Hatchmaking Thoughts

Hatchmaking Thoughts

One of the main things in this year’s spring update is definitely the new Hatchmaking. In this article, we’ll share some general thoughts as well possible implications on PvP. Basically, the new system fixes many (if not all) problems we have had before its implementation. For how to use the hatchmaking kiosk- Click Here

Pre Hatchmaking Problems

We have had the Hatchery in the Pet Pavilion for a long time already. However, it hasn’t been the perfect place. It has been a hostile environment, with people talking down to players with bad pets. It has been full of desperate players looking for an easy way toward the perfect pet (click here to find out more about too big expectations). In order to create a good pet from scratch, you have always needed a specific approach. You’ve had to do take an effort to find people who are willing to hatch out their good pets. Alternatively, you could devote a lot of time and thought into creating the pet all by yourself, if you wanted to do it without any help.

Many players have found it easier to just roll with their current, average pets rather than “wasting” their time in Hatchery and Pet Pavilion. Just getting a hatch has been a nightmare for people with less than perfect pets. Then, when you finally get the hatches you need, you have had to deal with tedious training and fails.


No More Elitism

hatchmaking good pet

While I don’t know the numbers, I can assure you that players who have the best pets are a minority. There are lot of players with good pets, but I’m talking about best ones. Pets like Max stats full ward, triple double or other juicy combinations (for example double different school dealer pets). While it wasn’t impossible to get hatch with one of these pets, it was definitely a tough job.

With new system, you’ll just need to spend some time searching through pets in the Hatchmaking Kiosk and that’s it. I have a feeling that Kiosk will have a nice “snowball effect” regarding great pets. Even though elitists will try to keep their own pets from hatching, there will be plenty of other players who will offer an identical pet in the Kiosk. There will be reasons why you would want to put a pet in kiosk. And even if you don’t, you won’t be able to prevent pets with your specific talents spreading!

More pets in the Kiosk means more opportunities for new players to get a good pet.


Motivation to Put Pets in the Kiosk

Among all the elitists, you will always find players who have no problem spreading their pets. However, there have been two major problems here. First, hatching requires a lot of gold, especially if you’re doing it on regular basis. In addition, there are the cooldown times. Being limited to one hatch a day (well two, if you’re a member) means that often you simply can not hatch with others.

The new Kiosk mechanism is the perfect solution to these problems. If you place pet in Kiosk, it won’t charge you any gold. In addition, the cooldown timer will remain the same when others use your pet to hatch. It has never been easier to focus on our own projects while simultaneously helping others.

The other motivation are Hatch Peppers. You’ll receive one everytime someone uses your pet for a hatch and you can use them to craft some juicy stuff. Most notable are the elixirs from crown shop, which will facilitate your hatching projects.


End of Pay-to-Hatch Services

Many players have charged packs or other goodies to hatch out their pets. Whether it was in form of empowers (so we were actually able to hatch) or in greedier form of packs. None of this will be apliccable anymore.

hatchmaking scammed

Well, there might be some really specific pets with specific talent combinations left which you won’t be able to find in Kiosk. But these are very specific and hard to make. The players searching for these special niche pets are mostly experienced players who can’t get scammed and might even initiate the payment.

Overall, the new Hatchmaking is a great step forward to fighting ingame scammers.


Impacts on PvP

Yes, PvP is incorporated in all ingame branches. Even if on first sight looks like it has nothing to do with, there are connections. Pets are one of the main entry barriers that keep new players from succeeding in PvP. The new Hatchmaking will help two groups of players:

  1. New players
  2. Returning players

While new players maybe don’t know exactly what kind of a pet they want, they know that their Shadow needs some improvements. They might not understand the implications of choosing a double-resist-triple-damage pet, and a double-resist-enfeeble-fortify pet or a ward pet. Still, no matter which one they choose, it will be better than their ancient pet with mana, accuracy and cunning talents.

The other group are returning players who know exactly what they want. Without many friends and no good pets it might be hard to quickly get the pet they want. With the new system, they can easily get a good pet and jump back into arena much faster as they would otherwise.

Whether this was intentional or not, we salute you KI.



Well, after all the praise it’s time for some critique. While the new Hatchmaking is great, there is always room for improvement. A few are described below:

Display the given card(s) when you hover over the pet. It’s true that we might already know the cards on pet we’re looking for. It’s true we can google them. Nevertheless, this could be a neat little improvement to the system. It’s impossible to remember all the cards and googling them is simply too tedious a task.

hatchmaking elikAllow us to brows pets by the talents. High pedigree does not equal a better pet. Right now, it’s bit inconvenient if you’re looking for pets with specific talent combinations. The pet type and pedigree aren’t always that important. The most important thing when making a new pet are the pet talents. It’s good practice if players focus on talents first. Such things should be provided/encouraged in the new system.

Let us use the keyboard. Well, the Hatchmaking Kiosk isn’t the only thing that could make a good use of keyboard (I’m looking at you, Elik). But navigating through all the pets would be much, much easier with our keyboard rather than using a mouse.


Do you like new feature? Will you use it to help others or get yourself a better pet?


  1. Carlos SeaSword says:

    I think this feature has the potential to help players get good pets, but this article left out a key feature: you’re unable to put in crowns pets into the kiosk. The majority of the pets that people have are crowns pets, so a big chunk of available pets won’t be able to put into the kiosk. Also, some noncrown pets require you to pay crowns anyway to hatch (this may be a bug), so I don’t know if people will be willing to do that.

    • Mora Misthead says:

      We’ll see if there will be a surge in non-crown pets now 🙂

    • Jeremy Ravenhunter says:

      I’ll admit, this one slipped me out yes.
      But i’m sure there are players with non-crown pets that are also great (for example max stat wards or triple doubles). Clockwork Paladin is nice example, some high leveled hybrids.
      In worst case scenario well just make copies on our non crown pets and put them in Kiosk 😛

  2. nobody posted says:

    I’m so happy about this, people in a certain discord server would always ask for 100+ empowers or 2 energy elixirs or a couple of packs for their own pets. They were so greedy lol I can imagine them panicking as they can’t overcharge people with awful pets anymore! hahahahaha

    They would always say “I love helping people! :)” but then charge you 120 empowers + 2 energy elixirs for a basic triple double.

    • tbf charging is completely fair. 90 empowers for a 2.0 with clean pool is not overpriced. id say it gets greedy when it costs 100+. dont see anything wrong with chargin 2 packs either. these people are not quite as greedy as you might think, i know a few people with 2.0s that will be putting their pets in the kiosk.

  3. So I just found out something magical. You can go to Manage pets > My Hatches and it will show you what pet has been used to hatch with which of your pets, you then have the option to hatch with whatever pet that hatched with you! That’s really neat

  4. I personally always hatch out my pets. I dont charge nor care. Ill reset the timer myself, or give them the gold needed in order to hatch. I dont understand why everyone needs to be greedy.

  5. Blaze MeOut says:

    I do want to note not every type of pet is gonna be in the kiosk … some “crowns only” pet are off limits to put into the kiosk. In live realm, they can only be hatched for crowns.