New Utility Spell Ideas: Storm

New Utility Spell Ideas: Storm

As we fast approach the end of Empyrea, I believe it is high time we received some new utility spells. As such I have designed 3 new utility spells for each school. I imagine them being acquired at lvl 30, lvl 60 and lvl 90. Each spell follows one of three design principles: 1) Tool(s) a school is missing 2) Team assistive spell and 3) Individual spell. For our final installment of this series, we have the Storm school! All cards created by LegendsoftheSpiral’s Card Creator!

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Storm Spells

Name: High Tide
Type: Enhancement
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 0 pips

Description: Change a storm attack spell from dealing Storm damage to dealing Moon damage. If it is a 7 pip or higher spell, also reduce the spell’s cost by 1 pip

Explanation: Storm’s biggest problem in the arena throughout the ages is that it has no way to deal with Storm shields. This spell makes strides towards solving this issue by changing Storm damage to Moon damage. This means that Storm specific shields would have no effect on this attack. However, this is balanced by the fact that it also cannot be buffed by Storm blades/bubbles and can be defended with universal debuffs. Finally, as this is an enhancement that will take the place of damage enhancements it gives the minor compensation of a 1 pip decrease in cost to 7 pip and higher spells.

Acquired: Lvl 30


Name: Wipeout
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 6 pips

Description: Remove all positive charms from the enemy team, Remove all negative charms from your team.

Explanation: The ultimate in charm removal spells that wipes out your enemy’s buffs while cleansing the entire team.

Acquired: Lvl 60


Name: Revenge Bolt
Type: Attack/Heal
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 14 pips

Description: Deal 1000 storm damage to the enemy target and heal 500 to self. Reduce the spell cost by 1 for each hit taken this battle.

Explanation: A powerful spell that significantly helps storm’s late game potential. It initially costs a prohibitive amount of pips but gets cheaper the more hits the Storm wizard endures.

Acquired: Lvl 90

What do you think of these spell ideas?
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  • Logan LegendHunter

    While High Tide is an excellent idea, we don’t touch astral damage until Celestia, so getting it at lvl 30 sounds a bit weird. And about Revenge Bolt, i couldn’t think of a better name for this spell <3

  • tay kyles

    My problem and solution for Revenge Bolt:

    Revenge Bolt deals high damage and heals, while reducing cost per hit taken. You could end up unstoppable VERY fast by shield or weakness spam forcing them to use 0 or low pip attacks to rid of them. You will effectively fire off 1 or 0 pip maxed out Wild Bolts from Full Health, with that crit rate potentially amplifying the damage and doubling the heal should you take damage. In other words, completely OP if not balanced out

    Storm is about High Risk, High Reward, not No Risk, High Reward

    Scale the Pip Cost to Health Percentage
    Keep it all the same but make it cost a Shadow Pip and deal Moon Damage
    Keep it the same, but increase the pip cost by 1 or 2 pips per use. That’ll keep the cost from staying low and it’ll prevent spamming it

  • will wroble

    tbh spells like these are what this game needs. ki has removed most of the strategy from their game by only adding rng shadow enhanced spells in recent years. This game needs unique and strategic utility spells like these to maintain a fun, interesting and strategic competitive environment. They should really add in a ton more trainable utility spells throughout all stages of the game, not just shadow, op pack spells and wand may casts.

    • will wroble

      also high tide i think is a brilliant idea, but i think it should be a bubble effect as supposed to an enchantment.

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