Dropped Spells: Which are Best for PvP?

Dropped Spells:
Which are Best for PvP?

In the land of Wizard101, there exist quite a lot of dropped and crafted spells! Some are more desired than others, but today we will run down all the crafted/holiday spells and let you know which are the best! This article idea was suggested by Mason Moonmask!


Luminous Weaver – A great 1v1 spell for life wizards! The damage is on-par with Seraph, but the true MVP of this spell is the -25% weakness it leaves behind.

Goat Monk – Not a terrible spell, but there are better options or moves to make rather than using this.

Pigsie –  MUST HAVE. This spell is AMAZING for team PvP.

Sacred Charge – For 5 pips – this isn’t quite a pip efficient spell, there are better options. The animation is pretty cool, though. 


Deer Knight – GREAT for Team PvP, a nice medium pip cost hit to all enemies that also packs a punch if bladed up nicely.

Lord of Night – Has its uses, but out of the three craftable or droppable spells Death has, this is the most underwhelming.

Headless Horseman – This spell is a must have for 1v1 fights. For 4 pips, you get 530 – 590 damage, which is MORE than the kraken spell (only by 10 on each end .. but still more!). Too bad the only way to currently get this spell is with crowns. Here’s to a hopeful addition to Loremaster!


Winter Moon – Ice’s best craftable/dropped spell by a mile. The stun is lovely for combos and this spell actually hurts!

Angry Snowpig – The spell is cute.. but useful in PvP? ..not really.

Reindeer Knight – Same as Death’s Knight, just ..different school! haha.

Handsome Famori – The addition of the -25% accuracy debuff turned this spell from completely useless into ..still basically useless. Would recommend other spells for Ice wizards to use in any queue of PvP.


Krampus – Not a terrible spell, but with the other fire options, this is the least useful. It still has its place though – the accuracy debuff is nice for 1v1 against lower accuracy schools such as storm and other fires!

Hephaestus – Allows fire to push the bubble tempo even further, and has some nice combo potentials with their other hard-hitting spells.

Brimstone Revenant – This spell is actually really good. The damage is surprisingly high, and the trap left on afterwards is also a nice tool for combos!

Burning Rampage – This spell is crazy good for 1v1. Would recommend any fire to go out and get this spell!


Catalan – reference Handsome Famori ..just with more damage.

Queen Calypso – the fact the spell does the trap first followed by the damage is sort of ..off-putting, but the trap IS an AoE trap, so it has a very niche use in team PvP.

Catch of the Day – Probably the best storm crafted/dropped spell .. which isn’t saying much. Removes a blade and has nice damage, though!


Athena Battle Sight – The tower in theory would be nice, but with most people having access to higher pierce amounts these days, it’s just a middle of the road spell.

Keeper of the Flame – The trap is good for combos, and the damage isn’t that bad either. A downside is that myth doesn’t have too many good spells at lower levels to combo this into, so I would say it’s better for higher levels.

Ninja Pigs – Typically, I would say this spell isn’t the best, but with myth’s unique set of spells – this is actually a nice 5 pip single target damage spell.


Loremaster – A great spell in general for PvP. The damage, weakness, and mantle all in one for 4 pips has a lot of great uses in all ranges of PvP game modes.

Ninja Piglets – Okay spell, has more damage than Loremaster, but has no additional effects. Since balance’s normal 4 drop spell is an AoE, this is a nice single hit spell you can get for 4 pips.

Samoorai – Flat out – there are far better options for the pip amount this spell takes. Hope they add something unique to this soon!

Savage Paw – Has nice damage for 5 pips, and also gives a +25% balanceblade. A nice combo piece into a bigger hit for 1v1, but not as great in team play.


Now that you are well equipped with knowledge of the dropped spells, get out there and start dominating the arena! Make sure you remember the most important rule of PvP .. have fun!


What is your favorite of the crafted/dropped spells?
Which one do you dislike the most? Comment down below!

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  • James Earthwalker

    Still waiting for the day when Sacred Charge is craftable… with as underwhelming as it is, it shouldn’t be exclusive to such a hard boss ;-;

  • James Earthwalker

    Also, WHY ISN’T BRULEE SUCREE CRAFTABLE? It’s SUCH a cool spell!!!

  • ADawny

    Not very in-depth, but it wasn’t meant to be. Great overview of lore spells, especially for newer players unsure of spell value.

  • Talon LegendStaff

    I disagree with the ninja pigs statement. With no enchants nor damage boosts, ninja pigs does 128 damage per pip (640/5). That easily makes it a good finisher. An added bonus is that you can farm for it from an easy boss in MooShu, which means that, in theory, it’s easier to get it. The spell is amazing at low levels.

  • EwaKlaar

    Queen Calypso is still potent in 1v1’s as it does more than Kraken because of the trap. Though the difference isn’t huge, it gets bigger when comparing them if they are both enchanted (with a low-rolled enchanted Calypso doing more than a high-rolled enchanted Kraken)

  • Ryan Lifesword

    I tried to get pigsie treasure cards, but to no avail. The loremaster like never drops these even when it shows she has those cards. I need them so badly. Here’s the problem: I don’t have any crowns, the loremaster rarely ever drops those tc’s, and there is no chance they’ll be in the bazaar.

  • Logan LegendHunter

    Although I love Headless Horseman spell, I just feel it needs to be changed.
    Death doesn’t have cool aftereffects (most of them are just -25% infections), so a nice addition could be a blade or a double (or triple) trap effect. Of course, reducing the damage appropriately.

    • A

      no, what the spell really needs is a -20 weakness. ice has abom, balance has lore, fire has efreet, life has luminous weaver. reduce the damage of headless by 50-75 and make it give a weakness. death badly needs a powerful spell. atm headless isnt very useful at max because it has no secondary effect.

  • golden brigain

    They need to make brulee Sucre and snowball strike craftable (they also need to make snowball strike 2 pips instead of 3 or seriously bump up the damage and make it 4 pips).

  • Songibal

    I know this was written awhile ago but angry snowpig has got to be the most underrated ice spell. Say you’re against a fire and they have a thermic shield up, the attack will take off the ice shield while taking their fire one as an after effect.

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