Wizard101 Test Realm Summer 2017 – PvP Changes, Avalon Fishing, Chat Improvements, and More!

Test Realm Summer 2017

Kicking off the official start of summer, KingsIsle left us with quite the surprise.. another update has hit the Wizard101 Test Realm! Come take a look what’s in the Summer Update!

NOTE: For a full list of changes – go HERE.

PvP Changes

To start things off – we have some PvP Changes! There are now daily assignments specifically for PvP – which give tickets and gold, and every 5th day – you will get a chest, containing new item and old favorites (including lore spells potentially!)

Additionally – to solve with the boosting problem, users will no longer face the same opponent for a certain amount of time after battling them!

PVP ONLY – There is now a dispel shield! After using a dispel, users will now get a stun block shield representing a dispel block! Note: If you use a spell such as Elemental Defuse (a spell that leaves more than one dispel), only one dispel shield will be put on you.

Finally, a new tournament mode – similar to Pirate101’s PvP system! Player 1 will take a turn, and then Player 2 takes theirs, eliminating the “second turn” issue. As a result of all these changes, a new age of PvP will be brought forth – welcome the 4th Age!

Chat Changes

The biggest section of changes, the menu chat system has gotten a whole revamp in the Wizard101 Test Realm – with many more fun and strategic phrases added! You also now have a favorites option – where you can save 20 of your favorite phrases!

There are also now emojis in-game! Click the round face on the right side of the chat window to bring up the window for these emojis. All players (even muted) can use these, and there a wide range of them, with the plan to add even more in the future!

Finally – there are now chat channels including a new Friend one! In this one, you can invite all your friends into it, and have your own group chat (similar to guild chats in other games). To invite friends, click on a friend’s name in your friend’s list, and then click the invite to friend chat button – next to your friend’s portrait in your friends list). Also, you can choose whether your friend channel is public (friends can invite their friends) or private (only people you have added can join!).

Just as a little note – there are a bunch of specific notes related to the various parts of these chat changes (how friend channels get reset after ever weekly maintenance, which one you log into when you get on, etc. etc.) so make sure to read the patch notes for a full run-down on that.



3 new types of monstrology are ready for eager monster hunters to gain! You can find Burke in Colossus Boulevard, Wysteria, and Grizzleheim to gain spells to hunt Treants, Pigs, and Gobblers!

On another positive note, several non-repeatable creatures were removed from the monstrology system – listed as followed:

  • Death Incarnate
  • Ghastly Spectre
  • Osseus Nightreaver
  • Eke Chuah
  • Tolkemec
  • Crypt Watchguard
  • Wanadi Black Sky

Tutorial Tip Log

A new tutorial tip log is available – located on the right side of your quest log, it simply keeps a log of all the tutorial tips for you to go back on if you were needing to do so! The categories are as followed:

  • Warning – Tips that warn the player (low mana is one example they used)
  • Quest – Tips that are related to quests.
  • School – Tips that are related to spell or pet school quests.
  • Tutorial – Tips that explain how something is used.


Avalon Fishing

Fishing has expanded into the land of mythical dragons and goblins – Avalon! New fish and new quests await all thee interested – and even a new spell!

And as always – many more changes with this test realm, bug fixes, and smaller changes. For a full list of changes, make sure to read the full list of patch notes, link is at the top of the article!

What is your favorite update in this Wizard101 test realm? Comment down below!

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  1. FuffyRuff says:

    I can’t wait to hear what people say on how the turn system is with dispel blocks against jades. I heard it’s going to be harder to beat them with the new turn system, so I wanna wait a see responses in here for your guys experience even if you do jade yourself.

    • Blaze MeOut says:

      eh .., its turn base is true, but I think the main culprit is dispel shields on jades now.

      • Surely you mean teams right? If each team has a jade, which they usually do, you are even. Perhaps people will learn to play without spamming dispels )

        • Blaze MeOut says:

          true … this means doom and gloom will be a pivatel spell in this turn based system

  2. Blaze Goldleaf says:

    My favorite “update” this test realm is getting to hear the Empyrea Flotsam Storm Combat theme 😛

  3. Blaze MeOut says:

    Most non-world updates aren’t that big. I honestly have to say that this actually is a great update 🙂 ….
    -First off the biggest is the pvp updates. Dispel shields and a new turn based system really makes the playing field more even. Hmm, people will have to carry more infections/doom and gloom as a result of heal dispels nerfed. This could get people back into the game.
    -Avalon fishing and monstrology expansion is always nice. With capture treant spells, people can actually farm and summon minions that are capable of healing.
    -Chat was getting boring in wizard101. Eh… adding new emoji’s make it feel more up to date with social media features.
    –with all I stated above. It really sounds like Kingsisle is planning to possibly put more endorsement on wiz. Possibly, KI is planning to release a steam version of wiz. The pvp changes and emoji’s in my opinion are a huge indicator of it.

  4. Mycin DarkHeart says:

    Emojis!!!! That’s all I’ve ever wanted… I have low expectations 🙂

  5. Blaze MeOut says:

    Feedback so far:
    -Dispel shields -I like them. Healing gets a huge buff from this, so I should watch for it. The dispel shields look too similar to a stun shield. Please make them look different, so I don’t get confused.
    -Turn based -looks more balanced, but intensity feels different, which is expected. Shields and stuns are more useful in this system. By effect, shield breaking, stun block, and overtime spells become more useful, but can also be triaged and shifted more effectively. Minions tend to be less useful from this update due to more strategic planning. Weaknesses and infections are eh… not a lot of expertise to comment on this.
    -Turn based consumes more time in pvp. Makes this feel so slow, but I guess I have to get used to it. Maybe, adjust tourney time for this
    -Tourney winning algorithm seems to have changed as well. I don’t know if this was intentional or its a malfunction due to the new turning based system.
    -PVP daily rewards are nice touch, same with Avalon fishing and monstrology expansion
    – Wasn’t fully conspicuous in this update. But, THEY NERFED BOOSTING! They added a cool down timer on certain players so that you can’t fight them again after a certain time.

    • Boosters have not problem being awake at 4 am to boost, I am sure they will not be inconvenienced by having to wait a bit between matches. This will probably only making waiting for a ranked match even longer than usual sadly.

      • Blaze MeOut says:

        I already know a couple counters to this nerf. Everything has a pro and a con. I don’t wanna give people ideas on how to boost, so I will just be quiet about it.

      • Blaze MeOut says:

        It won’t make waiting that much longer. It’s not very fun to keep winning against the same person all day in a pvp match. Even if your not intentionally boosting, I count this similar to it. Fighting different people more frequently makes it more enjoyable.

        • Yes, but I do not think it is going to help the boosting.

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            It won’t solve boosting. But this does partially nerf it. It’s not like dispel shields will stop people from still using dispels in pvp.

  6. Death incarnate and Ghastly Spectre are minions you summon with animate, what world do you think they removed those from?

  7. Jim Collins says:

    Like u do now for badges, could u number the must do quests in each area. For example – u have 195 of 200 Avalon quests done.

  8. Blaze MeOut says:

    Treants –> various worlds
    Pigs –> various worlds; most in Mooshu and Girzzlehiem
    Gobblers -most notable in wizard city, but I do question whether Avalon has gobbler animus.

  9. The lamest test realm I have seen from wiz

  10. the lamest test realm ever

  11. Hannahredriver says:

    does this mean that all tournaments will be turn based, or is this just the case in the test realm?

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