Wizard101 Jewel Crafting


Wizard101 Jewel Crafting


The Spring 2015 Test Realm includes a new type of crafting — Jewels!  For more information on how the new Jewel system works, check out our bedazzling Wizard101 Jewel Guide.

To get started, talk to Eloise Merryweather in The Commons, WC. She’ll direct you to Katherine Rockhammer who has a tutorial, and will provide your Jewel Crafting Table.

Jewel crafting includes an interesting new twist.  When you craft a Jewel, the final outcome can vary!  So crafting the same recipe multiple times will give you different results.

What Kind of Jewels Will I Get?

Based on on our experience in test, the Jewels that you can get for crafting are the same as the ones dropped from battles.

At the moment several people are reporting that they are getting a Jewel with a different level than the recipe they used (e.g., use a level 95+ crafting receipt but receive a 75+ jewel).  We’re hoping that it’s a bug that will fixed by KI in the near future and will update the article accordingly.

Jewel-Store-ButtonThe recipes are available from vendors around the Spiral, listed below.  You can access these new recipes when talking to recipe vendors by clicking on the “next page” icon in the top right corner.  The new Jewel icon will take you to the page with the Jewel recipes.

Each Jewel recipe requires a gem reagent, a metal reagent and a Treasure Card.

The gem ingredient in the Jewel recipes are readily available from vendors around the Spiral.  They all sell the new gem, called Opal.

Note that some vendors no longer sell some gems types (e.g., Archytas no longer sells regular gems).


Regular Gems

  • Elmer Meadowgrass in Olde Town (WC)
  • Al Saf’wan in The Oasis (Krok)
  • Campbell Hodgson in Regent’s Square (MB)
  • Yuji Hamada in Jade Palace (MS)
  • Ophelia Moonreach in Pigswick Academy in the shop near Zeke (WY)

Flawless Gems

  • Yuju Hamada in Jade Palace (MS)
  • Ophelia Moonreach in Pigswick Academy in the shop near Zeke (WY)
  • Zoltan Nightstone in The Atheneum (DS)
  • Archytas in Celestia Base Camp (CL)
  • Noxolo Fasttrack in Baobab Market (ZF)

Perfect Gems

  • Noxolo Fasttrack in Baobab Market (ZF)
  • Fianna Yellowknife in High Road (AV)
  • Canica Sweet Chile in Three Points (AZ)

The new Metal reagents are dropped from battles around the Sprial!  Check out our Wizard101 Metal Reagent Location Guide for more information!

We expect these to be the hardest reagents to get for the Jewel crafting.  The Metal reagents needed by level are:

  • Level 15+: 3 Pyrite
  • Level 25+: 2 Iron
  • Level 35+: 1 Copper
  • Level 45+: 6 Nickel
  • Level 55+: 5 Cobalt
  • Level 65+: 4 Bronze
  • Level 75+: 9 Tungsten
  • Level 85+: 8 Mithril
  • Level 95+: 7 Orichalcum

The Treasure Cards for the recipes are readily available from the librarians around the Spiral.


The new Jewel crafting recipes, listed by level, are:

Level 15+ Jewel Recipes

Level 15+ Jewel Recipes are sold by:

  • Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town (Wizard City)
  • Wul’yahm is located in The Oasis (Krokotopia)

You must be an Novice Crafter or higher to buy the recipes.  They cost 500 gold, require a Jewel crafting station and have a 5 minute cooldown.

Level 15+ Jewel Recipes

Balance Jewel 15+


Ingredients: 5 Citrine, 3 Pyrite, 6 Scorpion TC


Death Jewel 15+


Ingredients: 5 Onyx, 3 Pyrite, 6 Banshee TC


Fire Jewel 15+


Ingredients: 5 Ruby, 3 Pyrite, 6 Fire Elf TC


Ice Jewel 15+


Ingredients: 5 Sapphire, 3 Pyrite, 6 Snow Serpent TC


Life Jewel 15+


Ingredients: 5 Jade, 3 Pyrite, 6 Leprechaun TC


Myth Jewel 15+


Ingredients: 5 Peridot, 3 Pyrite, 6 Troll TC


Storm Jewel 15+


Ingredients: 5 Amethyst, 3 Pyrite, 6 Storm Shark TC


Level 25+ Jewel Recipes

Level 25+ Jewel recipes are sold by Felicia Worthington in Regent’s Square (Marleybone).

You must be an Apprentice Crafter or higher to buy the recipes.  They cost 750 gold, require a Jewel crafting station and have a 5 minute cooldown.

Level 25+ Jewel Recipes

Balance Jewel 25+


Ingredients: 10 Citrine, 2 Iron, 4 Elemental Trap TC


Death Jewel 25+


Ingredients: 10 Onyx, 2 Iron, 4 Dream Shield TC


Fire Jewel 25+


Ingredients: 10 Ruby, 2 Iron, 4 Glacial Shield TC


Ice Jewel 25+


Ingredients: 10 Sapphire, 2 Iron, 4 Volcanic Shield TC


Life Jewel 25+


Ingredients: 10 Jade, 2 Iron, 4 Legend Shield TC


Myth Jewel 25+


Ingredients: 10 Peridot, 2 Iron, 4 Ether Shield TC


Storm Jewel 25+


Ingredients: 10 Amethyst, 2 Iron, 4 Thermic Shield TC



Level 35+ Jewel Recipes

Level 35+ Jewel Recipes are sold by Toshio in Jade Palace (Mooshu).

You must be an Initiate Crafter or higher to buy the recipes.  They cost 1000 gold, require a Jewel crafting station and have a 5 minute cooldown.

Level 35+ Jewel Recipes

Balance Jewel 35+


Ingredients: 15 Citrine, 1 Copper, 2 Spectral Blast TC


Death Jewel 35+


Ingredients: 15 Onyx, 1 Copper, 2 Skeletal Pirate TC


Fire Jewel 35+


Ingredients: 15 Ruby, 1 Copper, 2 Sunbird TC


Ice Jewel 35+


Ingredients: 15 Sapphire, 1 Copper, 2 Evil Snowman TC


Life Jewel 35+


Ingredients: 15 Jade, 1 Copper, 2 Seraph TC


Myth Jewel 35+


Ingredients: 15 Peridot, 1 Copper, 2 Cyclops TC


Storm Jewel 35+


Ingredients: 15 Amethyst, 1 Copper, 2 Kraken TC


Level 45+ Jewel Recipes

Level 45+ Jewel Recipes are sold by Bathazar Dragonthorn in The Atheneum (Dragonspyre).

You must be an Adept Crafter or higher to buy the recipes.  They cost 1500 gold, require a Jewel crafting station and have a 5 minute cooldown.

Level 45+ Jewel Recipes

Balance Jewel 45+


Ingredients: 5 Flawless Citrine, 6 Nickel, 8 Spirit Blade TC


Death Jewel 45+


Ingredients: 5 Flawless Onyx, 6 Nickel, 8 Deathblade TC


Fire Jewel 45+


Ingredients: 5 Flawless Ruby , 6 Nickel, 8 Fireblade TC


Ice Jewel 45+


Ingredients: 5 Flawless Sapphire, 6 Nickel, 8 Iceblade TC


Life Jewel 45+


Ingredients: 5 Flawless Jade, 6 Nickel, 8 Lifeblade TC


Myth Jewel 45+


Ingredients: 5 Flawless Peridot, 6 Nickel, 8 Mythblade TC


Storm Jewel 45+


Ingredients: 5 Flawless Amethyst, 6 Nickel, 8 Stormblade TC


Level 55+ Jewel Recipes

Level 55+ Jewel recipes are sold by Aegeus near the Senate Teleporter (behind the wall) in the Crustacean Empire (Celestia).

You must be a Master Artisan or higher to buy the recipes.  They cost 2000 gold, require a Jewel crafting station and have a 5 minute cooldown.

Level 55+ Jewel Recipes

Balance Jewel 55+


Ingredients: 10 Flawless Citrine, 5 Cobalt, 10 Power Play TC


Death Jewel 55+


Ingredients: 10 Flawless Onyx, 5 Cobalt, 10 Doom and Gloom TC


Fire Jewel 55+


Ingredients: 10 Flawless Ruby , 5 Cobalt, 10 Wyldfire TC


Ice Jewel 55+


Ingredients: 10 Flawless Sapphire, 5 Cobalt, 10 Balefrost TC


Life Jewel 55+


Ingredients: 10 Flawless Jade, 5 Cobalt, 10 Sanctuary TC


Myth Jewel 55+


Ingredients: 10 Flawless Peridot, 5 Cobalt, 10 Time of Legend TC


Storm Jewel 55+


Ingredients: 10 Flawless Amethyst, 5 Cobalt, 10 Darkwind TC


Level 65+ Jewel Recipes

Level 65+ Jewel Recipes are sold by Marwa Jadetusk in Baobab Market (Zafaria).

You must be a Grandmaster Artisan or higher to buy the recipes.  They cost 3000 gold, require a Jewel crafting station and have a 5 minute cooldown.

Level 65+ Jewel Recipes

Balance Jewel 65+


Ingredients: 15 Flawless Citrine, 4 Bronze, 12 Elemental Spear TC


Death Jewel 65+


Ingredients: 15 Flawless Onyx, 4 Bronze, 12 Deathspear TC


Fire Jewel 65+


Ingredients: 15 Flawless Ruby , 4 Bronze, 12 Firespear TC


Ice Jewel 65+


Ingredients: 15 Flawless Sapphire, 4 Bronze, 12 Icesprear TC


Life Jewel 65+


Ingredients: 15 Flawless Jade, 4 Bronze, 12 Lifespear TC


Myth Jewel 65+


Ingredients: 15 Flawless Peridot, 4 Bronze, 12 Mythspear TC


Storm Jewel 65+


Ingredients: 15 Flawless Amethyst, 4 Bronze, 12 Stormspear TC


Level 75+ Jewel Recipes

Level 75+ Jewel Recipes are sold by Shane Macgobhann in The Wild (Avalon).

You must be a Legendary Artisan or higher to buy the recipes.  They cost 5000 gold, require a Jewel crafting station and have a 5 minute cooldown.

Level 75+ Jewel Recipes

Balance Jewel 75+


Ingredients: 5 Perfect Citrine, 9 Tungsten, 14 Sap Health TC


Death Jewel 75+


Ingredients: 5 Perfect Onyx, 9 Tungsten, 14 Take Power TC


Fire Jewel 75+


Ingredients: 5 Perfect Ruby , 9 Tungsten, 14 Draw Health TC


Ice Jewel 75+


Ingredients: 5 Perfect Sapphire, 9 Tungsten, 14 Draw HealthTC


Life Jewel 75+


Ingredients: 5 Perfect Jade, 9 Tungsten, 14 Drain Health TC


Myth Jewel 75+


Ingredients: 5 Perfect Peridot, 9 Tungsten, 14 Buff Minion TC


Storm Jewel 75+


Ingredients: 5 Perfect Amethyst, 9 Tungsten, 14 Sap Power TC


Level 85+ Jewel Recipes

Level 85+ Jewel Recipes are sold by Yaxche in Cloudburst Forest (Azteca).

You must be a Transcendent Crafter or higher to buy the recipes.  They cost 10,000 gold, require a Jewel crafting station and have a 5 minute cooldown.

Level 85+ Jewel Recipes

Balance Jewel 85+


Ingredients: 10 Perfect Citrine, 8 Mithril, 16 Sniper TC


Death Jewel 85+


Ingredients: 10 Perfect Onyx, 8 Mithril, 16 Mass Death Prism TC


Fire Jewel 85+


Ingredients: 10 Perfect Ruby , 8 Mithril, 16 Mass Fire Prism TC


Ice Jewel 85+


Ingredients: 10 Perfect Sapphire, 8 Mithril, 16 Mass Ice Prism TC


Life Jewel 85+


Ingredients: 10 Perfect Jade, 8 Mithril, 16 Mass Life Prism TC


Myth Jewel 85+


Ingredients: 10 Perfect Peridot, 8 Mithril, 16 Mass Myth Prism TC


Storm Jewel 85+


Ingredients: 10 Perfect Amethyst, 8 Mithril, 16 Mass Storm Prism TC


Level 95+ Jewel Recipes

Level 95+ Jewel Recipes are sold by Wozina the Edgecutter in Sardonyx (Khrysalis).

You must be a Promethean Crafter or higher to buy the recipes.  They cost 15,000 gold, require a Jewel crafting station and have a 5 minute cooldown.

Level 95+ Jewel Recipes

Balance Jewel 95+


Ingredients: 15 Perfect Citrine, 7 Orichalcum, 18 Unbalance TC


Death Jewel 95+


Ingredients: 15 Perfect Onyx, 7 Orichalcum, 18 Strangle TC


Fire Jewel 95+


Ingredients: 15 Perfect Ruby , 7 Orichalcum, 18 QuenchTC


Ice Jewel 95+


Ingredients: 15 Perfect Sapphire, 7 Orichalcum, 18 Melt TC


Life Jewel 95+


Ingredients: 15 Perfect Jade, 7 Orichalcum, 18 Entangle TC


Myth Jewel 95+


Ingredients: 15 Perfect Peridot, 7 Orichalcum, 18 Vaporize TC


Storm Jewel 95+


Ingredients: 15 Perfect Amethyst, 7 Orichalcum, 18 Dissipate TC


Have you crafted any Jewels?  What do you think of the new Jewel crafting system?  Let us know in the comments!


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  • Billy Garvey

    These really fasten-ate me (see what I did there) but they seem to be relatively useless. The best ones I’ve seen are plus twenty universal resist (not %) and plus 22 school damage. The best ones, actually, are probably accuracy.

    • Drewdeadman

      With the damage think of it like a blade and the resist one’s think as a shield, And there are universal damage and resist gem’s

      • Billy Garvey

        It’s not percentage though correct? A blade is +35% damage, for example, correct? I thought this was like on the gear in the bazaar for low levels where it gives an additional damage amount. So if you are casting a firecat and you are going to do 300 damage, with this 22 damage gem do you do 322 damage? That’s what I thought. And if it does work like that, does critical go before or after?

        • Drewdeadman

          I will look into that now.

          • Elaiyeth

            So, the jewel socket thing is extremely pointless and a waste of time, shame.
            At least it isn’t the only part to this update..

          • Patrick

            May be early to tell. As someone else mentioned, if there are Jewels that provide a lot of accuracy or pierce boost they could be super useful.

          • JOHN

            I am really sad i wish the servers make it percent instead of damage

        • Drewdeadman

          I am sad to say that you are correct. Good news is there is some awesome new gear 😀

          • Billy Garvey

            Like what? I’ve only seen the tangle wood which seemed trash

          • Drewdeadman

            There are also new skeleton key bosses that seem to drop really nice gear

        • JOHN

          Yes billy

      • Kesi

        This doesn’t add damage?

        I thought these were stat enhancements, meaning if I got a gem with resist, it would give me more resist. Same with damage

        What I’m meaning is this:

        A storm has 115% damage, and there’s a school gem that gives +22 storm damage, (possibly)

        115+22= 137%

        So your meaning to tell me, it’s not going to add more percentages to your stats?

        • Kesi

          Nvm, I get it now. Disappointed.

          • Elaiyeth

            It’s the same with the ‘resistance’ jewels.
            Ex: +21 Balance ‘resist’ will just take off 21 damage from the hit, not 21%.
            So, yes, very disappointing. However, Health, mana, accuracy (%), critical(%), critical block(%), and pierce(%) bonuses are okay; Damage and resistance are the ones that are not percentage and totally suck, sadly.

          • AngelAngle

            I’m just wondering: do these apply in the same way as an enchant, where blades, damage boost, etc. boost it after? Damage gems could be pretty useful if so.

        • Drewdeadman

          With the damage gem’s, If your casting an attack that say does 1000 damage and you have the +22 gem it will be 1022, instead of the 1220 we where all hoping it was.

        • Shaun Greyn

          Nope. I don’t know the mechanics of the game but it will either do this: Add 22 damage to the spell then the 115% or add a 115% to the spell then add the 22 damage. The first one seems more logical since these new whole number boosts kinda act as a sun enchantment

  • Billy Garvey

    Where are the “perfect” reagents found? My fav vendor, celestia, got changed to “flawless”

    • Patrick

      Noxolo Fasttrack in Baobab Market in Zafaria sells both Flawless and Perfect Gems.

    • ChoGath

      I believe that plants drop these as well.

  • Laster

    There’s one jewel that gives 6% storm pierce! Just imagine how op that is!

    • Billy Garvey

      So so far pierce and accuracy seem like the best ones

    • Elaiyeth

      6%? For which level?

  • I wonder how many different type of Jewels you can get from one recipe.

    • Patrick

      Hoping we could have some people provide some screen shots of crafted Jewels in the next few days to see the variation.

      Curious to see how they compare with the dropped Jewels too.

    • nobody

      well if you take in consideration what kind of status there are then you have damage1,resist2,pierce3,accuracy4,crit5,crit block6, now x 4 cause there are for shapes is 24 different gems. offcourse there are other yewels out there like cards, stun block and fishing luck (perhaps even heal boosting gems) so its safe to assume that there are at least 25 different gems for each recipe, but probably more (since we dont know how many different card gems you can get with the same recipe)

      • nobody

        oops forgot cards x 4 lol so thats 28 (sorry for confusion)

      • Sierra

        No each shape has 4 stat enhancements, some are school or universal and some are universal only (which mean only opal recipe will work for those) narrows things down quite a bit.

  • alvin

    So, my armor currently acts as a sort of tower shield. It has a bit over 50 resist and I was wondering, does the resist gems now add to the resist. As in do they work as a tower shield or do they just absorb some damage off an attack?

    • Angus Trollpants

      They act as an absorb. You have about +50 resist from your jewels? Okay.

      If I were to cast a thunder snake on you for 500 damage, and you had no resist on other than your jewels. The thunder snake would do 450 damage, rather than 250.

      The jewels don’t add to your percentage. It’s a bummer, but maybe KingsIsle will increase the numbers, or make them smaller but percentages instead of absorb.

      • Sierra

        is the damage subtracted before or after boosts such as blades, etc.?

        • Angus Trollpants

          I have yet to answer that question correctly with facts, however I believe that the most logical way for the extra damage to be presented is the damage BOOST from jewels first, then the damage percentage from other gear, and then the blades/charms work into the final outcome.

          I can’t give you an accurate answer. Either way, the current state it is in proves useless.

  • James Earthwalker

    Are you working on a guide showcasing the different kinds of stat boosts that will be given by jewels?

    • Patrick

      I added the link to the main jewel article in the intro, which will have examples of different kinds of Jewels found by people.

      If the crafted ones turn out to be different, I’m planning on adding them to the article.

  • Angus Trollpants

    Shame how damage and resist aren’t percentages, and act rather as a extremely tiny absorb stat. However, it may be possible to find multiple resist jewels and have them add up to somewhere around 100 absorb…maybe then it would be slightly okay. For like, Level 50 PvP.

    Stun Block Percentage will be cool though, just picked a 2% off a Sanzoku Bandit in Mooshu. (Obviously not the best one, but hey they’re out there and may be useful)

  • Logan LegendThief

    But flawless = perfect.

    Someone at KI didn’t pass English…

    • Erin Titanblood

      A stone of Tungsten…


    • tetriso vambam

      Flawless means it has no flaws. Doesn’t mean it has any qualities

  • Blaze FireFlame

    It is kind of a good thing that the resist gems aren’t percentages, since having those added to additional items with gear sets such as jade armor would mean immunity to all schools…

    • nobody

      tough i think they could use a buff, otherwise they are totally outclassed by the other yewels

    • NothingInParticular

      Apparently it is actually possible, difficult as crud, but still possible to get 100%+ resist thanks to some of the gear from the new one shot dungeons I have no doubt that people will try for it though the needing a proof/defy pet to reach it will probably keep most normal life having people people in the high 80’s and low 90’s of universal resistance. (Prepare yourselves for the PVP whiners)

  • To those unable to see jewel recipes at the crafting vendors: This is a bug in game, currently. If you have purchased all of the transmute recipes from that vendor, the transmute menu disappears and takes the Jewel recipes menu with it.

    Please be sure to submit a bug report. It’s not an issue with the guide.

  • Steve Rock

    Spent time farming the orichalcum ore on my Storm to make the level 95 storm jewel. I was disappointed. I got a jewel that I already had received as a drop from a mob. A waste of that new metal reagent.

    • Steve Rock

      Update: you can affix the same jewel to different pieces of gear. I added the storm pierce jewel to my athame and ring – now my storm pierce is 40% – that is useful.

    • Patrick

      Thanks for the info. Could you get a screen shot of the Jewel you crafted? Did it look exactly the same as the dropped one after you crafted it?

      • Steve Rock

        Yes, it was exactly the same jewel – that’s why I was a bit annoyed by it. Test is offline now, but it was a +6 Storm pierce jewel, round I do believe.

  • Laurel Balanceblade

    The resist part doesn’t sound all bad though. If you think about it is like having a school specific legion shields. But with all the new reagents only accessible in these dungeons…

  • Diana

    ok these + resist and damage boosts are a little confusing to me in how they work mechanics wise if i understand it a 1000 attack with +22 boost then goes to 1022 but wit gear boosts and blades is it treated like a sun enhancement? so if i had 100% gear boosts it then goes to 2044 or 2022? then factor in blades weaknesses etc then when does the +22 get added? This needs clarity if i is like an enhancement to a spell then it might be indeed somewhat useful if it goes after all other damage calculations then it is totally pointless imo. Same for the + resist does it go after existing resists shield calculations or before? eg a 1000 hit with 50% resist would be 500 +22 resist would be 478 or 1000-22 978 at 50% resist making it 484? it would be so much easier if they just did 1% not this flat rate stuff when its not clear exactly how this works in final damage calculation

  • talinshadowwalker

    I was farming bosses and coukd not get any reagent drops for this. What bosses drop those new ones…

    • Patrick

      I updated the article to include a link to the Metal drop location guide. Will be interesting to get a sense of all the drop locations as we learn more information!

  • NothingInParticular

    I have a feeling that the universal gems and the school specific accuracy will be the most popular. I hope they add more ways to get the metals because farming bosses for rare reagents is a pain. I wouldnt mind if they made it a gardened drop as well would be cool for people like me who just turn their membership on and off according to the updates.

  • Alexander Lionheart

    Got this from the Level 95 Opal crafting

    • sp52

      Alex, get the best in health gems you can’t find then go completely best health in game.

    • Patrick

      Thanks for the info. Didn’t get much info on crafted jewels in test and heard that their stats were the same as dropped ones. Updated the article above.

  • Nicholas ThunderHeart

    crafted these from lvl 95 and lvl 55 recipes

  • Sierra

    Notice the pattern in the number of metals you need for each recipe? It amused me somehow 🙂



    • Patrick

      i would have expected KI to use something silly, like 867-5309 — call Jenny!

      • nobody

        i think you should take another look at that number… (i’ll give you a hint: 0 )

        • Patrick

          It was a reference to an old song. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WTdTwcmxyo.

          Would be nice to have a recipe requiring no metals though, right? 🙂

          • nobody

            i didnt mean that… you cant have 0 metal reagents in a reagent recepy… otherwise it it wouldnt show metal reagent in the recepy

          • Joshua

            He was only referencing the *pattern* in the “recepy,” jokingly. Seriously? You REALLY don’t know how to spell ‘recipe?’ You’re smart enough to go Mr. Literal on Patrick but you can’t be bothered to know or look up the correct spelling of a word? You know that red, squiggly line underneath “recepy?” That means it’s spelled wrong. You can’t argue semantics if you can’t even SPELL “semantics.”

          • nobody

            actually bassically every word i type gets that line because i’m not english so it thinks all english words are misspelled (and its the same reason why i misspell some words: because its not my native language)

  • Sierra

    Ugh trained every transmute in the spiral on all my wizards, can not craft anything but a level 15 opal lol.

  • Sierra

    Woot, just crafted this!

    • James Earthwalker

      So wait, it’s Opal instead of Jade? Huh. Plus, why only 5%?!

      • Sierra

        opal is for universal only stats. Jade is for life school specific stats. The stat is what it is, crafting has shown variation on stats before so perhaps it can go a tad higher don’t know, but it would not be much.

        • nobody

          its kinda ironic how they put life symbol on heal boost tough i mean if its universal stats why dont they remove the life symbol and just keep the heart symbol for heal boost

  • Möhåmmåd

    Please. check KI BIUG!!!
    socket system does not make u immune. i had 131% myth resist with normal soaket system it did not make me immune..

    Please test and report as BUG!

    • They’re not supposed to make you immune because the Jewels have flat numbers, not percents. This means that if you have an Opal with 15 resist, that means subtract 15 from the damage the spell would have done without the Jewel. 15% resist is shaving off a fractional portion, while 15 resist is just shaving off solid numbers.

  • sp52

    I honestly think I am the only person who knew how these flat damage things work then econd I saw them. Level 5 and 10 gear give flat damage rate boosts most of the time. I do Pvp at those levels (I know, I know), and I am totally familiar with how those work.

  • James Earthwalker

    Wozina the Edgecutter doesn’t sell the Opal recipe anymore. What the heck is going on???

    • Patrick

      Unfortunately I heard they took them out for live.

      • Sierra


        • ZeroResolve

          Ki, Professor Greyrose Straight up lying to people on forums about card packs and recipes being level approriate gave explanation cited rarity and not be a higher level version and got busted in next comment sad Ki to scared to admit they have no clue what they doing,

          • Dragonwalker

            Exactly, in all the packs i’ve opened in the past, i get gear and stuff for my level, now my max opens a jewel pack and it gets jewels for levels 85 and stuff, what the heck!
            I’m being ripped off!

          • ZeroResolve

            lol Everytime Professor Greyrose reply on forum she states something different as to why there is a discrepancy between recipe lvl and jewel received. Someone Ki just come forward tell the truth and put her out of her misery.

      • Igor Efimov

        They made a number of large, sweeping changes to the game without testing them first. In fact, test realm was very poorly implemented to begin with. In order to test the gem crafting results, we would have needed a larger sample size of crafted gems. As it was, getting the higher level metal reagents was difficult and time-consuming.

        Several members suggested to KI that they make the metal reagents auction friendly and increase the drop rates significantly. This would not have ruined the economy as it is test realm. It would have let anyone who wanted to craft the gems, do so and discover bugs and problems before live.

        As it was, nobody who crafted gems in test saw any level discrepancies. Even if they were already a “feature” of test crafting, however, there were TOO FEW reagents circulating around for crafters to discover the “feature”.

        This change, as well as the introduction of a reagent pack and removal of an entire class of recipes, were all fast-tracked directly to live without testing. If they had tested an extra day or two, they would have seen that these were buggy as stink, and the “intentional feature” aspect of gem crafting highly unpopular and shady.

  • Gillian Thomson

    How do you calculate what the stats add since the jewels don’t work with the percentage thing and when I affix one it adds a new number underneath the stat? Say for example, I had 120 damage on my storm then I affix the 22 or 23 storm damage jewel, it then says 120 then the 22/23 underneath. What does it actually mean? Is the new damage 142/143 or how do i work out what it is? I wish they just added it on to the normal stat so we would know what it actually adds…

    • nobody

      the 22/23 works like a collosal wich means that in fact it adds 22/23 damage to every damage spell regardles of how much boost or damage you do (say you have a 140 damage wand attack it will apply the 120% damage boost first making it 308 damage then it adds 22/23 damage making it 330/331damage using wand attack. i hope this explained it

      • Gillian Thomson

        Thanks, it would be much easier if they just added it onto the normal stat. Wiz loves to do things in a crazy way; bringing in this odd jewel thing instead of fixing the really broken things with the game. Thanks for the help 🙂

        • nobody

          keep in mind i dont know where in the damage calculation the gems get added. in my example i made the flat damage go after damage boost but it i heard that its supposed to go before damage boost (wich is actually more usefull as that added damage will get a boost from gear also)

      • JOHN

        I love this game

    • JOHN

      No gillan if you had 120 damage and a gem 23 damage and you played thunder snake without gems if it cast 500damage with gem will be523

      • Gillian Thomson

        yea seems a waste of time farming for number jewels, i think i will focus on ones with health and the stats that actually have percentage (pierce, accuracy, heal boost). Thanks.

      • shaquan tucker

        ok i have 52% resist for all and i have 106 from resist for all from opals how much will damage can i resist

  • Sierra

    Be forewarned that not only is the type of jewel you craft random, but the level is also random! This was confirmed to be intentional by Professor Greyrose. Personally, I think we should all protest this decision as it makes crafted jewels quite pointless!

    They seemed to have fixed the crafting menu option by removing all Opal recipes 😛

    • Patrick

      Thanks for the info. Can you post a link to where she confirmed it? I still holding out hope that it’s a bug…

    • jeffrey deathflame

      yep, for all three w101 accounts i own

  • Sierra

    KI’s answer to this crafting level issue will be renaming the recipes, so yeah lots of updates to this post need to be made, then again who is going to bother with crafting jewels?

  • Tabitha

    You have to update Wozina Edgecutter. Once jewels went live she no longer sells recipes for Opal.

    • Patrick

      Thanks. My understanding is that they took out all the Opal recipes. I’ve removed them from the article.

  • nobody

    not sure about the mechanic but if gem resist get counted after regular resist its 564 damage, if it gets substracted before regular resist its 411/412

    • Igor Efimov

      The resist modifier from gems is subtracted from the incoming damage BEFORE your normal resist % and block % from gear is applied.

      Example: You have 50% storm resist from clothes/gear. You put a -30 Storm damage gem in an item you are wearing. You have ~100% storm block to your opponent.

      Your opponent hits you with a crit max bolt. No enchant, no damage boost from clothes. 2000 incoming.

      The gem subtracts 30, to make it 1970. You block it. It now values at 985. NOW your resist cuts that value in half. You take 493.

      It is not a percent, it is a flat modifier that is applied early, relative to your other buffs/resists, in such a way as to make it nearly worthless for high level play.

      Damage gems are also poorly timed, they add their damage only AFTER your clothes damage percent boost is applied, but before blades or bubbles.

      Avoid using them unless you have proven to yourself by actual arena testing, that they are giving you the result you desire. Again, this update is full of costly pitfalls for the mathematically disinclined.

      • nobody

        so in his question the damage would be reduced to 411/412 damage

  • Blaze D.

    Crafted a lvl 95+ fire gems, I somehow getting a lvl 75 fire accuracy gem…what is up with that. i got cheated 🙁

    • Patrick

      Thanks for the info. Added a comment at the top of the article. I sure hope that is a bug.

      • Blaze D.

        I’m 99.99% sure it’s a bug.

        • nobody

          its not. they say they did this on purpose. but if enough people protest against it they might ‘fix’ it

  • Wiz

    Got a 17 resist all gem in waterworks (square).

  • Guest

    Critical Jewel from level 85 crafting; (+8 rating or 1%)
    Pierce Jewel from level 65 crafting; (2%)

    • nobody

      they really need to buff the crit gems >.>

  • Alicia Mistleaf

    (A level 75) Critical Jewel from level 85 crafting (+8 rating or 1%)
    Pierce Jewel from level 65 crafting (2%)

  • Monsterblazer

    Can you add where we can farm for some really good jewels, i think that will help out people who dont have the highest lvl of crafting but will still be able to get the good jewels.
    Reed Stormcaster

    • Patrick

      So far, it seems like Khrysalis mobs are the best place to farm for level 95+ Jewels. My guess is that it’s similar to Couch Potato farming, in that the drop rate is similar for all mobs so pick whatever one you can kill the fastest.

      Hard part is that the drop rate is lower and there are a lot of different jewels that can drop, so who knows if the drops are limited somehow on some mobs.

      I can confirm that I’ve seen pierce, health, stun, critical, damage and defense Jewel drops on the Raptoral Sentries in Sardonyx. I’ve also seen pierce, defense, critical drops on the Sassafras Men in Moon Cliffs, although both pierce drops were fire, which of course is one i don’t need.

      The Sassafras Men work well for 2 wizards, since I usually get 3 in first round and they can be killed with two critical hits.

  • sea4593

    where do you find iron for the recipies

  • Aaron

    where do you find stormspear tc? Can you buy them from a vendor

    • Anjoh

      I’ve been getting spears from the new jewel pack.

    • TC vendors around the spiral, I just always shop at Una Moondancer in Bastion, Khrysalis.

    • Joshua

      Not really the right thread for that question, but you can get them from the giraffe in the Library in Baobab Crown, along with all school spears and all balance/spirit/elemental blades.

  • Anjoh

    Has anyone gotta a jewel that was actually useful to a high level wizard? I have five pages of jewels and the highest one is an energy at +93. I think we should protest the flat defense and damage jewels as they are absolutely useless. Any thoughts out there?

    • nobody

      well i agree they neesd a buff (especially the flat resist ones) but keep in mind that they cant be too high. if you have 3 collosal like gems then you can deal damage equal to 4 collosals or 3 collosals+unstoppeble, and thats insane damage boost. i’d say double the amount the flat gems give currently and see how that turns out.

  • Mas Joko

    Lvl95 Polished and Lvl85 Hematite Jewel from waterworks. Any shadow pips jewel?

    • Sierra

      havent seen any shadow pip jewels yet, but they did say 12 types so idk.

  • Jack Goldblood

    Got this from Luska Charmbreak in WW. This is gonna be useful in darkmoor runs. Also I got shadow accurrate from morganthe

  • Judy Melton

    Where do you find the defense plan Opal recipes ?

  • Skilledchaos

    Why cant I buy recipes from the guy in AZ? i’m already a Promethean crafter, but his page is blank on the jewel page

  • v-tec

    The should change the crafting systém so u can make a better gem using ie 2 or more lesser gems .. Now u have full bag of useless gems and just hope u drop or craft better .. i d rather make one superior from the lesser ones ..

  • Cheryl J Stocks

    How do you find the things the seller doesn’t have? I’m on parchment paper and don’t have any and need a lot.

    Best Regards ~ Cher

    • Mora Misthead

      You can try the Bazaar for Parchment. Alternatively, people often go to Krokotopia and hop from realm to realm to find Parchment on the ground.

  • david

    question .what are the emblems that are beside the jewel you have crafted .ie. an open hand or a closed fist or just a emblem

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