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We recently unveiled a new featured here called the Duelist101 Community! It’s simple: you blog about any aspect of Wizard101  or Pirate101 that you want…others read, comment, share their own blogs. And that’s it! It’s a growing community, with all sorts of fun blogs covering nearly every aspect of life in the Spiral. If you don’t want a blog, but just want to read, leave comments, that’s okay too.

Duelist is always looking for fun content, so if we like an article, we’ll even feature it on the main site! Just last week we featured an article from the Community by Lulu Noobfist.



In the Spotlight

You don’t need to be a member to read the Community blogs. Click here to just peek around, see what you think. Then, sign up in order to begin commenting, creating your own posts. (Be sure to read through the site rules first!)

Today we’re beginning the Community Roundup: we spotlight just a few of the blogs we’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks. Many more have been active and fun to read, these just provide a nice example of the different types of content folks are writing about. (Most Duelist contributors have blogs as well. If you have a favorite writer here, check out their blog for bonus Duelist content.)

On to the roundup! Here are just a few of the great blogs you’ll find in the Community:


Arlen's Research_storm-results


Arlen’s Research – In this blog, Arlen is going mad scientist on us. Read about his PvP experiments, with some aggressive strategies…and a very, very unusual pet. Some prefer tried and true strategies. Arlen is looking for new ways to battle, so this has been a great read.





Mid-Level PvP Guides – Amy Night has already posted an Adept Balance guide here! The most interesting part: it includes zero judgment. Check it out, see what you think, and leave her a comment. Can’t wait to see which school she’ll feature next.



Tarlac_pirate heal



PvP with Tarlac – Tarlac is digging hard into Pirate101 and sharing his insights with us. Use the tabs on his blog to see his take on strategy, gear, as well as some of the very first Pirate PvP videos (see one below!). Great resource for pirates, and if you haven’t played, this is a great intro to the game.






 A Misthead’s Adventures – Misthead navigates the spiral and chronicles her wizardly life for us! This is a fun blog to check out if you enjoy pet-hatching and PvP. She also posts a series called “Where am I?” Click here to see one: she offers an in-game screen shot…you have to guess where it was taken. Soon, she’ll even be offering prizes, stay tuned for that!




Caleb_Renner_bike trick


Randomness of the Spiral – Sneaky Caleb Renner offers lots and lots of Pirate101 info! Using a variety of screen shots and descriptions, Caleb features quests, game updates, and a variety of character descriptions that are a lot of fun to read (including enemy profiles and companion trivia).





The Rubber Ducky Pirate – Nesogra does what he does best here: memes. And funny videos. And more memes. And then? More funny videos. Some blogs are all about strategy and experiments and guides. The Rubber Ducky Pirate is where you go to escape all of that and just have fun 😀






The Secrets of the Spiral – Brandon Rainrunner offers advice on gardening, pets, reagents and more. He is also trying to make a perfect pet from scratch and is documenting each step of the experiment. This one is packed with wizard info and advice, it’s been fun to see all of the variety Brandon offers.





Join Community Today!

It’s free!

The best part is that you can set up and run a Duelist101 blog for free. You just make an account and start posting about anything you like: game pics, quest chronicles, pvp guides, rants, pet info and so on. It’s your blog…post what you want. To get started, check out this post for an overview of how to get set up in the Community.

That’s what some Community members are writing about. What do you want to write about? If you haven’t yet, set up a blog today– it’s very easy- and each week, we’ll post another spotlight telling folks about the latest blog entries we’ve enjoyed. And again, some Community posts will even go up on the main site.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Otherwise, see you in the Community!




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  • Tarlac

    Hey, thanks Deadsparrow.

  • Lulu NoobFist

    Misthead has provided me with some imaginary cookie dough a couple times now! Her “Where Am I” series is great, the last one had me running through the spiral to make sure I had the right spot. She definitely seems to know the areas that most people usually run right past.

    Looking forward to seeing the community grow, a bunch of great stuff there already and it’s still so new.

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