New Utility Spell Ideas: Life

New Utility Spell Ideas: Life

As we fast approach the end of Empyrea, I believe it is high time we received some new utility spells. As such I have designed 3 new utility spells for each school. I imagine them being acquired at lvl 30, lvl 60 and lvl 90. Each spell follows one of three design principles: 1)Tool(s) a school is missing 2)Team assistive spell and 3)Individual spell. Spring is in the air and with it comes the Life school spell ideas! All cards created by LegendsoftheSpiral’s Card Creator!

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Life Spells

Name: Overgrow
Type: Enhancement
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 0 pips

Description: -1 pip to the cost of a nonlife AoE and change the spell type and damage inflicted to Life

Explanation:  The Life school has been asking for an AoE for a long time to no avail. This spell flips the concept on its head. Instead of getting an AoE of their own, Life can utilize an off school AoE as their own. It does have built-in limits, Being an enhancement means the Life wizard must have said off school AoE trained. They also cannot enhance said spell with damage enchants and as a result receive a minor pip reduction as compensation.

Acquired: Lvl 30


Name: Sow and Reap
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 4 pips

Description: Increase the cost of all spells in your hand by one pip. Decrease all Teammates spells by one pip. Note that only one Sow and Reap can be in effect per the entire team’s round. 

Explanation: A powerful team support spell that makes your spells more expensive but makes your teammate’s spells much cheaper. Do note only one Sow and Reap can be active per team per round.

Acquired: Lvl 60


Name: Ravenous Symbiote
Type: Attack/Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 6 pips

Description: 250 life damage times x and -20% damage times x to a single target. The max value of x is 3. X is equal to the number of heals used in the battle

Explanation: A powerful single target spell that powers up the longer the match lasts. Since the damage and effect is based on the number of heals the caster used in battle, the spell fully powers up in mid to late game. Once fully powered the spell deals 750 damage with a 60% weakness for 6 pips! A great deal.

Acquired: Lvl 90

What do you think of these spell ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • James Earthwalker

    As your local Theurgist, I offer these honest critiques.

    1) Overgrow: Why not just have a spell that converts AOE heals into AOE hits? Seems better to me than simply leaching off of other schools.

    2) Sow and Reap: Throughout all your hypothetical spell articles, you seem to have a constant motif: affecting your or the other player’s hands. While the idea has merit, I don’t think that things like reducing Pip costs of all your cards, forcing your opponent to discard cards, or seeking out specific cards to add to your hand really don’t have much of a place in a game like Wizard101. Enemies in the main game don’t even have “hands” or “decks” to use, which would render the purpose of these cards pointless to the core game.

    3) Ravenous Symbiote: Actually a really cool spell idea! Don’t know how the game would keep count of all the times someone heals throughout a battle, but I suppose it’s possible. Perhaps make it an per-Pip spell like Dryad where the Weakness is -5% per Pip?

    • Eric Stormbringer

      1)That’s a cool idea that definitely has merit.

      2)Thats because hand manipulation is one of the few means of expansion left to wizard 101. Unlike other CCGs, wizard 101 has very few options for player interaction. It only allows one move per round–curtailing potential combos and strategies. It’s infinite card draw and access to a sideboard make mulligan and card draw mechanics a moot point. There is no such thing as maintaining board presence at all which is a primary way most ccgs differentiate between control and aggro. Wiz already has manipulations for everything their spells do cover(resource costs such as pips, stats, turns etc) Hand manipulation opens an entirely new dynamic for wiz and is something they should seriously consider embracing. Otherwise they will need to continually add either new stats(think critical and pierce) or new resources(think shadow pips).

      As for monster hands- that would be a great question to ask KI Live. We know monsters have infinite decks but we know nothing about their hand. Do they even have a hand as we conceive it? Who knows. As for the fact that the hand manipulation spells wouldn’t necessarily transfer to PvP- that’s fine with me. Most of the utility spells we have are currently either a non-factor in PvE or extremely niche. This would be no different.

      • Eric Stormbringer

        *wouldnt necessarily transfer to PvE

      • nobody

        i dont think they have, but rather an ai automatically selects spells from their deck based on trhe way they are programmed (so if you do action a they might have x% more chance to pick spell b over a as they had previously, if their health drops below x they have x% less chance to attack and instead focus more on a defensive spell and so on)

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