Wizard101 Metal Reagent Location Guide

Wizard101 Metal Location Guide

Wizard101’s new Jewel Crafting System on Test Realm has brought with it new reagents, which so far are only dropped from mobs. Below we will compile a list of Ore types and where we have found them!


Name: Pyrite

Rank: 1

Desc: A sliver of Pyrite.

Dropped from:

  • Sanzoku Bandits – Hametsu Village, Mooshu.

Name: Nickel

Rank: 4

Desc: A nugget of Nickel.

Dropped from:

  • Sanzoku Bandits – Hametsu Village, Mooshu.
  • Master Tonkatsu – Hollow Mountain, Krok.
  • Hoof Ninjas – Hollow Mountain, Krok.
  • Silver Sentinel – Labyrinth, Dragonspyre.
  • Margherita Vizzini – Barkingham Palace Rooftop, Marleybone.
  • Mister Poole/Utterson – Barkingham Palace Rooftop, Marleybone.

Name: Iron

Rank: 2

Desc: A flake of Iron.

Dropped from:

  • Sergeant Groostack – Groostaks’ Lair, Hametsu Village, Mooshu.
  • Hoof Ninjas – Hollow Mountain, Krok.
  • Sanzoku Bandits – Hametsu Village, Mooshu.

Name: Copper

Rank: 2

Desc: A blister of Copper.

Dropped from:

  • Sergeant Groostack – Groostaks’ Lair, Hametsu Village, Mooshu.
  • Decaying Blackguards – Malistaire’s Lair, Dragonspyre.
  • Master Tonkatsu – Hollow Mountain, Krok.
  • Sanzoku Bandits – Hametsu Village, Mooshu.

Name: Tungsten

Rank: 7

Desc: A stone of Tungsten.

Dropped from:

  • Riptide Goliaths – Sardonyx, Khrysalis.
  • Raptorial Sentry – Sardonyx, Khrysalis.

Name: Mithril

Rank: 8

Desc: A glitter of Mithril.

Dropped from:

  • Aphrodite Two – The Graveyard, Darkmoor.

Name: Orichalcum

Rank: 9

Desc: A bar of Orichalcum.

Dropped from:

  • Aphrodite Two – The Graveyard, Darkmoor.
  • Raptorial Sentry – Sardonyx, Khrysalis.
  • Ice and Myth mobs in Banyan Tower, Khrysalis.
  • Morganthe, Khrysalis.

Name: Bronze

Rank: 6

Desc: An ingot of Bronze.

Dropped from:

  • Mobs in Baddle of the Bands (One Shot Gauntlet)

Name: Cobalt

Rank: 5

Desc: A deposit of Cobalt.

Dropped from:

  • Mobs in Tanglewood Terror (One Shot Gauntlet)
  • Mobs in Baddle of the Bands (One Shot Gauntlet)
  • Temple Guardian – Hollow Mountain, Krok.
  • Loremaster – Dragonspyre.
  • Lambent Flame – Crystal Caves, Avalon.
  • Tsutsui – Pagoda of Harmony, Krok.




Have you found any Ore drops we haven’t? Found the same ones dropping from different mobs? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Drewdeadman

    Loremaster has dropped me Colbalt

    • Billy Garvey


      • Drewdeadman

        I’m just fighting bosses to see who drops what

        • Billy Garvey

          Id be quite happy if you find some more orchicalcum, Aphrodite is a pain

    • Got it, ty.

  • Angel

    Frost weavers in saradonyx drop orichaclum

  • Paul Stormheart

    Decaying blackguards in Malistaire’s lair drop copper.

  • Sierra

    Are these all of the new metals?

    • Don’t know. If you find a new one, let us know!

  • Tabitha

    Got from mob in Baddle of the Band Gauntlet from Crown Shop

  • GuestUser

    Dropped by the Silver Sentinel in the Labyrinth, DS.

    • Added, thanks.

  • Angus Trollpants

    Got some nickel and copper from the Sanzoku Bandits in Mooshu.

  • Steve Rock

    Was doing Banyan tower (in KS – Tyrian Gorge) looking for new drops. The ice mobs (2nd fight) dropped Orichalcum ore.

    • Steve Rock

      Myth mobs in the first fight of that tower also dropped it.

  • Elie Night

    Iron is also received from Sanzukou Bandits.

  • woot000

    The creature is not named Frostweaver, it is named “Raptorial Sentry”.

    • Steve Rock

      They also drop Tungsten – the Raptorial Sentries in Sardonyx.

  • MatthewLegendCaster

    just got tungsten from the ice mobs in the banyon tower

  • These reagents seem to drop all over the spiral

  • Tristan Windcaster Ghostshard

    i got Mithril from Raptorial Sentry

  • Erin Titanblood

    Celestian Remnant drops copper. I will be commenting as I find more ores.

    • thanksforthehelp

      Avalon is confirmed if you wanna add it (young morganthe drops bronze)

      • Erin Titanblood

        Thank you. Added. ^^

    • thanksforthehelp

      I knew it! AZTECA CONFIRMED!! pyramid of the storm eye, saltmeadow swamp:
      First level mob- Cobalt
      Blue Agnes- TUNGSTEN
      Storm Caiman- MITHRIL
      hope it helps 🙂

      • Erin Titanblood

        Do you mean by first level mob the fire dinosaurs in Three Points?

        • thanksforthehelp

          no the first level as in the first level of the dungeon in pyramid of the storm eye

          • Erin Titanblood

            Ah, okay

          • Erin Titanblood

            Ah, okay. I can’t atm, but thank you. 🙂

        • thanksforthehelp

          i am gonna redo it anyway wanna join me?

    • thanksforthehelp

      cobalt drops from piranya scissor teeth, pitch black lake, Azteca

  • Robert Flint

    I wish we could just buy these… how does it make any sense that level 75 requires farming in khrysalis? I’m guessing somebody in Avalon drops it too.

    • Erin Titanblood

      Most likely, seeing that the first gems drop where it begins; Krok. It would make sense that the gem’s tier match with the correct level of the player.

    • Sierra

      They seem to overlap worlds

  • Nicholas Sarian

    Arachna Gladiator in The Hive, Khrysalis and Tree Roots in Shadow Palace, Khrysalis both drop Orichalcum. Arachna Gladiator also drops Tungsten

  • thanksforthehelp

    I just got cobalt from a death mob in lower zigzag, krokotopia

  • Sierra

    Got some tungsten and orichalcum from the mobs in the hive.

  • Sierra

    The tree roots were dropping orichalacum at a good rate, I managed to craft 2 jewels today from farming them.

  • thanksforthehelp

    i got 2 cobalt from bosses in hollow mountains and 2 pyrite from mobs within 2 runs

  • Brandon

    =orchicalcum is dropped by Santa Muerte in the solar Arc.

  • thanksforthehelp

    i just got bronze from young morganthe in ghost avalon (been farming around to see if there are any drops around this is a good dungeon since the last boss in this dungeon gave me a level 85 life critical jewel, although its a bit late since the realm is closing really soon but good luck guys) (ps sorry i dont upload any images, pc problem, and this should be updated more its quite helpful to some people)

    • alexis__hunter

      In Live, I got Bronze from the first fight in Waterworks (Storm / Death enemies). They also dropped a universal critical jewel.

  • scuba steve

    i found a mithril drop from gladiator.

  • Pyrite drops from the ice weavers. Kroc, Grand Arena.

  • Anna Mist

    I have received Cobalt and Bronze from the Fierce Quetzels in saltwater marsh, Bronze from the Crazed thunder horns in three points, and Tungsten from Teuch Hungry Lizard in the Zocolo.

  • Blaze Lighthammer

    I got cobalt from the Ogre in Caer Lyon, Ruined Tower

  • NewRome123

    Pyrite also dropped by charmed slave in krokotopia royal hall.

    • Rogan DragonSong

      Thank you! I have been looking for pyrite for ages

  • scuba steve

    They asked for postings on ore, idk about that, but Crab alley is great place to farm stone blocks. i changed realms till i got through all the realms, i found over 100 stones, and 10 fossils. hope this helps XD.

  • Nicole Ice

    Mithril also dropped by raptorial sentry in sardonyx

  • Afezeria

    Cobalt drops from Amedras Lightstep in Stone Town, Zafaria.

  • James Pixiedust

    I am going to assume that they are also dropped from mirror lake, as I got a nickel reagent the first time doing it after the update.

  • flint raventalon

    Crustacean Pincers in Survey Camp (Celestia ) drop cobalt – Flint Raventalon

  • Sophia

    The Loremaster dropped Nickel, Iron, Copper, and Cobalt so far from my 2 hours of farming yesterday.

  • Ryan

    Jungletooth drops nickle

  • The Malevolent One

    Wildcrag dropped a nickle for me.

    • Mason Shadowgrove

      Nickel not nickle.

      • The Malevolent One

        Was the correction necessary? I’m pretty sure people understood what I meant.

  • Jeremiah Combs

    Burning Hate In DS dropped Iron and Nickel for me on 3rd try…

  • Zack Gentil

    Walking Dead (Village Of Sorrow)- Gives Copper, A Ton Of It Too 🙂

  • Cheyenne Roseland

    Halfang Bristlecrown drops copper and nickel

    • Mason Shadowgrove

      Where is Halfang, somewhere in grizzle?

  • Azteca, Pyramid in 3 points, repeatable dungeon on right side of pyramid, Metzi – a polished ruby. Zaylin – tungsten.
    Mooshu, Tree of Life, 1st Boss – Iron, Death Oni – flawed citrine

  • I mean, seriously, Lvl 15 you can jewel craft but pyrite only found in Mooshu? People at that level don’t have access to that area -__-
    Please notfiy if there are other places!

    • Rogan DragonSong

      There are. Pyrite drops in some areas of krokotopia. About the level when you start getting gems you go to krokotopia

  • Wow. No idea where i got this but … Nerys Citrine will summon balance minion at level 85.

    • scuba steve

      I got one, I don’t remember if it was there, but certainly near there.

  • Etherious NatsuDragneel

    Does anybody know where bronzes drops? (other then winterbane/pagoda)
    Tier 3+

  • Miranda LightSpear

    Pyrite drops from Forest Imp in Savarstaad Pass

  • Etherious NatsuDragneel

    WinterBane tier 3 drops bronze and cobalt.
    sorry i couldn’t figure out how to add a picture. Tyrfing/Jokul

    • Etherious NatsuDragneel

      If there is anywhere else bronze drops plz inform. i hate winterbane…

      • alexis__hunter

        I got one in the first fight from Waterworks.

        • Etherious NatsuDragneel

          thnx! 🙂

  • Hunter Fireblade

    Storm Caiman drops Mithril at Azteca (In the chat box)

  • Mason Shadowgrove

    King Amadeo in crab alley,wizard city and Biti Nirini rayal hall,krk drop pyrite.

  • Mason Shadowgrove

    Biti Nirini Royal Hall, Krokotopia and King Amadeo Crab Alley, Wizard City both drop pyrite.

    • Mason Shadowgrove

      Info from Wizard101 Central: Wiki.

  • Andrew Skycrafter

    I Got Orichalcum fromBlue Razors in Last Wood

  • Zachary Deathblade

    Kakeda Shadows in Ancient Burials Grounds drop copper

  • Zachary Deathblade

    Cobalt dropped from Senator Nerenus in the Grottos

  • scuba steve

    i got a mithril in the gladiator fight.

  • Emily

    In the last battle in Mirror Lake in Zafaria I received “Bronze” from the spider things

  • Debbie McGlone Perry

    .Mithril- ice and myth mobs in Bayan Tower, also Raptorial Sentry – Sardonyx,

  • Debbie McGlone Perry

    Copper- Ice and Myth mobs in Bayan Tower

  • scuba steve

    Halfang is in Vestrilund, near Vestri;s lair

  • James Soulweaver

    I’ve gotten about 40 slivers of pyrite so far from the Troubled Warriors (Rank 3 Ice) mobs in the Savarstaad Pass

  • Destiny battlerider

    The frost wyrm in Avalon the Wyrd dropped a nickel

  • nova

    Fought Vekan Limeblight 2 times and got orichaclum each time. Looks like he’s a good place to farm for them.

  • THEDeathWizard87

    i got orichalcum from the white razors in crescent beach

  • Bobinatorz

    I’ve been farming some bronze from Dun Scaith (14k storm boss and 2k add) in the Wyrd in Avalon

  • Etherious NatsuDragneel

    Mithril drops at waterworks the squid boss no pic sadly D:

  • Darby Waterhunter

    Anyone know where to find/farm for steel? I have tried everywhere and buying then feeding pets got me nothing.

  • Skullblade

    What about Brass?

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