Wizard101 Four Dungeons November 2014


The Fall Update is here!  Join us in testing the new features. If you want to see all the teaser images and what we expected, read our New World Predictions.

Find out about all the things we have found throughout the Four Dungeons update, including links to more information, below!

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Four Brand New Dungeons

New challenges await you, throughout the Spiral! Four new dungeons are available to explore, full of mystery, exciting puzzles and epic rewards.


Wizards of Level 25 or higher should visit Sergeant Talbot in the Oasis of Krokotopia to help him find a missing member of an expedition, who was lost while on a mission to Mooshu.

Pagoda Harmony Hollow Mountain Guide Pagoda Harmony / Hollow Mountain Gear Guide  

Barkingham Palace

Wizards of Level 40 or higher need to visit Private Kinchley in the Cathedral of Regent’s Square in Marleybone. The Spiral’s greatest detective, Sherlock Bones, needs your help to investigate a crisis in Barkingham Palace!

Barkingham Palace Dungeon Barkingham Palace Gear Guide

Zigazag – House of Scales

Wizards of Level 60 or higher will need to speak to Alhazred in the Balance Classroom at the Krokosphinx to assist with the delivery of a mysterious (and possibly dangerous) package.

House of Scales and Lower Zigazag Dungeon House of Scales and Lower Zigazag Gear Guide  


The greatest of challenges await Wizards of Level 100. Dworgyn, in Nightside of Wizard City, will guide you in accepting the challenge of a great (and familiar) foe within Castle Darkmoor!

Castle Darkmoor Guide   Level 100 Gear Darkmoor Graveyard Speed Run

The new dungeons include treasure and secret bosses hidden behind Skeleton Key Doors.  These doors can be unlocked by Skeleton Keys that are dropped in the dungeons.

Skeleton Key Guide  

Duelist101 will be bringing dungeon guides and videos, as well as what you can get from the dungeons, as soon as we can!

Shadow Enhanced SpellsNew Shadow Enhanced Spells

KI hasn’t left us out in the cold. The new update comes with 7 brand new spells, one for each school, although these spells may be a little different. Shadow Magic makes a surprising and welcome return in the form of Shadow-Enhanced spells. These new spells are very powerful, and require both regular and Shadow pips to cast. Read more in our Shadow Enhanced Spells Guide

Shadow Enhanced Spells GuideShadow Enhanced Spell Review  

New Equipment Sets and a Bigger Backpack

equipment-setsChanging our gear just got easier! We now have a button at the bottom in our backpack window to make sets of gear.  Pop one on for PvP, Energy, Fishing, or Questing!  Make your favorite party costumes too!  The shortcut keys Ctrl + 1 through 9 help us navigate through the sets.

We are limited to nine Equipment sets at this time.  We can remove sets from our list at any time.  Be careful! if you delete a piece of equipment, it will no longer be a part of your set since it is no longer in your backpack.

And speaking of backpacks – their size has increased!  The new limit is 150 items, up from the old size of 120 items.  Sadly, the size of the Bank and Shared Bank is still the same (100 items each).

Exclusive Emotes, larger friends list and other benefits for Members

new_emotes_membersBeing a Wizard101 member has always had its perks.  Now we have more!  Our friends limit increases from 120 to 150.  That is 30 more friends we can have! Thank you Wizard101!

New Emotes have been added exclusively for Wizard101 members.   There are going to be additional limited-time surprise benefits for members. We will update this post as we know more.

Other temporary benefits were observed in test realm, including double pet training and snack points and double gardening rewards!

New Member Benefits

Fishing Updates

Execushiner FishThe Angler’s Tome will now tell you the total number of fish that you have caught!  There is a new badge for catching 2500 total fish.  We will let you know what it is as soon as we know. New FISH!  We are still working on their names and locations. We will update here when we know.  We will also add them to the Fish Location Guide.

PitbullSharkSo far we know there is a Yakoi, an Ohmai, a Kid Carp, an Execushiner (Castle Darkmoor when you enter, Death, Rank 2, Initial XP 1500) and a Pit Bull Shark (Barkingham Palace when you enter, Ice Rank 2, Initial XP 1400.)  We do know some of the fish are in the dungeons. 

 Updated Fish Location Guide  


Gardening Updates

garden-icon1Seeds can now be locked! Once locked, like gear, they cannot be sold, trashed, planted, fed to a pet or used in recipes.

Our Gardening buttons now show if plants in our current area have pests or needs.

Red means we have at least one wilted plant. garden-icon2

Yellow means we have pests or needs to be metgarden-icon3



Silver Chests Receive a New Game

Head into Silver Chests to find a new game created by Mr. Smith as reported here in his ‘Ode to Shock-a-Lock.’ Reportedly the prizes remain the same.


Combat Idle

No longer are the days of waiting for opponents to time out after a reasonable amount of time! Combat AFK is here!

Idle players, those who do not choose to cast a spell or pass in battle for two rounds, will now skip the 30 second countdown timer.idleBetter pay attention! 

Opponents won’t be able to walk away during your match and leave you there suffering through the timer.

Crafting Updates

The crafting updates include new tapestries, spell decks, fish tanks and even the ability to craft mega snacks!  The update also includes a new “mote” reagent.

Crafted Mega Snacks Guide  Crafted Dungeon Tapestries  Level 100 Crafted Decks  New Mote Reagent

New Pets

Many new pets were included in the update.  We’ve also seen some new talents!

Pets Guide

PVP: Anonymous Queue

The PVP queue now hides the name and school of wizards in the queue.

Anonymous Queue for Ranked PvP  

Quest, Spell, and Housing updates

Several quests were tweaked to work as intended. It seems to be the usual checks for consistency, and not allowing wizards to decline quests from the main quest line. Nothing major.

A few spells received needed updates.  Here are the major changes:

  • Lord of Night will attack for 440 Health Drain and apply -25% to the next Incoming Heal.
  • Brimstone Revenant will attack for 470 Fire Damage and apply a +25% Fire Trap.
  • Handsome Fomori will attack for 450 – 530 Ice Damage and apply -25% Accuracy.
  • Luminous Weaver will attack for 370 Life Damage and apply -25% Weakness.
  • Keeper of Sacred Flame will attack for 400 Myth Damage and apply +25% Myth Trap.
  • Catalan will attack for 700 Storm damage and apply -25% Accuracy.

 Read more in our Updated Loremaster Spells Guide.

Updated Loremaster Spells Guide

Be on the lookout for new wallpaper and floor patterns throughout the spiral! Music Players, Aquariums and Mannequins now display the item playing/being shown.  Housing signs have some new phrases, be sure to check them out!  Attic items will now be grouped if we have multiples.  We can also move them as a group if we want. For a few other things that have been going wrong, houskeeping tweaks are mentioned in the updates notes if you want to test them out.

We will add more as we learn more!! Expect many changes to this post over the next few days.


How does Test Realm work?

If you haven’t been in test realm before, follow the instructions near the end of the Test Realm notes (click button below.) Wizard101 Test Realm is limited to members and crowns users with recent transactions. Test realm is copied from live realm. It is completely separate from your live characters. What you do in Test Realm will NOT effect your wizards in live realm. The crowns you spend in test realm will not effect live realm.

Test Realm Updates

Happy  Dueling!!



Watch a first attempt at Castle Darkmoor. We made all kinds of mistakes!


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  • only god can judge me


  • anthony

    new balance forest lord aoe mutated spell

    • jacob dark blood


    • Woah cool! I hope they have a version for each school.

  • anthony

    idk why it wont show up

  • anthony

    also the first boss will hit you with a gnome if you heal

  • anthony

    new shadow pips percentage and shadow crit and block

    • Logan LegendThief

      Pierce is gone. I wonder how they’ll fix that.

      • Guest

        It’s not lol. Just changed. It’s right below block rating.

      • chance (now armor pierce more better) pierce stay same every each school 🙂 your armor pierce is Universe Talent! more pierce have more universe it is (Under by damage have each school)under what gear you use (would not by same) 1 gear be show 1 Universe (be anything pierce, critical, accuracy, critical, block (so, more better chance *block shadow magic spell* because tell boss get harder (when next world come like 3arc) shadow magic can be dangerous any way (Might more boss are shadow class might more legendary shadow magic boss might harder! OP & EPIC reason gear & stat with shadow magic (getting boss more shadow magic boss more *Legendary* which be dangerous or deadly or risky

    • jacob dark blood

      where did armor piercing go?

    • jacob dark blood

      saw it below crit block rating lol

    • This is a definite indicator that Shadow Magic will be playing a HUGE role in future spells, and gear will have stats for it.

  • anthony

    new death attack

    • jacob dark blood

      awesome but awkward and wierd attack by that spider

  • SOMEONE CHECK THE NEW RECIPES FOR EVERYTHING LIKE THE MEGA SNACKS AND THE NEW DECKS AND STUFF! Also please, check the recipes for the new Tapestries 😀 I asked for Tapestry Recipes and Gary, a worker at KI, happily delivered!

  • lukey800

    can someone post a picutre of the outside of the dungeons? i just wanna know where they will be.

  • fish

    i got a new pet called the socerers hunter from ammit in the level 60 dungeon

    • fish

      it essentially looks like a blue pirhanna hunter pet. it has a 53 pedigree. It gives a balance spear card at baby that is a pierce 6 percent. It look really cool 😀

      • fish

        this is a picture of it

        • Thank you! If you train it, we’d love to know what talents it develops!!

          • fish

            alright, i may train it to adult and see what it can get

          • jacob dark blood

            plz share it with us

        • jacob dark blood

          it lookz like pirana hunter

    • cool, do you have a screenshot? 🙂

      • fish

        of the pet or gear?

        • SophiaShadowhunter

          pet pls

    • fish

      The gear/pets i have received in the first 3 dungeons.

  • James Earthwalker

    Waterworks upgrade in Darkmoor? o:

  • Luis LifeHeart

    New decks level 100

    • jacob dark blood

      not soo good and effective

    • Not really as great as the pip starter decks. Way better in every way.

  • Ethan Breeze

    If you receive an item from test realm crowns, does it take the same amount of crowns to get it in live realm?

    • The Operator

      Hadn’t really thought about that. That’s a good question: do packs work like pets? Are they defined in a set order? Or are they completely random?

      • Ethan Breeze

        I guess I might be able to test it soon. The reason I asked is because I got teeth of the lords of night and Armor of the proud jaguar, two very good items for pvp.

        • Sabrina Spellflame

          Packs in test are completely different from live realm, from my experience.

    • Gh gaff


      • Ethan Breeze

        Have you learned this from experience, or are you just taking an educated guess?

  • Ethan Breeze

    New fire boots

  • Wolf FairyForge

    *Chokes* Oh my goodness… Oh my goodness… ;-; I need member..

  • Justin stormcrafter

    The new myth spell

    • Myth finally as an AoE!

      • Justin stormcrafter

        Ahh! Ikr! Myth still sucks tho XD

        • Yeah KI made Myth seriously underpowered, which really irritates me. They should start giving Myth a whole slew of dangerous minions with like 3k health, and somewhat below average stats for everything and a nice spell deck plus enchants. Then Myth can be back in the action 😀

          • Justin stormcrafter

            Yeah Ikr

          • Malistaire The Undying

            1v1 me

          • Justin stormcrafter


          • Justin stormcrafter

            Ok sure

          • Malistaire The Undying

            1v1 me mate

  • So happy about combat idle I’m like sweg

  • Justin stormcrafter

    New ice spell

    • purple fury

      what did you do to make the picture be taken sideways? is that how you play games all the time? looks like a pain for your neck lol… try alt+up arrow (or if your screen really shows normal but takes pictures sideways alt+right arrow

      • Justin stormcrafter

        XD sry I was using my friends computer and he didn’t want me to save pics on his so I took a pic with my iPad of the computer but didn’t know why it turned out sideways

        • purple fury

          if you took it with your ipad then you probably hold it sideways (like how you can make sideway photos by holding the camara to its side)

          • Justin stormcrafter

            No I actually hold it straight up, so idk what it is. I will just take the picture sideways and then it will be straight

          • The meanie

            where do u train for them spells

          • Justin stormcrafter

            If ur lvl 100 then u just have to do one dungeon and after it u get the spell, it’s the darkmoor something I forgot. But the dungeon is kinda long

          • Justin stormcrafter

            And we are also defeating fricken malistare for the 3rd time! So I guess somehow he came back and they didn’t even explain well

  • Justin stormcrafter

    New ice amulet

    • jacob dark blood

      justing dont use a camera to take pics just click prt scr in top of the keyboard it takes pic and stores in c programe

      • Justin stormcrafter

        Yeah sry I had to cuz I was using my friends computer and he didn’t wants pics on his

        • jacob dark blood

          lol i was just telling so the picture quality would be good XD

          • Justin stormcrafter

            Oh ok XD

    • Jerod Guyer

      This is the death one

    • The Morganthe Amulets are only slightly better, but these have a higher drop rate apparently.

  • jacob dark blood

    The mount and the pet are must-haves from this bundle. The Mystic Skiff actually turns you backwards as you row around. If you get a second person up in front, they’ll go on lookout duty, and at some point step up onto the bow of the boat, at which point you’ll stand up and rock back and forth!

    more new info on fishing bundle XD

  • jacob dark blood

    guys really need an help!!
    i have reinstalled w101 after a long time so i have install earn crowns option so i clicked it it says we need to give u a proper flash plugin . i clicked install it dont show any symptoms i kept my comp on for 2 hrs still no symptoms or finsihed download

  • V8beetle

    lol yea, that battle was fun. hehe, pain in my grrrr.

  • Kevin SilverFountain

    What i found

    • Brian Darkflame

      show more screenshots of this what does it look like in the front

      • Kevin SilverFountain


        • Brian Darkflame

          look at his character status with the gear on

          • Kevin SilverFountain

            I wonder how pvp’s going to be like now.

          • Tiffany Glover

            The Hat is glitched. It’s a bug. It’s not suppose to be 80% universal resist. It’s been reported to kingsisle support and they will fix it. The 80 Universal Resist is indeed a BUG/GLITCH.

          • Wyatt

            tiffany we get it shut up

          • jacob dark blood

            huh i am ded

    • Tiffany Glover

      The hat that was dropped with the 80 Universal Resist is a BUG.. It has been reported to Kingsisle. It was a mess up, instead of 80 universal resist it’s actually suppose to be 8.

    • jacob dark blood

      well awesome

  • Sheena

    Look at this crazy hat!! The person wearing it could not remember which boss dropped it, but said it was from the second dungeon. It is pretty amazing, not sure if it is a glitch???

    • Tiffany Glover

      This Hat is a BUG/GLITCH. It has been reported to Kingsisle for maintenance. Remember guys, this is Test Realm, meaning there will be plenty of bugs for Kingsisle to correct. This 80 universal resist hat should be about 8 resist.

      • Sheena

        I was pretty sure it was a glitch lol, but even still – getting it in the test realm would make it much easier to farm the dungeons and see more potential drops etc before it goes live.

    • So OP. Even if that meant 8%, it’d be a totally legit piece of gear.

  • Tiffany Glover

    This hat right here is a BUG/GLITCH. It has been reported to Kingsisle! So don’t get all excited because the 80 Universal Resist is a Bug!

    • Kyle

      lol You REALLLY want that bug to not make it into the live realm… (as do I)

    • lukey800

      no need to get snappy, lol

  • Koi the fish

    Can someone help me in live realm quest to level 100 I am level 87 right now I think I am done with alto alto and I wanna do level 100 dungeon

  • Heather you wish came true! Fishing luck shown!

  • ThatPromethean

    OMG! Wizard101 November 2014 Newsletter is here! NEW WORLD SNEAK-PEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HAS A SPIRAL DOOR! ITS MIRAGE/POLARIS OR SOMEWHERE LIKE ZAFARIA!

    • It’s probably the new house that Gary (A KI worker) mentioned to us on Twitter.

    • Michael ThunderPants

      It’s definitely a Zafaria-themed castle. xD

  • Brand Ghostspear

    AHA! I knew it! Malistare the undying really is Malistare drake! Cyrus Drake words proved it! Now I am Shocked right now! o: o: o:

  • Wow Castle Darkmoor is WAY longer than Tartarus. In fact, Tartarus has been replaced.

  • Michael ThunderPants

    Wow. These dungeons will be nothing short of a challenge tbh. I think the bosses have a bit too much health. Not just the level 100 dungeon, but the rest of them as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad all of this new stuff is coming to the spiral, but I can’t really see level 25’s and 40’s faring well in their own dungeon even.

  • E

    new pet drop

    • jacob dark blood

      the golems lookz incredibly awesome

  • Alicia Mistleaf

    Member Bonuses!

    Not sure if I should’ve posted this on the Pet section… but they seem to be giving double pet experience to members during training. With one fancy yogurt (and a perfect game) I received 108 experience. I reached ancient in under a half hour, lol. Terrible for crowns players though. I guess it’s Kingisle’s way of nudging people towards membership. (*_*)

  • Brand Ghostspear

    And btw on the new emotes. There are like 3 emotes on the member emotes. That is just a waste of time because almost no one of the members are going to use those 3 member emotes. I’d prefer having them for non members than members.

    • Nah they real sweg all the members gon use them a lot 😛

      • Brand Ghostspear

        well ya, it’s because they are new. 😛

  • jonathan

    ice hat

    • jacob dark blood

      btw u look cool in the arena armor

      • Hi Jacob, thank you for commenting but please don’t spam comments or we will need to remove some of them. Thank you for understanding.

    • The other stats are below average but Critical is heightened 😛 Ice is seemingly becoming more offensive but still slightly above average defensive.

  • ShaneVitae

    life hat

  • DanielStormBreaker

    Was going through the Hamakala dungeon… Found this! Maybe this means I should try Darkmoor to see if any new amulets are there also! 🙂

    • nobody

      there are 3 different pieces of every gear availeble, there are 2 amulets for every school discovered (1 better then the other) and also new masterys with offschool damage and offschool accuracy (instead of offschool damage and offschool crit block like the exalted mastery amulets) so yeah would go to darkmoor dungeon

    • Hmm I’m very interested in the Level 25 Dungeon gear. It’s not been very focused upon and some of them possibly have the potential to shake up Adept and Magus PvP.

  • Jason




  • Ted Pearl

    For a PvP oriented site, I can’t believe you guys forgot to mention the biggest change to PvP this patch. The anonymous PvP Ranked Queue is going to completely change the list of players who are able to reach the top of the leaderboard.

    • Psylent Night

      Hey Ted, we gave the article it’s own announcement. It should still be on the front page. What happened was this article was published before we learned about the anonymous queue, and we just haven’t gotten around to updating yet. I’ll get to it soon.

      • nobody

        talking about new stuff can you actually choose moon as primary school now (wether its member benefit only or not)? because someone posted a pic of someone who was a moon wizard and i would like to be able to choose astral as primary school

      • nobody

        by the way there is an artickle about the darkmoor gear but why not an artickle about the gear of the other dungeons aswell? i’m pretty sure the lower level wizards here would like to know if those dungeons has anything of worth for them

        • Psylent Night

          They sure would! It’s on my to-do list. But keeping up with the Darkmoor Gear Guide takes pretty much all my available time lol.

    • IronFistOfJustoce

      For sure it will change things, but also at least the new gear set organizer update can’t be abused in pvp

  • jonathan

    new athame. pretty sick

    • The new leading athame. The new gear seems to be focusing on Accuracy a lot. I’m kind of disappointed in that fact because that means accuracy debuffs will be basically useless now.

      • nobody

        actually i dont mind the accuracy. what i do mind is that they focus so much on accuracy it goes way beyond 100% for every school now if you have the full set i mean did you see malistair the undying robe? 11 life accuracy. malistairs robe of flux 25% storm accuracy combine with that athame and the boots of flux for storm and you get 102% storm accuracy… whats the use of that? its not bad to give them a nice accuracy boost but give it to them in moderation.

  • Joshua Wildhunter

    Storm seriously needs to be nerfed BIG TIME, like come on its sirens and enfeeble in one spell and less pips same to death because it’ll be almost impossible to kill them… Life, Ice, Myth arent that bad but i feel KI couldve done better with the after effect on ice ….. Balance…… omg I feel bad for balance… finally my school (fire) im kinda disappointed about it, the only thing I dont like about it is that it isnt AoE and i wouldve at least settle for an after effect smoke screen (only 1 to all) other than that it wouldve been perfect

    • Le Guest

      Storm doesn’t need nerfed at all. Because it’s all based on pip chance, just like power pip chance.
      And there’s resist for an reason, dispels as well. People seriously need to stop whining and saying Storm needs nerfed, because KI made the game to where there are WAYS to counter.

      Wanna make a Squall useless? Become immune, if they shrike, USE dispels. Volcanic Shield, and glacier shield. And are you kidding me as well? A balance can do 2-4k no blades with Loremaster. Everything has counters, it’s just a matter of knowing how and when to use it.

  • swaggy tyler 360

    there’s one problem this is all a member thing so there’s nothingreally special for any normal wizard that’s the thing that sucks

  • chris

    Do you have to habe completed khrysalis to do darkmoor? Because I’m level 100 but haven’t finished khrysalis yet

    • Noah Lifegiver


  • Aquila Tapestry

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