Wizard101 Test Realm Teaser – Bartleby’s New Look!

Hello everyone, hope you all are having a lovely Friday today. We have received our very own test realm teaser, so keep on reading to find out more about what we got!

KingsIsle has sent out some exciting teasers for what appears to be a visual update to Wizard City, and we were lucky enough to get one of our own! Take a look at our good ol’ friend Bartleby before:

and now we have the new, updated Bartleby below for everyone to see!

Seems pretty cool, right? This test realm should be coming soon, along with other updates to Wizard City (other fansites have teasers, so make sure to check ’em all out!), along with other updates for sure!

Just a short one for you guys today, hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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  1. James Earthwalker says:

    Sooooo pretty 😀

  2. Gabriel Legend says:

    That looks a lot better!

  3. HighMans says:

    Quite excited for these new changes. One thing I’m REALLY hoping for is an option for Borderless Full Screen Mode. I can’t switch between wiz101 and other apps without waiting 5s.

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