Holiday Vendor Improvements

Holiday Vendor Improvements

If you’ve ever strolled down the Shopping District when they are around, you might notice they’re a bit lonely – as they’ve had (for the most part) all the same items year in and year out. So, in today’s article, we’ll be brainstorming some ways that KingsIsle could spice up the vendors, perhaps even add some new ones? Keep on reading as we dig into holiday vendor improvements!

As much as the vendors were fresh and new at one time, they have sadly faded into yearly expectations with no new items for quite some time. Take Felix, he’s in the spiral right now! ..too bad his items only go up to level 95, a whole 30 levels behind our recent level cap of 125. With some simple updating of items. and some new items, unique to the vendor, KingsIsle could easily draw interest back to them!

The second way they could improve holiday vendors is ..well.. add some new ones! Now, you may be thinking “what could they add?”. Well, we have some ideas!

  • Earth Day – have some new plants he/she could sell!
  • New Years – a tip off to the new year, could sell the past year’s hottest items at a discounted price
  • Cinco De Mayo – skull skeleton pet – could also have some skeleton gear that is new!

Finally, the last idea is to tie in some new quests with the vendors! They already do the themed quests with Halloween, but why stop there? We could expand it to chasing the Easter Bunny down! We could help set a grand Ravenwood Thanksgiving meal up! We could even chase a pot of gold to the end of a rainbow.. (okay maybe not..). It would be cool, however, to add some new variety into the otherwise normal yearly return of these vendors!

While the holiday vendors are cool if you are new to the game, seeing the same thing year after year is a bit dull. KingsIsle could really liven up the holiday vendors and maybe even give them some new pals, some new gear, or some new interactions to make the holidays in Wizard101 even more festive!

What would you change/add to the holiday vendors?
Comment down below!

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  • James Earthwalker

    Ooh, I love the New Years idea 🙂

  • Mora Misthead

    Them giving quests would be fun 🙂 Especially if you would get a wand as a reward for the quest that you can’t get any other way.

  • nobody

    have them sell fireworks for your house with new year XD. its a great idea to spice up the vendors a bit, tough the level cap doesnt bother me at all because lets be honest all they are good for are either decoration or stitching. i mean seriously a level 95 wand and it gives 0 stats, just a starting pip and some item cards, both of wich you can get on pretty much any other wand of the same level (tough the school might be different wich might be even better depending on how you use the wand). id say revisit the wands and have them competable with regular wands of the same level at the very least, otherwise they might as well delete the higher level ones as far as im concerned

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