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Savvy and Champ

I had the chance sit down and have a little chat with one of the nicest people in the spiral, Savannah Windweaver. For those of you who do not know her, “Savvy” is the Wizard101 PvP Coordinator on PvPCentral. I have had the opportunity to team with Savvy on many occasions, she has taught me a lot about PvP over the years. Hope everyone enjoys a little look into one of the friendliest people every to walk the Spiral.


 On to the Interview

DMTDaniel: Your Official title is “Wizard101 PvP Coordinator.” So what is it that you do?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: I run the ladders, am in charge of a lot of the organization that goes on in the background, work on incoming tickets, and answer an almost endless stream of VM’s and PM’s. I also run tournaments and occasional in game events.


DMTDaniel: With school, work, and family, how do you find time to do everything you do in PvP?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: I don’t, sadly, that is why I almost never join a tournament any more. My responsibilities come first, then the pleasure of actually PVPing.

 Central tournament Logo


DMTDaniel: What skills contribute to being a good tournament master; what attributes do you look for when hiring new co-workers?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: Good behavior in the game and the forums is a must. There also needs to be a good understanding of the game mechanics, to be able to run tournaments. A team player that can work well with others is preferable. It is also beneficial to find people that aren’t “burned out” yet.



Daniel: Who have been your favorite TM’s to work with and what did they bring to the table that you liked?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: My favorite TM’s 
Nick – his knowledge of the game and ability to explain things is phenomenal. Not to mention he is one of the nicest people I have met in game. 
Firestarter75 – He brings enthusiasm to the table. He is the person that pushes to get things done and he is also one of the nicest people I have met.
Alex Jaderider – It was just fantastic to work with Alex, he brought life to the team and his input to rule decisions was very valuable.


DMTDaniel: What obstacles do you see TM’s taking on in the future and how are the best solutions determined?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: I see 2 major obstacles at the moment. For one, the every changing game environment. Kingsisle releases content with such speed, that it is hard to keep up with fair and enjoyable rules. It isn’t just the releases of new worlds that affect PVP so much, but every little Hoard Pack that gets released, comes with new gear, new pets with possibly new talents, new stats and by now this is all hard to balance.  The other one, which will not last, is our new software. It is amazing to have the extension of PVPCentral added to Wizard101 Central. But the software is not finished, we are constantly adding new content as well and attempting to improve.


DMTDaniel: What has been the greatest reward(s) you have received while serving as TM?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: My greatest reward was when Jester asked me to become our PVP Coordinator. I couldn’t believe I was chosen for this position and I appreciate it much. I know it comes with a lot of responsibilities and I will do my best to fulfill those.


DMTDaniel: What do you think has been the greatest benefit of the new site PvPCentral?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: It made the life easier for our Tournament officials I believe. It also gives us many organizational tools to track prize payouts and release bigger tournaments without having to divide them in brackets. The software is custom made to fit our needs and it gets better every month.


DMTDaniel: So what does a PvP Coordinator do in her down time?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: Practice for my finals in college and make sure my plants don’t die in game ;P


Ice no background


DMTDaniel: I know “Ice is Nice” according to you. What made you choose Ice as your Main Wizard?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: It was total coincidence. I tried the game out and after answering the questions at the beginning my ice school was chosen by the game. However, I find it very fitting, I love cold weather and snow, so I would say the game chose well.


DMTDaniel: What other Schools do you enjoy playing and doing PvP on?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: I like to PVP with almost all schools. The only school that is beyond my grasp is Storm. I cannot win a 1v1 on storm to safe my life


DMTDaniel: What got you into playing tournaments?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: I joined Wizard101Central in September 2009 and the first tournament that caught my attention was the 100th. I decided to give it a try. I believe I was the most nervous player ever and didn’t make it past round 1. But it was such a rush, that I have never stopped entering tournaments.


DMTDaniel: How did that evolve into being a TM then PvP Coordinator?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: I remember shortly before I was asked to join the TM team, Alex Deathshard was working on ladders. He had some issues and I offered my help. Not that I could do much about it at the time. But it seems the goodwill of helping out made others believe I might be a good fit for the position. And then 2 years later Jester asked me to be PVP Coordinator. I like to take responsibility and do my best for Central. So I told him I would take it on and now this is where I am. So far it has been a exciting time and I want to thank Jester, Olivia and Morgrim for choosing me.


DMTDaniel: I know you have played on both US and German servers. Which one has better PvP and why?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: For now the US has the more evolved and better players. Germany is getting there though. They are going through a lot of change in the game much faster than we are, considering it was released there just early last year. The new worlds hit them fast and its hard to concentrate on PVP when you never stop leveling. ;P But I believe there is a good player base together for PVP and a lot of them know the guides here on Wizard101Central and take input from them.

DMTDaniel: Dont forget all the great guides here on Duelist as well.




DMTDaniel: I cannot count the number of times I have ported to you when you were in the arena to find you in a practice match with someone new to PvP. There you are battling them and giving them pointers on what to do, kill the minion, Shield. Teaching the basics of PvP to new players. Heck I remember there being this poor Pyromancer with very little clue in how to compete in a Ranked match, record was like 5 wins and 20 losses. You friended him right after you and your team slaughtered him in a practice 4v4 match. I still have no reason why?  You are always so good to new players, try to teach them the ropes. What compels you to help so many new players out?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: I wanna pass my love for PVP on. I dont want anyone to get discouraged by a few (or many) losses. I was helped the same way by a very special person.


DMTDaniel: I have heard it from many players and from other members of the PvPCentral clan that Savvy is just the best. How did you get that Reputation?

Savvy AvatarSavannah:  Oh really lol, I have no idea.




DMTDaniel: What is your preference, pre-Celestia PvP or today’s PvP? Why?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: Quite honestly, pre-Celestia. It’s what I know best, what I learned first, and I guess I like to hold on to my good memories of more predictable matches, when a critical hit didn’t mean you lost the match.


DMTDaniel: Why do you not do very much team PvP? You get along with everyone so team PvP I thought would be a natural fit? Why do you prefer 1v1?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: I used to do team PVP. I even was in the finals for a 2v2 with Onion Knight. After that I played a match that scarred me. It was a 2v2 tournament match that we had as good as won. I decided to play a card, that cost us the match in the end. It was an obvious mistake and I cannot handle to let others down like this. So I avoided it.


DMTDaniel: You have been in many battles in your years in the arena. What match do you remember the most and why?

Savvy AvatarSavannah:  I remember a match for a Queen of Arena. I had the kill shot in hand and didnt play it, cause it was not the safe way to play. Lol, I should have ;P


DMTDaniel: Who are some of the Duelists you enjoy watching do battle?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: There are 2 that really stick out to me.
theonlyone522 – He is just great, he is so fun to watch and knows what he is doing!
Digby Strongheart – love to watch him on ice, he is so old school.


DMTDaniel: What was your favorite match, either that you played in or watched?

Savvy AvatarSavannah: A match I played vs hoopdog, it was just for practice. It was years ago and I met some people I now see on a regular basis for the first time. It was really exciting and hoopdog always delivers solid play. Loved it.


 Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Savvy. Much appreciated. I hope everyone enjoys reading this as much as I enjoyed working on it.

Also a special thanks to Heather, without your help this would not have been possible.


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  • Great interview! Thank you Savvy for taking the time to do this for us, and congrats DMT on your first article!

  • IriGianthunter

    Daniel and Savannah are two of the best people in the game; mature and funny, every time i see them they’re setting a great example of how to PvP without all the attidude and ego; so an interview involving both is a real treat. great stuff, thx for this daniel!

    • I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. I can’t wait to read more from you Dan!

    • DMT001

      Thanks Iri, Savvy is the good one though. You do not get to see me when I am losing and start pounding my Keyboard, lol. But try to never take it out on someone else. If you treat others with respect, you should expect the same back. I try to do that every day, But my Noob count is not nearly as high as yours. I am gonna keep working on it though.

  • Kimberly Swiftheart

    What about Gorman Legendstone and his knowledge of PVP?

    • DMT001

      That is theonlyone522. Savvy talks about enjoying watching him battle.

  • Monarch

    I like to help people that seem in need of advice, though mostly it backfires and i get hit on (i am majestically handsome as a pixel).

    • Alexis Hunter

      Have you tried helping boys too? :p

      • Monarch

        They just take a whack at my handsome face.

        • Alexis Hunter

          Lol, so you get hit on no matter what! Well *scratches head* – maybe you should try to pull a Cyrus Drake routine when you help people. Although everybody is beating him up at the end of Mooshu. Um… Try an Ambrose routine?

  • Firestarter

    Wow, words cannot say how honored I am that Savvy would list me as one of her favorite TMs. And words certainly not express what an amazing TM she, what a great person she is. I can’t imagine having been a new tournament master without the endless help and encouragement she gave me. She is not only our leader, but is also one of the hardest working tournament masters ever. She is the one that puts in so much behind the scenes work, she is the one who keeps us organized and on track. And she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in the spiral, don’t think I have ever heard her say an unkind word. Thank you Savvy for all you do, and especially for being my TM guru and friend.

    • DMT001

      Thank you Firestarter, Savvy is simply one of the best people I have met in the spiral. She has helped so many and asked for nothing back. To bad we coulden’t CLONE her. It would make the Spiral a funner place some days. But there could never be another Savvy!

      • firestarter

        Let’s not forget that Savannah Windweaver is also the owner of the most epic hairdo that any wiz ever sported. Even Nick’s beard is jealous.

  • savvy

    Ahh you all made me blush! I was very happy to have Daniel interview me. He is a great player and friend. Couldnt have been a better fit for this 🙂

    • DMT001

      Thanks Savvy I had a lot of fun doing this. Enjoyed it a lot.

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