New Utility Spell Ideas: Fire

New Utility Spell Ideas: Fire

As we fast approach the end of Empyrea, I believe it is high time we received some new utility spells. As such I have designed 3 new utility spells for each school. I imagine them being acquired at lvl 30, lvl 60 and lvl 90. Each spell follows one of three design principles: 1)Tool(s) a school is missing 2)Team assistive spell and 3)Individual spell. We’re turning up the heat with the Fire school’s spells today. All cards created by LegendsoftheSpiral’s Card Creator!

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Fire Spells

Name: Scintillate
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 2 pips

Description: Your next outgoing DoT cannot be removed

Explanation: The fire school specializes in DoTs but had no way to protect them until now. Scintillate means that the DoT it affects cannot be removed by Triage or Shift. However, do note that it can be weakened via cooldown or detonated.

Acquired: Lvl 30


Name: Flare-Up
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 4 pips

Description: Add 1 round to all teammates positive self-effects. Subtract 1 round from all enemies positive self-effects.

Explanation: A powerful spell that manipulates duration of self-effect spells. Self-effect spells include auras such as infallible, shadow spells such as shadow shrike, Heal over times on the team and even polymorphs. This spell extends those spells by 1 round and decreases your opponent’s by one round. Do note that said spells must be active at the time of cast for this spell to work.

Acquired: Lvl 60


Name: Eruption(*modified after feedback)
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 6 pips

Description: Cast a random trained fire spell that costs 7-9 pips

Explanation: A seemingly simple spell that acts as a Simplify/Elucidate(or even more powerful) with a twist. It trades a cheaper cost for randomness and can be very powerful if you are lucky. It is balanced by the fact that the spell chosen is completely random and will be cast without any enhancement.

Acquired: Lvl 90

What do you think of these spell ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • d

    Really like these spell ideas so far. Only one out of these three that is a bit unfair to me is the last one. Fire only has 4 hits that are 8 pips or more. Efreet, King Artorious, Rain of Fire, and Sun Serpent. Efreet and king artorius are extremely powerful in pvp, especially efreet. Even if eruption was used and efreet was not cast, it is still unpredictable. being able to sun serpent for 6 pips is insane. it still does over 1000 base, and with shrike, a fire can easily do over 2000 with it. I think that the spell should have a 1 use limit. That would make it more fair in my opinion.

    • Eric Stormbringer

      After some reflection I agree with your points. Eruption offered Fire 3/4 highly desirable outcomes in it’s original form including a 1300 damage hit at 6 pips. Thus, I modified the spell to cast a 7-9 pip spell leaving fire with 2/4 highly desirable outcomes. Thanks for the feedback!

      • e

        No problem, looking forward to the spells for the other 4 schools.

  • Talon LegendStaff

    The only one that I have a problem with is Scintillate. It’ll cause fire to have an unstoppable Burning Rampage and since you would get that spell at level 30, which is also where Burning Rampage is very common, it would provide a hugely unfair advantage for the fire wizard using Burning Rampage.

    • Nick Wylde

      Agreed, and flare up is basically a stun spell.

  • Nick Wylde

    Utility spells I am not sure about, but new empyrea part 2 fire spell idea is down below, just click “view”

    • Nick Wylde
      • golden brigain

        ah…3 pips for that? I mean, doesn’t raging bull only do 100 more damage maybe? even if its over 3 rounds that’s still a ton of damage for not many pips. Plus a blade? even storm only has a 50% chance of getting one with rusulka and that’s on a singe target spell! seems a bit op.

    • s

      ew no. we dont need more shadow hits. we already have 3 shadow hits. if we had a 3 pip shad hit, that means we could get a shad 2 turns in a row at the start of a match and use 2 shad hits. even the 4 pip spells are already ridiculous, please dont add any shad hits that are cheaper.

      • Nick Wylde

        Do you know the chance of getting two shadow pips in a row? It is extremely low.

      • Nick Wylde

        Fine then check out the new one I just posted.

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