” quest with the dorm?

  • Matt Spence

    Found this Majoris Robe change on Test Realm. Need some Life Wizards
    that have the Titan’s Robe to help clarify if this change in intentional
    or not. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5d034fe19e1efb59367e9847860d7b7613bdf7e0d9e7c99c30710e4e0aced147.jpg

    • Igor Efimov

      Someone on central confirmed that the Tier 2 titan warrior life robe went from 38% to 13% so yes, it was a deliberate change.

      Please report this on test, loud and clear. The one reason this robe is worth farming rather than just dumping crowns to get an updated jade robe…and they went and messed with it. This now at a time when people are desperately crying out for schools to have unique and original differences.

      • Vanda Williams

        This robe is now back up to 25% outgoing

  • Aaron S.

    Will pip conversion affect PvP in any way?

    • FrostHeart

      Hard to say for sure. Most of the gear looks to swap out all traces of crit and block for pip conversion at this stage. This will probably prove to be unused within pvp, although if you can afford the pvp gear, the new level 120 wand looks to encorporate a good strong foundation of stats. Bearing this in mind, it will probably give those players a stronger advantage to boost combos, especially given a lot of combo spells are 5 pips (winter moon for example). Also with the strength of the shadow spells, this should give a good way to give pips, and we may see some alternate strategies coming. should be interesting to say the least.

  • Christina Hawkflame

    It looks like one of the “faction leaders” is Guillermel in Caravan. There are certain items that require a badge (ie. Ghulture’s Bane) in order to unlock, like the Dromel Turban. It doesn’t have any stats, however, so I presume much of the gear unlocked by faction reputation will be for stitching.
    There’s also housing available for purchase by Guillermel that requires the Treasure Hunter badge and housing items that require the Trengil Thrasher badge.

  • seethe42

    Has anyone figured out Baron Hairkonnen? He casts an Invulnerable aura, tried Supernova with over 80 pierce and still nothing. He’s only got 7 health but nothing I’ve tried will hit and he instantly replaces aura.

    • Eric Stormbringer

      I don’t know how reliable this is but according to twitter you have to kill his minions first.

    • LiamWH

      Try using Supernova on the same round a Shadow Creature will hit him, maybe?

      • seethe42

        Supernova interrupt replaces the aura before anything else can cast.

        • LiamWH


  • mintquackers

    I’m not sure how much I’m gonna like Mirage. Killing cats? That’ll make me sad.

  • Blaze MeOut

    Because PVP gotten a little lost and that critical era in KI pvp failed … they introduced more RNG mechanics like pvp conversion to try to counter balance it all

  • EdWard

    So once again, what we’ve learned from KI, is that they have no idea what nerfs are and that broken matches are going to make the divide between levels even harder. Gee, can’t wait to see how this meta develops. 🙂 Gee, it’s not like the power doesn’t bounce between tank and crit spam every other patch. 🙂 Hmm, new KI same tricks.

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